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'Husharu' is one of the most actively promoted movies recently. Today, the teen drama finally appeared on the screen. Let's see what it is together.

Hello readers! We hope 99chill.com lives up to your expectations for the latest movies and web shows in all languages. Today's blog is about the Telugu movie Husharu.


Husharu full movie in Telugu is based on the lives of four close friends who enjoy life without purpose. Shortly thereafter, a heartbreaking event occurs in the life of one of his friends, and everything changes. What is this case? How have their lives changed? How did the other friends cope with this emergency? Does that shape the rest of the story?

Husharu Movie Review

It's proof that Hushaaru can go the "proven" route and still make reasonably compelling films. Four best friends, love lives in parallel, parental conflicts, and their quests for a job, Hushaaru fits the bill you'd expect from a "good friends movie." It may not be a surprise this year. That's right. Even though it's a lively, action-packed narrative that transcends flaws and stereotypes. Husharu movie director Sri Harsha balances the film's commercial appeal with good music and a laid-back attitude. Husharu movie release date was 14 December 2018.

On Farewell Day, where the Husharu movie Telugu begins, a graduate denounces Husharu movie hero name Sekar Kamula's "Happy Days" for romanticizing his engineering life. Well, this is where the similarity between Husharu and the movie ends. Picking Hushaaru where Happy Days left off, this walk features four purposeless characters with rudimentary academic records who didn't have college girlfriends and won't even help them attend corporate interviews. . The film follows their hearts and dates, revealing their desperation to fall in love over personal and professional problems. But there is a new face for the Husharu movie Cast lead role, Tejus Kancherla, which helps Hushaaru aspire to be a bright, lighthearted film without pretense.

Husharu Telugu movie's main conflict point has to do with the protagonist's career and the way they support each other during difficult times. The film serves as a mirror to the ephemeral nature of our relationships today, the lack of commitment, the financial pressures of millennials, and, on the other hand, how online friendships can sometimes surprise us. As with most recent Telugu films, Hushaaru goes too far with a glorification of alcoholism, but the thread has a witty connection to a brewery started by a group of friends. There they brew their beer to their heart's content.

The first hour is ticking at a predictable time, and the presence of Rahul Ramakrishna enlivens the process after the break. In the role of Rahul, the director talks about corporate life and arranged marriage, and the actor's surprising immediacy provokes laughter. Hush meaning in Telugu is tranquil silence

If there is a problem with Husharu Telugu full movies, it is cinematic convenience. The friendship of the four main characters can be glimpsed, but the director never makes the audience feel their struggles. Whether it's a loan or bail at the police station, rebuilding a relationship, paying rent, or opening your dream cafe in the heart of Hyderabad, it's easy for the boys. The director doesn't put much effort into the relationship other than the friendship of the four, so sometimes it feels like Husharu misses the bigger picture.

The reason these silly things are overlooked is that, even though it's a film about life and death situations, the film lacks hilarious humor and melodrama of any kind. Accompanied by a trio of Radhana, Sunny M.R., and Varikuppala Yadagiri, an interesting combination of calm and lively numbers pair well with the storytelling. Hushaaru is refreshing and delivers the humorous side of friendship with a twist, and you'll leave the theater with a genuine smile.

Husharu Telugu movie Cast:

Director: Sree Harsha Konuganti

Writer: Sree Harsha Konuganti


  • Tejus Kancherla as AryaTej Kurapati as Bunty
  • Dinesh Tej as Dhruv
  • Abhinav Medishetti as Chaitanya "Chay"
  • Rahul Ramakrishna as Raj Bollam
  • Daksha Nagarkar as Geeta, Arya's love interest
  • Priya Vadlamani as Riya, Chay's ex-girlfriend

Producer: Bekkem Venugopal, Riaz.A

Positive aspects 

The fun factor was well done at appropriate and regular intervals. It's mostly about a girlfriend, and there are a lot of ambiguous lines and romance that only attract young people.

The cast did a pretty good job. Tejus handles his role neatly and moves forward. The guy who plays the part of Bunty is pretty good at making a decent comedy with a funny Husharu Cast.

Negative aspects 

The plot of the film is quite old and there is nothing new in it. You know exactly what will happen next after every scene in the movie is over. Even though Rahul's role breeds comedy, in the second half, his character is drawn into a scumbag double comedy that leaves him looking for unnecessary scenes and exits.

One of my friends had a serious problem and the creators added a comedy scene, which looks a bit odd in that situation. The climax is mundane and of little interest because it abruptly ends with a very simple, happy note.

Technical aspects 

As the youthful atmosphere is conveyed well, the production value of the Husharu full Telugu movie HD is also considerable. The Husharu Telugu movie song is below par except for Sid Sriram's song and background music. The dialogue is very cleverly written. As with production design, installation is fine.

When he came to Sriharsha, he concentrated on the fun part and left the emotion and drama entirely. He stumbled into his storytelling in Part 2, allowing the family drama to evolve further. But he missed it and made the ending pale and routine.


Overall, the Husharu movie in Tamil is a typical teen drama with cute moments. The plot of the film is quite old and nothing new. It's often rocky on the emotional side, but it's strictly a teen comedy, so even family audiences can easily avoid the movie this week.

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