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HIT: The First Case is a 2020 action-thriller movie in the Telugu language that was developed by Prashanti Tipirneni and directed by first-timer Sailesh Kolanu. Vishwak Sen, Amir Hossain Ashik, as well as Ruhani Sharma, are the movie's stars. The story revolves around Vikram Rudraraju, a policeman assigned to the Homicide Intervention Team (HIT) of the Telangana state, who is looking into the disappearance of a young girl.

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About The Movie:

The hit movie release date in theatres on February 28, 2020, and it proved to be a successful business venture. A stand-alone sequel to the movie dubbed HIT: The Second Case is planned to come out after it. Kolanu also directed the July 2022 release of the Hindi version of The First Case with the same name.

Telugu Hit Film Cast:


  • Sailesh Kolanu


  • Sailesh Kolanu


  • Vishwak Sen as Vikram Rudraraju
  • Ruhani Sharma as Neha
  • Chaitanya Sagiraju as Rohit
  • Brahmaji as R. Shinde
  • Hari Teja as Sheela
  • Milind Gunaji as Ibrahim
  • Bhanu Chander as Vishwanath. K
  • Kalpika Ganesh as Dr. Roopa
  • Naveena Reddy as Swapna
  • Dhanvi as Young Swapna
  • Ravi Raja as Fahad
  • Sahiti as Preethi
  • Vanshika as Young Preethi
  • Ravi Varma as Srinivas
  • Maganti Srinath as Abhilash
  • Rangadham as Mohan
  • Roopa Lakshmi as Lakshmi
  • Rajeshwari as Latha
  • Kalpalatha as Saraswati
  • Trish as Ajay
  • Jaiyetri as Sandya
  • Satya Krishnan as Priya
  • Sri Harsha as Shiva


  • Prashanti Tipirneni

Aravinda Sametha Review Plot:

Vikram Rudraraju is a Telangana CID police officer who specializes in the Homicide Intervention Team (HIT). He is intelligent and adept at solving complex crimes by paying close attention to even the tiniest details, winning the respect of his senior Viswanath. Neha, a forensic official plus his coworker, is the love of his life.

Vikram's close buddy & work colleague Rohit goes with him in the majority of his cases. Akshay, a fellow cop who traverses lines with Vikram, and Vikram are continuously at odds with one another. Due to his past experiences, Vikram sometimes suffers from PTSD, but he avoids taking medicine since he believes it interferes with his abilities.

Preethi, a girl, is operating a vehicle on the highway when it pulls to the side due to a problem. She contacts her father after Officer Ibrahim stops to assist her after realizing she left her phone at home. When her father arrives to fetch her up, he notices that she has vanished. Ibrahim explains that he mistakenly believed it to be his car because she hopped into a blue vehicle.

Whenever Preethi's parents expect something of him, Ibrahim will not back down—instead, he criticizes them. Viswanath, who is friends with Preethi's parents, chooses to suspend Ibrahim for his actions because he doesn't believe him. To stop his PTSD bouts, Vikram chooses to take a six-month sabbatical.

Vikram receives a call claiming Neha has vanished after two months. He decides to return to Viswanath and request the case file for Neha's disappearance, but he is told that Akshay is handling the matter and cannot give it to him.

Vikram chooses to inquire about just the cases Neha has handled during the previous two months from Saxena, who seems to be Neha's colleague. Vikram and Rohit make a connection between the disappearances of Preethi and Neha and conclude that the same individual is responsible for both cases. Vikram decides to look into the matter, asks Srinivas about Preethi's case, and then takes over the investigation of the hit movie hero.

Furthermore, Vikram may have been the one to abduct Neha, according to Akshay's concerns. When Vikram chooses to visit Preethi's college, he questions Ajay & Sandhya about what occurred the night before, and they both respond by saying that they were in a bar. When Vikram and Rohit question Preethi's parents about her, they respond that she had been living alongside them and Preethi's neighbor Sheela about her and that her parents perished in a plane crash.

