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Ranga created the Indian Telugu-language crime drama web series In The Name Of God for Aha. The trailer for In The Name Of God has generated a lot of interest. In The Name Of God is a departure from the types of roles that Priyadarshi is known for. The show is now live on AHA, and we'll see how it goes in this blog. 

Hola folks, how are you all doing? We hope y have been very excited to look up what's next for you on 99chill. The wait is now over on this, and yes this time we are back with a fresh and new web series streamed on Aha. In The Name Of God, the web series was released on 18th June 2021. In The Name Of God series is one of those god movies in Telugu. As it is an aha Telugu god series, it is being streamed online on the platform. You may also get an option to have In The Name Of God movie download in case you wish to watch it offline. 

About The Movie 

The plot of In The Name Of God movie Telugu revolves around Aadi (Priyadarshini), who wants to buy a resort in Rajahmundry. He is also attracted to Meena (Nandini Rai), Ayappa's young wife (Posani). One fine day, Meena entices Aadi to do a favor for her, and Aadi says okay without knowing the circumstances. The twist In The Name Of God movie Telugu occurs when Ayappa is murdered and Aadi becomes involved in the murder. This is also the time when a feared gang is after Ayappa's money bag. Who assassinated Ayappa? Will Aadi be able to overcome his difficulties? What's the deal with the money bag In The Name Of God movie Telugu? You must watch the show to find out. You must scroll down to know more about In The Name Of God Telugu movie review, cast, god of Tollywood, god stories in Telugu, and In The Name Of God aha story as a whole in this article on 99chill. 

In The Name Of God Movie Cast


Vidyasaagar Muthukumar 


Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Aadi

Nandini Rai as Meena

Posani Krishna Murali as Ayyappa

Mohammad Ali Baig as Rossi

Rajsekhar Aningi

Vikas as Thomas


Suresh Krissna 

In The Name Of God Web Series Story

The show's story is quite interesting and is nicely set in an intriguing premise. The director establishes the crime angle and the overall theme of the drama in the first two episodes. During this time, the way Priyadarshi's character becomes involved is well portrayed. Priyadarshi has established herself as a go-to actor for underdog roles. He is fantastic as Aadi and the show's main attraction. Without Priyadarshi, the show would have been quite boring. The young actor convincingly portrays lust, jealousy, and fear in his role. Nandini Rai is also impressive in her role, which has a lot of potentials. Nandini has done an excellent job of displaying her character's naughty side and wicked thoughts. Mohammad Ali Baig, a theatre actor from Hyderabad, excels in his negative role. He gives the show a unique edge. With his restless demeanor, the actor who played Thomas was also quite impressive. 

In The Name Of God Aha Review

This section will mainly focus on In The Name Of God review. Aside from the title, the series follows a straightforward story that is common in crime drama genres. Only here does it take a more B-movie approach. Everything is put into perspective in the first episode. The profanity-laced dialogues, raunchy visuals, and production standards set the stage for a 'b-movie' type of series. Even though the first episode is underwhelming, there is intrigue built at the end. However, it also clarifies the series' core content. It is frail. As the show progresses, we learn more about it. The seven-part series focuses on a single aspect of missing money. Several characters are introduced during the process, which diverts the narrative away from the central issue. When we look at it from the standpoint of money and tracking, there is very little happening in the narrative in each episode. While the ending is satisfactory, it comes too late in the day. It is here, along with the other characters, that ING is ruined. Despite the difficulties faced by the main character Aadhi, we feel nothing at the end. A compelling drama and gripping narrative are both lacking in the story. It is primarily due to the numerous subplots, which branch out so far that they dilute the main plot.

The narration begins slowly at first, but quickly picks up pace, and the twist at the end of the first episode generates interest. He did a good job of transforming Priyadarshi's character from a timid individual. Even Nandini Rai's role astounded everyone with its audacity. Despite all of these surprises, the proceedings fall short. The murder of a person receiving hawala money and the entry of a gang from Hyderabad generate little interest, but the story deviates dramatically from there. The first three episodes are fine, but the next two put viewers' patience to the test. Viewers who are initially drawn to Priyadarshi's character eventually lose emotional attachment to him. The same is true for Nandini Rai's character and the less. The same is true for Nandini Rai's character, and the less said about other characters, the better. Scenes after that appear with no connection. In general, thriller writers use twists to build tension and interest as the story progresses. However, after the initial excitement faded, director Vidyasagar. The story ends abruptly, and viewers have no reason to watch the second season except to find out what happened to the money.

Overall, ING is a misdirected attempt to create a realistically portrayed dramatic thriller. The combination of sleaze and language cheapens it even more. Give it a shot if you're a fan of the genre and don't mind the sluggish narrative and production. Otherwise, avoid it because it has a long run-time. 

Deepak Alexander's music is mediocre at best. The background score has some good parts, but it doesn't offer anything memorable. Varun DK's cinematography is a mixed bag. Some portions appear to be fine, but the overall impression is negative. Nikhil Sreekumar's editing is patchy, giving a jumbled visual account of the story. Pradeep Acharya's dialogues are pretty poor. 


Overall, In The Name Of God is a half-baked thriller that begins well but ends disappointingly. The show has a good premise and solid performances by Nandini Rai and Priyadarshi, but the last few episodes drag. Furthermore, the cuss words don't help matters much. If you enjoy crime thrillers, give this a try, but there is nothing thrilling about it. 

In The Name Of God Series Rating

A weighted average vote of 6.3 / 10 has been cast by 91 IMDb users for in the name of god Telugu movie review. 

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