Hello Guru Prema Kosame Review: Will Jayaprakash Be Ready Sanju And Anu Marriage

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Trinadha Rao Nakkina is the author and director of the 2018 Indian Telugu romance comedy Hello Guru Prema Kosame. Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran, with Pranitha Subhash portray the main roles in the movie; supporting cast members include Prakash Raj, Aamani, Jayaprakash, Sithara, Noel Sean, Sayaji Shinde, as well as Posani Krishna Murali. The hello guru Prema kosame release date was October 18, 2018.

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About The Movie:

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Telugu Movie Cast:


  • Trinadha Rao Nakkina


  • Prasanna Kumar Bezawada


  • Ram Pothineni as Sanju
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Anupama 'Anu'
  • Pranitha Subhash as Reethu
  • Aamani as Lakshmi
  • Jayaprakash as Sanju's father
  • Sithara as Gayatri
  • Noel Sean as Karthik
  • Sayaji Shinde as Karthik's father
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Sanju's uncle
  • Suresh as Reethu's father
  • Ram Prasad as Sanju's friend
  • Satya as Sanju's friend
  • Praveen as Mechanic
  • Sapthagiri as Auto Driver


  • Dil Raju

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Plot:

Sanju is a carefree young man from Kakinada whose pals and adoring parents are the center of his world. After realizing that his parents want him to get an excellent IT job, he eventually decides to travel to Hyderabad, despite initially being very resistant to remaining in his village. He is requested to stay at Viswanath's house, which belongs to Gayatri's friend as well as Sanju's mother.

Sanju encounters Anupama upon that train to Hyderabad, and then after hearing her disparage the Kakinada boys, he humiliates and misleads her. Eventually, he learns that Anu is Viswanath's daughter, meaning he will be required to live with her and drive her to college each morning.

Anu initially harbors a strong dislike for Sanju but eventually comes to respect him because of his goodness and devotion to his family. They grow close friends. Sanju also learns that Viswanath has a reputation for being a man of his word and that he even gave up his goal of seeing Anu become a doctor in favor of honoring a pledge to a dying friend.

Reethu, a girl who works in Sanju's office, piques Sanju's interest, and the two start dating. In the meantime time, his connection with Anu grows stronger, but when Reethu pops the question to Sanju, he comes to the realization he has feelings for Anu that go beyond friendship. Sanju's heart is broken when Viswanath completes Anu's proposal to Karthik just as he is ready to confess his love to her.

Because now Viswanath, as well as Sanju, are good friends, Viswanath promises to stick by Sanju until he departs Hyderabad. When Sanju eventually confesses his love for Anu to Viswanath, the latter finds himself in a difficult position since he must uphold his vow and continue to support Sanju as a friend by helping him win Anu's affection, all the while trying to keep Anu safe from Sanju's approaches. Anu ultimately admits to Sanju that she as well has loved him since the beginning and requests him to whisk her away & marry her after the funny as well as emotional mayhem that follows.

When Viswanath learns of this, he too orders Sanju to take her away as well as marry her out of anger and emotion since he is so frustrated with the situation. Viswanath is shocked when Sanju departs the following morning—wedding Anu's day—while Anu continues to be home. According to Sanju, he took this action out of respect for Viswanath, because he needed to be a great friend to him, and because he knew that Viswanath would know what was best for his daughter. As soon as Viswanath and Anu arrive in Kakinada, he joyfully approves of their engagement and impending nuptials after realizing that only Sanju can bring Anu lasting happiness.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Review:

The hello guru Prema kosame movie download beginning half is very entertaining. Trinadh Rao deserves praise for narrating this section with excellent humor. Ram and Pranitha's scenes are easygoing and have been executed fairly nicely. All of the humorous passages in this section have been skillfully woven into the action.

Ram performs at his absolute best when he portrays characters like the lad next door in hello guru Prema kosame review. The same thing occurs in this movie, as he underplays every emotion as well as delivers a composed performance. Anupama doesn't get a lot of screen time, but even so, she always looks stunning and also does her part well in hello Prema.

Pranitha receives a nice role and appears lovely in the working environment. Don't forget Prakash Raj; the second half of hello guru Prema kosame full movie download in moviezwap depends entirely on him, as well as the star performer is excellent throughout this period with his witty and poignant dialogue. Amani and the rest of the supporting cast did fine in their respective roles. Telugu songs hello guru Prema kosame could be deemed ok.

One would anticipate that the second half would be just as entertaining as the first. However, this is not the situation because the Telugu web guru film's emotional moments cause it to slightly slow down.

The sexual undercurrent between the main characters is yet another serious flaw in the movie.

To make the love tale more effective, more captivating and passionate sequences between Ram as well as Anupama could have been included. Anupama's method of confessing her love seems forced as well as ineffective. There isn't anything new to anticipate in terms of the plot. Hello Guru Prema kosame movie release date was 18 October 2018.

Dil Raju's production values are just about acceptable. The picture is presented respectably because of the good camera work. DSP's music is only passably good and falls short of his standards. Both the conversation and the soundtrack are typical. The editing is good, and the narration of the. The review of hello guru Prema kosame is clear. Regarding hello guru Prema kosame director Trinadh Rao, narrates all of his films using good amusement and is acutely aware of the audience's pulse.

However, he must have taken Prasanna's incredibly straightforward story and given it a fun ending. The plot doesn't veer off course, and the fun component is nicely preserved. The result would have been much better if he had improved the love song and the climax just a little bit.


When it came to romantic dramas, the plots are frequently the same. The majority of the time, though, things function if they are recounted engagingly. The same holds for the play hello guru Prema kosame since the filmmaker filled the movie with delightful and lighthearted themes. This movie offers pure amusement that will appeal to the audience throughout this holiday season, except for the expected emotions and formulaic finale. Hello Guru Prema kosame hit or flop is average. Try it out.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Telugu Full movie Rating IMDb:

7.1 out of 10 with 2675 votes on IMDb

Hello Guru Prema Kosam Telugu Movie Trailer:

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