Inside Edge Season 3 Review: An Incredibly Fast-Paced and Engaging Web Series

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Inside Edge is an Indian Hindi language television series which is produced by Karan Anshuman it’s a sports drama that has been released in 3 seasons till now. It first premiered (Season1) on 10th July 2017 and is Amazon Originals' first Hindi-language series. On 6th December 2019, the second season aired. The show has also been renewed for a third season, which premiered on 3rd December 2021.

The plot of Inside Edge revolves around the Mumbai Mavericks which is a fictional T20 cricket team whose owners run a league-wide spot-fixing syndicate. So, that's just a brief overview of the Inside Edge series; now, let's talk about Season 3, which premiered last year.

Inside Edge season 3

The storyline proceeds onto international cricket in the third season. Vayu (Inside Edge cast, Tanuj Virwani) going head to head against Indian captain Rohit (Akshay Oberoi). In the meantime, Dhawan vows vengeance on Bhaisaab and uses his alliance with Zarina to carry it out.

The Mumbai Mavericks of the Power Play League (PPL) are banned from the league for 2 years after being caught in the act of match-fixing and drug use. An inquiry is initiated to determine what affected the rot. Will, this inquiry be game-changing, given the involvement of powerful people such as Yashvardhan Patil (Inside Edge cast, Aamir Bashir) aka Bhaisahab is seen as the founder of the PPL and president of the Indian Cricket Board (ICB), Vikrant Dhawan (Vivek Oberoi), and others? 

Inside Edge Season 3 ups the bar and competition between the two powerful figures, Bhaisahaab and Vikrant Dhawan, and their desire for power. This season picks up where the previous one left off, with the Mumbai Mavericks barred from playing in the PPL after its owners were disclosed to be engaged in illegal betting and match-fixing. Team co-owners Mantra Patil (Inside Edge season 3 cast, Sapna Pabbi) and Zarina Malik (Richa Chadha), as a consequence of these charges along with some other team members alleged to have committed this crime, are being evaluated. With time, it will become transparent if this power game is bigger than everyone and every relationship.

Vayu Raghavan ( Inside Edge Season 3 Cast, Tanuj Virwani), who aims to be the captain of the Indian Team, faces competition for the position against the current captain, Rohit Shanbagh(Akshay Oberoi), tensions remain high. Imaad Akbar (Sidhant Gupta), the new off-spinner bowler, also maintains to catch the attention of viewers to see if he can make his mark in the important India-Pakistan tournament. Even so, neither of them recognizes they are simply mere pawns which will become more and more impolite when somebody silently pulls the cords and twists things around for their benefit.

Inside Edge Season 3 Cast (Main)

  • Vivek Oberoi as Vikrant Dhawan 
  • Richa Chadda as Zarina Malik
  • Tanuj Viwani as Vayu Raghavan
  • Sayani Gupta Inside Edge actress as Rohini Raghavan
  • Aamir Bashir as Yashvardhan Patil/Bhaisahab
  • Sapna Pabbi as Mantra Patil
  • Akshay Oberoi as Rohit Shanbagh
  • Sidhant Gupta as Imaad Akbar 

Inside Edge Season 3 Review

The series obvious similarity to real-life events, whether it's the emotions of fans viewing the India-Pakistan match or their curiosity about who will win the trophy, keeps you engrossed. In addition, the cricket scenes are well truly and honestly suspenseful, much like a real match. The Inside Edge season 3 review of the screenplay which was co-written by Karan Anshuman and Neeraj Udhwani combines the game of power, politics, selfishness, and revenge while keeping match-fixing as the core concept of the story. The climax, on the other hand, takes too long to turn up, and when you're at the final episode, it becomes much more overly dramatic, with things enclosing up fast that you get the feeling that even the creators were rushing to end the story.

The Inside Edge season 3 review of direction, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani's Excel Entertainment produced his series which abides by the show' as a whole momentum and thrills. However, there are far too many characters and subplots to keep track of. Some protagonists, such as Renuka Shahane's(Inside Edge actress) Prime Minister of India Sumitra, have a lot of potentials but aren't given sufficient time on screen. 

Coming to the Inside edge season 3 cast, Dhawan is stronger than in Seasons 1&2 and seeks retribution from Bhaisahaab. Vivek Oberoi plays a man willing to go to any length to get what he wants. Aamir Bashir(cast of Inside edge) is convincing as Yashvardhan Patil, a power-hungry man and his emotional moments with his daughter Mantra are over-the-top. Richa Chadha makes every attempt to attract her enemies' and the viewer's attention to herself. Tanuj Virwani's portrayal of the cricketer's passion and energy is flawless. Tanuj(cast of inside edge) as Vayu Raghavanplayed the role easily. Akshay Oberoi gives a restrictive performance. He plays a closeted gay man who is afraid that his sexual orientation will endanger his career with ease. Aside from his romance with Vayu, Mantra(Inside edge season 3 cast) plays a larger and more important role this season in the fight to make a bet legitimate in India. Her accent is still unusual. The entire cast gives a strong performance, but Sidhant Gupta did deserve special mention. His character and Kashmiri dialect add to his character authenticity. 

Conclusion: Inside Edge season 3

Inside Edge season 3, like prior seasons in the film series, has more to provide than the ups and downs of cricket matches. Fans of Inside edge are very curious if there will be an Inside Edge season 4 or not. So, no official announcement has been made regarding the series' renewal for a fourth season as of yet. Even so, it is assumed that Inside Edge Season 4 will soon be available on Amazon Prime Video. So, if you're interested, watch the previous season first so you can understand the plot of the series. All seasons of The Inside Edge are available on Amazon Prime Video. Inside edge season 3 IMDb rating is 8.1 out of 10.

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