Imlie upcoming twist: Imlie and Malini will face off in the upcoming episode

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Imlie is an Indian television serial that premiered on Star Plus on November 16, 2020. Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, Fahmaan Khan, and Mayuri Deshmukh starred in the film, which is produced by Gul Khan. Gashmeer Mahajani was replaced by Manasvi Vashist in 2022. Ishti Kutum, a Bengali serial produced by Star Jalsha, is partially based on the show. Imlie serial has become one of the most influential serials of all time, not just among fans but also among critics. Imlie, the latest successful Star Plus serial, has received a lot of positive feedback, thanks to its beautiful village sets and Sumbul Touqeer Khan's impressive performance. Here, I’ve listed all the necessary things from Imlie upcoming twist to written updates and gossip just for you guys. So, to know more about Imlie's story keep on reading guys.

Imlie story

Imlie is a story about a simple girl named Imlie who lives in a village but has big dreams. She had some negative feelings against city folk at first.

Her perspective alters as she moves to the city and meets Aditya. Imlie wishes to go on with her life and relocate to the city with her mother to achieve her goals.

She is a hard-working person who has been awarded scholarships to attend university in the city. Her wicked grandma, on the other hand, tears up the scholarship certificate and refuses to send her anyplace.

Imlie and Aditya are also forced to marry due to a sequence of incidents. Imlie learns about Aditya and Malini's love story when Aditya is forced to take her to the city. Aditya's hatred towards Imlie transforms into concern when he chooses to assist her with her studies. However, because of Malini's and her mother's insecurity, Aditya requests Imlie to move forward on her future.

Imlie Cast (Main)

  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie
  • Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore
  • Gashmeer Mahajani/ Manasvi Vashist as Aditya Kumar Tripathi
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi

Imlie written update: 17th Feb, 2022

Imlie begins to tell the head of the house of ill-repute that she is a correspondent and needs to speak with them. The head drives Imlie away in the Imlie upcoming story, and the last option warns her that she can't deal with her like that and that she'll summon her group. You can't leave without my permission, says the massage parlor owner. Her men are educated, and Imlie is locked up with another prostitute, an upcoming twist in Imlie. The woman warns Imlie that she has made a huge mistake by landing at this location and that there is no way out now. She must continually sell her nobility and her soul, just like everyone else does here Imlie upcoming story.

No one can catch her here, Imlie says. She is taken aback when she learns that it is Mirchi Bazaar. She thumps on the door all the time, then breaks the window glass and yells at the head, telling her she needs to be freed or she'll call the cops. In the Imlie written update, Aryan is worried about Imlie and is constantly checking his phone. He wonders why Imlie hasn't responded to his message asking if she came or not. Malini stated that he would concentrate on their gathering. He agreed, but he is currently uninterested.

Then in the Imlie upcoming story, Aryan claims he has a variety of important duties to complete, but just because he isn't observing her doesn't mean he isn't paying attention to what she is saying. From the start, Malini has been vocal about Aditya and Imlie's problem in the Imlie upcoming story. Imlie searches for the organization and dials Aryan's number. Aryan hangs up, unsure why Imlie is phoning him even though he is now dating Malini. In the Imlie written update, Imlie did not respond to Aryan's text message, but he did phone him. He notices something that isn't quite right. One person walks in and takes Imlie's phone.

He tells her to get ready quickly so she won't be bored. The other whore advises Imlie not to have unrealistic expectations because they are useless. She used to have a like on Imlie a long time ago, but nothing worked out. Then in the Imlie written update, she eventually gave up and decided to live each day as it came. Imlie tries to instill in her the belief that she isn't alone and that she, too, should not give up. She can survive this hellfire. Imlie should not be pushed, the whore says, because nothing can happen today. She is apprehended. Imlie claims that she will prepare without a doubt, but that she will go about her job by discovering these people's nefarious activities. The Imlie latest gossip is that while prepping, Imlie places a camera on her jewelry.

Aryan explains why Malini is certain Imlie isn't with Aditya right now. Malini informs Imlie that she has left for her mission. Aryan questioned how she could know anything about that. In the Imlie upcoming story, Malini responds to something she overheard in the house. Aryan can't stop worrying, so he calls Imlie's number, but the last choice isn't answered. He believes Imlie is preoccupied with the interview. He's misreading the situation. Suraj dials Aditya's number and inquiries about Imlie, who isn't taking notes on the calls and hasn't arrived in the region yet. In the Imlie written update, Aditya believes Imlie is devoting her efforts to Aryan, so he claims he has no idea where she is. Aditya receives a call from the dealer, informing him that he has been assigned a house to rent.

Imlie upcoming twist

Imlie and Malini are currently engaged in a cold war in Tripathi House, where they are attempting to evict each other in the Imlie upcoming story, and it is now a big game between them.

Imlie arrives with a large hoarding bearing the words "Malini Ke Kaale Karname" and announces that she will expose the truth (upcoming twist in Imlie.)

Finally, Imlie and Malini will square off in this Maha episode.

Imlie will later expose Malini and her depravity in front of everyone in the Imlie upcoming twist.

Imlie latest news

The plot of Imlie revolves around Imlie becoming stuck in a brothel.

Malini appears to be planning to send Imlie to a brothel, placing her at grave risk. Imlie will be locked in a room in the brothel and forced to dance for the customers is now the Imlie serial gossip. Imlie will be purchased by one of the customers, who will then attempt to become intimate with her.

Imlie, on the other hand, will not give up easily and will prove herself once more. She'll put up a big battle, but she accidentally kills the goons that tried to attack her, the Serial Imlie news. She'll be taken aback by this.

Imlie will be seen fleeing for her life as the cops close in on her after learning that she has killed someone in the Imlie upcoming twist.

Conclusion: Imlie Review

Imlie's story is imaginative, and the narration is clear. Gul Khan's efforts in shaping a story differently demonstrate his dedication. Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Gashmeer Mahajani deliver excellent performances. The dialogues are well-written, and the cast does an excellent job delivering them. Despite the show's high ratings, the story could have been more original in comparison to other Star Plus series.

Overall, our impressions of the Imlie serial are positive, and it is performing well on television; we hope it continues to engage viewers.

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