I Love You Telugu Movie Review: Will The Old Love Be Rekindled

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R. Chandru wrote, produced, and directed the romantic drama movie I Love You, which is in the Indian Kannada language. It ran for 100 days in numerous theatres. Upendra, Rachita Ram, and Sonu Gowda play the three main characters in the movie. Following the acclaimed Brahma, Upendra and director Chandru have worked together on this movie twice (2014) for ex I love you to Telugu.

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About The Movie:

In, the I love you movie Kannada Santhosh, a cheerful man, thinks that love triumphs over lust. Dharmika, a Ph.D. candidate, considers love to be heavenly. The movie's central question is how she manages to influence his perspective.

 I Love U Movie Cast:


  • R. Chandru


  • R. Chandru


  • Upendra as Santhosh
  • Rachita Ram as Dharmika
  • Sonu Gowda as Gowri
  • PD Sathish Chandra
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Brahmanandam as Santhosh's PA
  • Jai Jagadish
  • Honnavalli Krishna as Santhosh's father
  • Nitesh Nittur


  • R. Chandru

I Love You in Telugu Movie Plot:

Santhosh is a successful businessman who, by his late father's desires, weds his bride Gowri. Although he has a child as well, he shows no interest in his home life. He still has feelings for Dharmika, his college sweetheart. What transpires when he finally has the chance to see her after all these years? love you movie Telugu?

The protagonist of the narrative is Santhosh, who grew up thinking that love is nothing more than lust during his college years. When he meets Dharmika, she is writing her thesis on love and has a very different perspective on relationships than he does. Years down the line, when Santhosh has settled down and is wedded to some other woman, He runs across Dharmika (Rachita Ram), his first love, who requests that he reserve a hotel room as well as keep it private in one of the bizarre turns that fate tends to toss our way in I love u in Telugu. Santhosh is prodded by his pals to make the evening special and make amends for past wrongs. The two cross paths again, and during their talk, the audience is transported back to their glory days. he has the chance to rekindle his relationship with Dharmika. Do past romances ever rekindle?

Upendra I love you Review:

Famous for his love stories, R Chandru. The pop philosophy of Upendra's movies encompasses everything, even love. What occurs when the two come together? Well, the opening titles, which feature clips from several of Sandalwood's timeless romantic comedies, give the I love in Telugu movie away as being a love story at its core. From that point on, a union of the two colleges of cinema develops. Although it is a one-time piece, it lacks the distinctiveness which would enable it to stand out.

The story jumps back and forward, and in a flashback, Dharmika is a college student working on a thesis on love and believes Santhosh is the ideal subject to research. I love you in Telugu movie. While Santhosh thinks physical attraction is a requirement for love, Dharmika believes that love is a divine concept. He does, however, fall in love with Dharmika, but their relationship fails.

When contrasted to his prior flicks, Upendra is very fit, and his styling, from hair to clothing, is good. His dynamic performance during the college-themed episodes adds complexity to the dialogue. Upendra uses good speech to highlight his puns on modern love. His portrayal of an emotional character came naturally in the I love you Telugu movie review.

Rachita Ram is adorable in her narrative-driven role, and she gave the part her best effort in the I love you 2 movie. Her performance in the flashback's love rejection scenario is passable. Sonam Gowda played the naive housekeeper perfectly, and she did so with conviction. All of the performers that played Upendra's pals are fine. The public will be drawn in by the one love dream song that appears between I love you full movie Upendra as well as Rachita.

The Telugu love you film's failure to successfully resolve the issue is one of its biggest flaws. The tempo slows down and the narration becomes uninteresting in the second quarter after such a decent first half. Usually, movies like these have greater drama, but alas, that was not used well. The epiphany sequences and the climax episode seem a little hurried and lack punch in the I love movie. Brahmanandam, a legendary comedian, was entirely wasted because none of his comic sequences translate well to the big screen.

The idea behind director Chandru's portrayal of a husband-wife connection is admirable, but he might have focused on developing a quick screenplay to make the action even tenser in I love you cinema. That the tension point is not successfully resolved is one of the movie's biggest flaws. The second half picks up after a mediocre first one, but the narrative is lackluster and the tempo slows down. In general, drama is more prevalent in movies like this, but alas, that was underused.

The realization moments and the climactic event appear a little hurried and don't have much of an impact in I love you rachu. Famous comedian Brahmanandam was entirely squandered because none of his comic scenes translate well to the big screen.

Although the idea behind director Chandru's portrayal of a husband-and-wife relationship is admirable, he would have done better by developing a screenplay with a high level of action to keep the audience riveted.


I love you movie com is an overall modern tale that emphasizes the value of husband-wife relationships. In the first part of the I love you in Telugu movie, there are a few classic Upendra Mark lines that focus on how young people view love stories. However, the second half falters as the narration drags due to a weak screenplay. All fans of Upendra flicks are welcome to check out this movie, but everyone else can take their time in the I love film.

 I Love You Telugu Movie IMDb Rating:

4.2 out of 10 with 181 votes on IMDb

I Love You Upendra Trailer:

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