Hit & Run Season 1: Review, Cast, Plot, Storyline and All Other Details That You Need to Know [2021]

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In the series of several web series, one of the web series is Hit & Run season 1. Hit & run web series is an Israeli-American thriller web series. Hit & Run web series is a thriller series filled with action, crime, and drama. The storyline of the series is written by Avi Issacharoff, Dawn Prestwich, Lior Raz, Nicole Yorkin, Jessica Brickman, and Ali Selim. The web series got released on August 6, 2021, on Netflix. Hit & Run on Netflix features Lior Raz, Lior Ashkenazi, Sanaa Lathan, and Kaelen Ohm. Hit & Run web series comprises 9 episodes, originally in English and Hebrew languages. Peter Raeburn composed the music for the series. The filming of the web series took place at different locations. These are Israel, New York, the United States, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

Hit & Run cast:

  • Lior Raz as Segev Azulai
  • Lior Ashkenazi as Assaf Talmor
  • Sanaa Lathan as Naomi Hicks
  • Kaelen Ohm as Danielle Wexler Azulai
  • Moran Risenblatt as Tali Shapira
  • Gregg Henry as Martin Wexler
  • Gal Toren as Ron Hare

Hit & Run on Netflix Originals is the first web series from Israel. The makers released the trailer of the web series on July 12, 2021. After season 1 of Hit & Run got premiered on Netflix, Netflix canceled the making or releasing of season 2.

Hit & Run web series plot:

The story of the Hit & Run on Netflix revolves around a man, Segev Azulai, and his second wife Danielle Wexler. They both are living their married life happily at peace in Tel Aviv until a tragedy strikes them. Danielle gets murdered mysteriously in an accident. Segev decides to find out about his wife's murderers with the help of Naomi Hicks. In the turn of events, he comes across various such secrets about his wife that she never told Segev.

Hit & Run Episode 1 to 5 story:

The story begins in Tel Aviv with the main leads of the series Segev Azulai and his second wife Danielle Wexler. She is a New-York based dancer who is preparing to go to other states for her auditions. On the contrary, Segev is dealing with his fears of losing her. He thinks that Danielle would leave him and Ella, his daughter from his first marriage once she clears the auditions. The tension between the two escalates and their conversation is left in mid-way, as she leaves for her auditions. She had also persuaded Gegev to settle in New York before she left.

Further, in Hit & Run series, Danielle receives mysterious texts from someone when she is on her way to the airport. On her way, she stops at Batsheva Dance Company as she has to hand over some papers to her best friend, Syd. Suddenly, a speeding car approaching Danielle hits her hard outside the cafeteria and she loses her life. As the news of her death reaches home, Segev and Ella mourn Danielle's death.

Tali Shapira is a police officer and Segev's cousin. He tries his best to solve this mysterious murder case. In the meantime, a masked man attacks them inside their house. This worries Segev about Ella's safety. He gets hold of Danielle's phone and finds some texts on her phone from an unknown number.

While investigating the case, Tail comes to know that the particular car was reported stolen while the CCTV footage shows two assassins who belong to America left Israel immediately after the accident happened. Segev finds out about the bomb planted at his house, and he suddenly recalls two hitmen from the past. He immediately leaves for New York to protect his family from any kind of danger lurking around. Now, the story digs deeper into Segev and Danielle's past.

Further, the story of Hit & Run continues telling about Danielle's past. She arrived in Tel Aviv as a secret agent planted by Sophie Dreyer, a CIA agent. Danielle had to extract the information from Israel Intelligence Agency. However, during her stay in Tel Aviv, she harbored feelings for Segev, a tour guide. This act of her led her to death.

Segev finds an NYT article in Sophie's apartment in the U.S. His past lover, Naomi, a journalist, deduced that there has been some tension between NSA and the Israeli SIGINT National Unit for the last 18 months. Later, Sophie reads this article and finds out about Assaf. Sophie had encoded some confidential information in her diary. And, when her cover gets blown, she mailed her diary and decided to stay in Tel Aviv for 72 hours and tries to convince Segev to join her. However, she dies.

Hit & Run Episode 6 to 9 story:

When Segev faces reality about her wife's real identity, he concludes that her agency killed her to get rid of any evidence of spying. Segev's best friend Ron gets killed when Mossad's team attacks Segev, while he sets hold of an agent who was speaking Hebrew. He immediately concludes the man to be Mossad's agent.

A Mossad enforcer comes to jail and threatens Segev to return Sophie's diary and drops a hint that both Danielle and Sophie were killed by Mossad.

Assaf Talmor too used to work for NSC. NSC had reported stolen intel, a week before Danielle was killed in the car accident. When Tamir investigated the stolen intel, he gets to know that it was Sophie who stole this intel. She did it with the help of Assaf Talmor. However, Assaf Talmor was innocent. Tamir still suspects that the stolen intel was probably with Segev Azulai.

Later, in Hit & Run, Segev gets hold of Danielle's diary at her apartment. He finds some pages scribbled with dance notations. Segev and his ex-lover Naomi try to decode the scribbled dance notations. After putting in so much hard work, they succeed in decoding the codes. There were four words "Chronos," "Cheetah," "Cobra," and "Rat."

When Naomi searches for the codes, she figures out from a source that these words are used as sign language. The first family, Chronus, is POTUS. The word Cheetah means the daughter, the word Cobra means son-in-law, and the last word RAT was still a mystery. Later, it gets confirmed that RAT is an acronym for Remote Access Trojan. It is a piece of spyware that hackers use. These all signs tell that Israelis were spying over the White House via RAT. However, Tamir confirms everything in the end. He reveals that these illegal actions have led to a devastating national security crisis in the United States. He discloses that the President's son-in-law was selling security secrets to other countries, that Mossad wanted to use against their allies. And Danielle's diary is proof of Israel's illegal activities. So, they were trying their best to get hold of that diary.

The story of Hit & Run takes a turn when Tamir abducts Naomi and demands Danielle's diary from Segev to save Naomi's life. Segev gets hold of guns and heads towards Tamir. On the other hand, Martin, a CIA agent, cracks a deal with Tamir. However, in a heated argument Martin fires and kills Tamir, on the contrary, Segev injures Martin too. Segev and Naomi succeed to escape along with Danielle's diary and decide to walk separately on their paths. Before Naomi leaves, she asks a question, "Why did Danelle have to wait to leave the country after her cover was blown?"

The answer to this question is that she knew that she won't return to the country again, but she waited to convince Segev to join her.

On the other hand, Detective Newkirk raids the Israeli safe house and finds Tamir's dead body there. Probably, Martin didn't die or the CIA had rescued him. However, Mossad and the CIA would come back to get hold of Danielle's diary.

In Tel Aviv, Tali discovers Shira's dead body, Segev's first wife, while Ella is missing from the safe house. They suspect Mossad and the CIA of abducting Ella to get hold of Danielle's diary.

You can watch the trailer here:


Hit & Run season 1 ending:

Hit & Run season 1 ended at an interesting point where an infuriated Segev can be spotted looking for his daughter Ella. He is screaming out Ella's name while standing over a bridge.

Hit & Run Season 1 reviews:

As per 6,875 votes, the web series was rated with 7.1 out of 10 points.

Hit & Run Season 2:

If the makers intend to come up with season 2 of the Hit & Run web series, the story might follow the war between Segev and intelligence agencies, that might have kidnapped Ella. Another exciting plot might be Naomi's decision to publish an article about Danielle's death and the conspiracy associated with her death.

However, the series was canceled in September 2021, after the release of Hit & Run Season 1.

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