Hey Pillagada Movie Review: The Angry Young Man In Trouble

Mehak Sep 24 . 6 min read

After a year, the popular Malayalam movie Kali has been dubbed into Telugu. Now let's see what Sai Pallavi Dulquer Salmaan movie name is.

Hello, What's up readers? Are you guys liking the 99chills.com content? To meet your expectations and to let you be aware of amazing ongoing entertainment we are back with an amazing movie review. This time the movie which we are going to do is the Dulquer Sai Pallavi movie named Hey Pillagada, or Kali movie in Telugu. Let's dig deep and know what 

 the movie is all about.

So now let's explore the details of the movie and dig deep into the details of one of the oh Pillagada plots, Kali movie review, Dulquer Salmaan and Sai Pallavi movie review, Hai Gopi Telugu ratings, and get to know about other information related to the Sai Pallavi and Dulquer Salmaan movie Hey Pillagada movie full in Telugu.

The 2016 Indian action thriller movie Kali, was written, produced, and directed by Sameer Thahir. Sai Pallavi and Dulquer Salmaan play the key parts. Salmaan and Thahir had worked together once before, on Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi which is a 2013 movie. On March 26, 2016, Kali was released with positive reviews and prosperous sales. Since then, Kidi, a Kannada remake, has been released. In November 2017, Hey Pillagada, a Telugu dub of the movie, was released.

Pillagada meaning is Rage, and so does Kali means, Hey in Telugu was dubbed and named Hey Pillagada. Though Hey Pillagada full movie in Hindi dubbed has not yet been made but there are chances that someone in Bollywood might make the Hey Pillagada movie in Hindi.

Hey Pillagada cast-


  • Sameer Thahir


  • Rajesh Gopinadhan


  • Dulquer Salmaan as Siddharth
  • Sai Pallavi as Anjali
  • Vinayakan as John
  • Chemban Vinod Jose as Chakkara
  • Soubin Shahir as Prakasan
  • V. K. Prakash as the father of Siddharth
  • Sandhya Ramesh as the mother of Siddharth
  • Sidhartha Siva as Service Centre Manager
  • Sandeep Narayanan as SI Senthil Kumar
  • Vanitha Krishnachandran as the mother of Anjali
  • Dinesh Panicker as the father of Anjali
  • Kunchan as House Owner
  • Alencier Ley Lopez as FD Customer
  • Anjali Nair as the daughter of the House owner
  • Master Ihman as the grandson of the House owner
  • Hareesh Perumanna as Hamsa
  • Imthiyaz Khader as Bank Manager
  • Sini Abraham as Smitha
  • Thanseel P. S. as Alex
  • Nebish Benson as Young Sidharath
  • Vijilesh Karayad as Moped Guy
  • Karthik Vishnu as Waiter Boy


  • D.V. Krishnaswamy

Kali Telugu movie story-

The main character of Hey Pillagada is a short-tempered man named Siddharth, who frequently causes difficulties owing to his attitude. In the meantime, while traveling with his wife Anjali, Siddharth had a heated quarrel with her and becomes involved with a feared gang. What is the problem? How did it escalate into a violent situation? You must see the movie on a big screen to learn this.

Hey Pillagada movie review-

Hey Pillagada Review: A remake of the popular Malayalam movie Kali, this movie has been dubbed into Telugu because of the Sai Pallavi obsession still present in Fidaa. So much so that a song from the same movie serves as the inspiration for the movie's name! However, I digress.

Siddarth is easily angered and would challenge for the title of "angry young man" on any given day with the smallest provocation. The movie takes its time getting going in the first half, showing how he goes from being an angry kid to an equally, if not even more angry adult. Even if he is aware of his flaws, there isn't much he can do to prevent things from getting out of control when he loses his tempor. 

Siddarth is quick to apologize, and Anjali is quick to forgive, carefully balancing their marriage with their shared love. Despite his rage, the first half is amusing; it is only in the second that things start to get serious. The transition from orderly to chaotic following the break has been handled brilliantly, with the pair trapped in the middle of nowhere with circumstances that get worse over time simply because he cannot remain calm.

On-screen, Dulquer Salmaan, and Sai Pallavi look stunning together and portray their much-loved married pair with an effortlessness that is difficult to put into words. The way the topic is handled and the suspenseful second half are other important pluses that should be mentioned. Chemban Vinod, Soubin Sahir, and Vinayakan are excellent in their roles and act admirably well alongside the lead pair.

The movie is missing a good plot to bring everything together, though. A more focused screenplay would have likely made the movie lot better because it just seems to coast along.

Hey Pillagada rating-

After the Hey Pillagada review, it is found that the movie had a 7.2/10 IMDb rating with 86 votes. 

However, the director deserves praise for avoiding clichés and for delaying Siddarth's change till the very end of the picture. In real life, it is uncommon for aggressive people to change so quickly, and Siddarth in Dulquer's film is no exception if only slightly humbled as a result of his terrifying ordeal.

This weekend, go see the movie for the incredible performances by all the characters; you won't regret it!

Hey Pillagada conclusion-

Hey Pillagada is a straightforward tale of a man who gets into difficulties due to his bad temper. Although the performance of the main character adds depth to the proceedings, the Telugu audience, who are accustomed to some popcorn entertainment, maybe let down by the lack of commercial components and the slow-moving narration. You can watch this movie if you must see the on-screen chemistry between Dulquer Salman and Sai Pallavi, but we must tell you that there is no romance in the movie as depicted in the posters.

 Dulquer and Sai Pallavi movie trailer-

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