When Vikram and Rohit see Sheela's blue car as well as a note that Sheela fabricated revealing the location of Preethi's corpse, they begin to piece together the case and come to the conclusion that Sheela abducted Preethi. When Ibrahim later notices the car, he claims Sheela wasn't the person who abducted Preethi. The undetectable body that Vikram and his crew unearth behind the house has some DNA samples from a film hit.

Since Ajay said that Preethi was his lover, Vikram suspects him. While looking for proof, Vikram receives a call from a total stranger called Eesha who is being followed by a man in a car. He asks her to stop so he can speak with her, but she drives quickly and makes it to the outskirts before calling Vikram in hit move. Vikram starts his research at the motorway toll booth. Using the surveillance cameras at the toll gates, Vikram determines that Fahad was the kidnapper. Ibrahim is fatally shot by Fahad after Vikram, Akshay, and the three of them locate him, and Vikram & Akshay manage to apprehend him in the hit Telugu movie 2020.

Fahad leads them to the residence where he got the funds to abduct Preethi. When Vikram learns that this is Rohit's home, he kills Rohit before Rohit can shoot him.

Sapna, Rohit's wife, arrives downstairs as Akshay heads upstairs to fetch Neha. Preeti, Sapna, and Sapna's sister all came from the same orphanage, according to Sapna in new hit movies Telugu. Because Sapna's sister has a heart condition, a couple who had come to adopt a kid was interested in all three of them. As a result, Sapna requests that Preethi refuse the adoptive parents if she is chosen so that Sapna's sister can indeed be adopted in their place. Unbeknownst to them both, the pair chooses to use a paper lottery to select one girl at random from a group of three. Preeti is chosen and taken in.

A few years down the line, Sapna's sister passes away, which infuriates her because she believes her sister would have been saved if she had been adopted Sapna describes how, when she spotted Preeti at a club, all of her previously held resentment and blame towards her suddenly burst forth. Preeti is abducted by Sapna, who kills her in retaliation. Rohit buried Preeti and planted DNA evidence to protect Sapna. Sapna is detained. Vikram nearly gets shot while talking to Neha.

Hit Telugu Movie Review:

The concept of the movie of suspense thriller movies in Telugu has already been given a good-looking, original structure that is realistic. Although she did not give much to do, Ruhani Sharma plays her part well. She gets along well with Vishwak Sen.

The research scenes were shown in great depth during the first half and looked great. In his small part, Murali Sharma does well. In her stressful role, Hari Teja fared admirably.

The way the story's major components are connected and the interval bang both seem terrific. A special note should be made of the BGM because it lifts the mood. It was nice to finally see Bhanu Chandar on film again in recent hit movies Telugu.

Last but not smallest, Vishwak Sen is the movie's heart and soul. Although he had a challenging role to play, the great actor kept the tension high throughout and displayed his versatility. In every scene involving an inquiry, Vishwak was excellent.

The duration of the Telugu hit cinema is one of its main flaws. The lengthy running time leaves the audience a little impatient to learn when the big revelation will ultimately be unveiled.

The Tollywood hit movies climax ought to have been managed even better because it was resolved in a straightforward manner that had little impact. It would have been better to cut out scenes involving Hari Teja & her investigation in hi Telugu.

HIT super hit movies in Telugu don't contain as many surprises and twists as other thrillers typically do. Instead of making the audience's hearts race, it is more of an investigative movie that is like resolving a riddle.

The film's camera work is excellent, and the texture applied to the images is quite outstanding. As previously stated, the BGM is fantastic. Both the production design and conversation are well-done. All of the inquiry scenes in the movie reflect the attention to detail that went into making it.

Regarding the film's director, Sailesh, he did a passable job. His attention to detail and the way he reveals all the relevant details about the case are both excellent. However, when you see them through the lens of a movie, you won't find many wild turns or suspenseful moments that the director invented.


HIT is a suspenseful thriller overall with some intriguing investigation parts in hit movie reviews. Vishwak Sen does his part to perfection, and the suspense is kept up until the very end. However, the movie is drawn out and lacks the crucial twists that any thriller needs. Overall, it's a respectable effort that is watchable for the adequate thrills it offers.

Hit Movie Rating IMDb:

7.7 out of 10 with 5767 votes on IMDb

Hit Telugu Movie Online Trailer:

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