Induvadana Movie Review: Love Story Of A Tribal Woman

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Varun Sandesh, the movie's hero, is back with Induvadana after a hiatus. The movie, which was directed by M Srinivasaa Raju, debuted recently on the occasion of the New Year. Let's see how it stands.

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So now let's explore the details of the movie and dig deep into the details of one of the Induvadana movie reviews, Induvadana movie ratings, Induvadhana plot, release date, trailer, and get to know about other information related to the Varun Sandesh new movie.

Satish Aketi wrote the story and the script for the romance comedy Induvadana, which was directed by MSR. Varun Sandesh and Farnaz Shetty (Farzana Shetty) play key roles in the film. The film's cinematography was done by B Murali Krishna, and Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao edited it. The music was composed by Shiva Kakani. Smt. Madavi Adurti, working under the Sri Balaji Pictures brand, is the film's producer. Varun Sandesh upcoming movies are Vennello Lo Varsham and Twist, but in today's blog, we will be only talking about the Induvadana movie.

Induvadana movie release date was 1st January 2022, yes on New Year's Day, the movie was released. 

Induvadana movie cast-


  • M. Srinivasa Raju


  • Satish Aketi
  • M. Srinivasa Raju


  • Varun Sandesh as Vasu
  • Farnaz Shetty as Indu
  • Dhanraj
  • Raghu Babu
  • Ali
  • Nagineedu
  • Surekha Vani
  • Thagubothu Ramesh
  • Mahesh Vitta
  • Parvateesam
  • Duvvasi Mohan


  • Madavi Adurti

Induvadana movie story-

Vasu, a forest ranger, and his crew would be pursuing the smugglers in the forest area. During this process, Vasu encounters Indu, a tribal girl played by Faraz Shetty, and instantly develops feelings for her. With time, even Indu approves of Vasu's affection. When everything appears to be going according to plan, Indu will be discovered deceased under unexplained circumstances after a few love scenes between the lead couple. Who murders Indu? What state of mind is Vasu in now that his beloved has passed away? How will Vasu find the person responsible for killing Indu? You must see the movie in the nearby theatres to learn that.

Induvadana movie review-

Varun Tej's return to the big screen after a lengthy absence was welcome. He performs admirably in every scary and romantic sequence in the movie. Heroine Farzana had good glamour while playing her brave character admirably. In the second half, a few emotions were handled properly.

Varun Sandesh is well known for his lover boy persona, but in Induvadana, he took on a part with a variety of colors for the first time. His performance in a few pivotal passages is strong and improves the tone of the movie.

Farnaz Shetty, the film's heroine, is a distinctive draw. Farnaz Shetty impresses with her performance in the assigned meaningful part in addition to being a visual pleasure. Her performance in several pivotal passages in the latter half of the film especially gives it a real touch.

Ali, Mahesh Vitta, Parvathisam, Dhanraj, and Thagubothu Ramesh were excellent in their supporting roles. Many of the humorous scenes starring Mahesh Vitta, Dhanraj, and Thagubothu Ramesh make people laugh out loud.

The numerous sacrifices are made out of love, and their release was done in a pleasing manner. For the first time in a while, Ali was portrayed well. Raghu Babu performed admirably in his supporting part as well. The story's main emotional strand appeared to be strong.

Despite the story's quality, the narration may be better. A few pivotal situations are presented in an unnatural and cinematic way. There was plenty of potentials for the drama to escalate, but this did not occur in both halves.

The movie moves at a leisurely pace and takes a very long time to introduce the major plot. Additionally, the screenplay is not very good. The movie includes emotions, but they are not very strong and only appear when absolutely necessary. 

Induvadana movie rating-

During the Induvadana movie review, it is found that the movie has a 7/10 IMDb rating with 994 votes.

While watching the movie you will sometimes get the feel of the Indumathi film (Indhu meaning in Telugu Lord Moon, Fresh)

induvadana movie varun sandesh conclusion-

Induvadana has a generally good setting and good acting. However, the narration falls flat, and the ponderous pacing quickly dampens the audience's mood. It appears like Varun Sandesh needs to choose one more worthwhile movie before making a comeback.

Induvadana movie trailer-

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