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After continuing the trend of movies with Tamil dubbing, a movie called Jackpot was released today. Let's see how it goes.

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Akshaya (Jyotika) and Maha (Revati) are two crooks who extort people for various reasons. At some point, they learn about magical ships with special powers. They are obsessed with it and plan to steal it from Mastan (Anandraj)'s house at any cost. Can they succeed in the raid? And in general, what is a magic vessel? Watch the movie on the big screen and find out the answer in the Jackpot Movie review.

Jackpot Tamil Movie Review

Known as a jolly entertainer, Jackpot Telugu movies have a diverse cast, some of which have a decent amount of screen presence, which is a major positive aspect. The movie opens with an interesting story of an old inexhaustible ship from which the storyline is built. The plot revolves around two con artists, Akshay and Maashi, who earn money from tricks and pursue a ship hidden in a gangster's house. Jackpot Tamil movie Hotstar can be watched online.

Jyothika, who appears as a 'popular hero' in many scenes, fits the role easily, but Levati is just as convincing. Two of them wear stylish outfits, dance to the essential opening songs for popular heroes, deliver punchlines and perform a few battle scenes. But the actor who shines in every scene is Anandraji, who plays the double role. Some of the scenes combined with Tangadurai and Kingsley are fun. Rajendran and Yogi Baba can be entertained with comedy, but the dialogue ridiculing the latter's appearance repeats itself, testing their patience at some point.

There is nothing new in Jyothika movie 2019 other than the plot surrounding the ship, but the film is entertaining thanks to the unambiguous comedic scenes. However, the background music reminds me of the music from several other movies. These two songs don't add value to Jyothika and Revathi new movie, but they look bright on the screen. It's a fun movie that doesn't shy away from it, and it can appeal to people who enjoy movies in this genre. This movie has a similar concept as compared to Kutty movie in Telugu.


Director: Kalyan

Writer: R. S. Anandakumar


  • Jyothika as Akshaya
  • Revathi as Mashavaani "Maasha"
  • Yogi Babu as Rahul Vijay
  • Anandaraj as Maanasthan and Inspector Maanasthi
  • Rajendran as Motta
  • Mansoor Ali Khan as Bhai
  • Sachu as Manimegalai
  • Manobala as Rice Mill Rayyappan
  • Mime Gopi as Rahul's father
  • Devadarshini as Rahul's mother
  • Jagan as Rahul's friend
  • Imman Annachi as Police Constable
  • Anthony Daasan as Pannaiyar
  • Suzane George as Jail Warden

Producer: Suriya

Positive aspects 

The concept of the Jackpot Tamil full movie is decent enough and has an old-school charm. Some of the comedy scenes involving Jyothika and Rewati did well in the film. Jyothika is the heart of the film. Her aggressive body language and dialogue alterations are second to none in the film. Jackpot Telugu movie watch online on Hotstar.

Levati is the magician in the movie. In this movie, she appeared as a new avatar and did a good job. The chemistry of these older actors was amazing to see on screen. Motara Zend Ran made many laugh with her innocent role. She also liked the comic villain Anand Raj. Yogi Babu radiates another charm with her comical wit.

Negative aspects 

Except for good comedy, everything else is mundane. The narrative has been hacked in many areas and there is nothing new to offer. The concept was interesting, so I tried to make the script exciting, but that didn't happen in the Jyothika Revathi Movie.

The scenes of Jackpot 2019 full movie are not interesting in some areas and tire the viewer in many places. There was no need to showcase Jackpot Jyothika in so many fights. The film has no serious motives, as many commercial elements are added to it. Jackpot Tamil full movie can be watched online on Hotstar.

Technical aspects

As with the cinematography that showcases Mass Effect, the Jackpot movie 2019 is well worth the production. Too many silly fights and the best comedy can easily break. Telugu dubbing is pretty good. As with the music and background music, the dialogue is clear. Came to Jackpot director Kalyan and picked up a worthy plot, but he didn't put it to good use. He focused more on comedy and crowd scenes, making the Jackpot movie Telugu boring in many areas.


In short, Jackpot film is a fantasy drama where the narrative doesn't match reality. Aside from some laughs, the director misses a good subject and commercializes the film to please the public. The narrative is twisted in the process, making it a pretty boring movie to watch this weekend. Here is the link for the Jackpot Telugu full movie:

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