Humble Politician Nograj Series Review: Who Will Become The Chief Minister

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Danish Sait & Saad Khan conceived and produced the Indian Kannada-language political comedy series Humble Politician Nograj, which debuted on Voot. It is a follow-up to the movie Humble Politician Nograj from 2018. Danish Sait is reprising his role as Nograj, a selfish politician who wants to be chief minister & profit from corruption.

Hello, people. In this post, we'll speak about the humble politician nograj web series and all that's related to it, including the cast, humble politician nograj review, plot, and other aspects of the show.

About The Web Series:

Applause Entertainment, Danish Sait, as well as First action Studios, collaborated to create. humble politician nograj web series. The very first season was motivated by actual occurrences. The first day of production was January 10, 2020, & Saad Khan directed each of the 10 episodes. The majority of the shooting took place around Mysore. The Corona 19 pandemic caused a temporary halt in the shooting.

Humble Politician Nograj Series Cast:


  • Saad Khan


  • Saad Khan
  • Danish Sait


  • Danish Sait as Humble Politiciann Nograj
  • Prakash Belawadi as Krishna Gundu "KGB" Bala
  • Vijay Chendoor as Monjunath
  • Disha Madan as Simi Naveen
  • Sal Yusuf as Dimitri
  • Shalini Narayan as Gowri
  • Raghu Ramankoppa as Gurudas Bhat
  • Shiv Manju as Nanjundaiah
  • Mohammed Ashraf as Azam Khan
  • Varun Thakur as Karan Kapoor
  • Geetanjali Kulkarni as Mrs. Dalal
  • Anantha Velu as Governor Govardhan
  • Tiku Talsania as PM Sahab
  • Shivakumar Aradhya as Pushpesh
  • Sathish Chandra as MLA Shashidhar
  • Mahantesh Hiremath as MLA Manjay
  • Andrea Ravera as Vladimir
  • Srivatsa as Ram Rehman


  • Saad Khan
  • Danish Sait
  • Sameer Nair
  • Maaz Khan

Humble Politician Nograj Full Movie Plot:

Nograj made a significant amount of money through corruption after being an MLA, rose to the position of state president of One Big Party (OBP), as well as declared his intention to take over as chief minister of Karnataka. No party won a sufficient number of seats in the general assembly to establish a government in the humble politician nograj series free download. The 36 seats were gained by One Big Party. The Most Secular Party's (MSP) state president Krishna Gundu Bala (KGB) needs three more votes to win the majority. Nograj chooses to work with the Family Run Party, which is led by a son who lacks knowledge and his firangi mother, to establish a coalition government. MLAs do engage in horse dealing, and resort politics also exist. When any mafia enters the equation, who will hold the position of Chief Minister of Karnataka in humble politician nograj series cast?

Humble Politician Nograj Series Review:

The movie Humble Politician Nograj introduced political satire and slapstick humor to the Kannada people. Now that Nograj is an MLA, the series by the same title is a continuation of his eccentricities and craziness. Is the show enjoyable? It does, to some extent, although with 10 episodes, it does appear to be a little too tedious to be seen in a single sitting in humble politician nograj web series cast.

Through their improved performances as well as online content, Danish Sait alongside Saad Khan has developed a devoted following as humble politician nograj cast. That is carried on in the series. A lot of the connections to Karnataka politics are humorous as well.

However, since the majority of the creative wordplay in this Kannada web series is in English, it might not make the expected number of Kannada viewers laugh out loud. Rather than using the Bollywood songs from the 1990s, it may have been great to use older Kannada music for the comedic portions in humble politician review.

The focus of this season of the show is Nograj, whose First Big Party was able to win a small number of seats in the state assembly elections and, consequently, his attempt to create the ruling government even though the few seats. Does it sound like you? The series does make numerous comparisons to current political events, though in humble politician nograj web series download. The Most Secular Party, for example, is a nationwide party with an erratic and restless Prime Minister. The Family Run Party is a legacy party that is led by an inexperienced heir who defers to his firangi mother in humble politician nograj series download.

Nograj and his goals are present between any of these two parties. To achieve his objectives, Nograj turns to politics and numerous deceptions. We observe typical political jargon, such as the trading of MLAs. We also observe video controversies and recordings that have been altered to win over the audience in humble politician nograj voot. It's smart that our location is called Illegal-ton Resort since it refers to the Bengaluru resort that politicians frequent the most. Is Nograj successful as a humble politician nograj series cast? Or does his enemy, Krishna Gundu Bala as chutzpah cast, a former worker turned politician who merely wants to be the next chief executive, triumph against him?

Danish Sait, who has ensured that Nograj has grown into a household name, is in fine form as the character. The arch-enemy, Prakash Belawadi, is a shout in chutzpah review. The other great performer is Vijay Chendoor, who has excellent comic timing and does so with ease. Funny to see Mahantesh as Manjay. Disha Madan, the reporter from either the Paid News channel, completes the picture. As Prakash's wife, Shalini Narayan is excellent, but one hopes her role had more depth as chutzpah web series cast. Although it is refreshing to come across a face like Tiku Talsania on TV once in a while, the rest of the ensemble is reduced considerably to caricatures and therefore is underdeveloped.


The web comedy Humble Politician Nograj offers plenty of opportunities for laughs and delivers on those promises, but it can get monotonous. The short 30-minute length of each episode makes it easier to watch the excessive repeats. The acting, musical score, and colorful characters who draw their influence from the real world make the series enjoyable to watch only once. However, we must applaud the filmmakers for showing a significant amount of reality within the current political landscape exactly as it is.

Humble Politician Nograj Series Review IMDb Rating:

8.1 out of 10 with 6,686 votes on IMDb

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