Harphool Mohini: The Lovestory Between Two States

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The brand-new serial on the Colors TV network is called Harphoul Mohini. Under the direction of Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment, the serial is being produced. In the Harphoul Mohini television series, actors Zebby Singh and Shagun Sharma portray the male lead, Harphoul Chaudhary, a Haryanvi boy, and the female lead, Mohini Vijayan, a madrasi girl. While Spy Bahu is moved to the 9:30 PM time slot, harphool Mohini timing is 9:00 PM. Chotti Sardarni had closed down.

Hi friends, We have a piece of exciting news for you want to guess!.... Ok, we are not going to leave you in suspense so let's tell you a new show has come to entertain you where has it come at what time how's it so this article is going to tell all about the juicy details.

Harphool Mohini Cast:

  • Harphoul Chaudhary(Zebby Singh)
  • Mohini Vijayan(Shagun Sharma)
  • Maai( Supriya Shukla)
  • Balwant Singh Choudhary(Tej Sapru)
  • Santok Singh(Amal Sehrawat)
  • Sharda Choudhary(Jannvi Sangwan)
  • Mr. Vijayan(Pankaj Vishnu)
  • Shyamla Vijayan(Reshma Rampur)
  • Malli Vijayan(Iqra Shaikh)
  • Velli Vijayan( Ashi Sharma)
  • Savitri Vijayan( Aadhya Barot)
  • Shalini(Sonali Nikam)
  • Sukha Singh(Akshay Suri)
  • Manyu(Vinn Modgill)
  • Aadesh( Ayan Kapoor)
  • Surendra Singh(Karan Maan)
  • Dr. Saroj( Preeti Gandwani)
  • Genre: Romance & Drama
  • Season: 1
  • Language: Hindi
  • country: India
  • Start Date: 13 June 2022
  • Director: Rohit Dwivedi
  • Day: Monday-Friday
  • Telecast Time: 9:00 PM
  • Channel: Colors Tv
  • OTT: Voot
  • Editor: Ashish Singh, Khalid Ali
  • Production House: Cockcrow Pictures, Shaika Films
  • Producer: Pia Bajpai, Pradeep Kumar, Rajesh Ram Singh, Shaika Parveen

Harphool Mohini story:

What happens when a Haryanvi jaat and a South Indian beauty cross paths and how their love story develops is essentially the focus of Colors TV's newest program, Harphool Mohini.

This kind of intrigue is what the show aims to arouse in its viewers when it asks whether the meeting of the North and the South would result in harmony or mayhem.

Harphool, a bindaas and carefree Haryanvi boy, is the center of attention in his community. Harphool is a good and easygoing youngster who is constantly making his mother worry about her son due to his daredevil character. He is always willing to go the additional mile to help others.

Mohini, on the other hand, is a Kerala-based kind, kind, and soft-spoken girl. As a nurse by trade, Mohini always goes above and beyond for her patients and is far more committed and goal-oriented than Harphool.

The major characters of Harphool Mohini, on whom the entire drama is centered, are essentially introduced in the first episode. The Harphool Mohini serial creators also intended to demonstrate how, despite their differences, both North and South cultures are comparable and attractive in their own right.

The cast is well-maintained, and some of these actors especially colors tv male actors have a long history of success in TV series. 

When the two attempt to go forward in life together, the plot will take a surprising turn.How they will adjust to being a good Haryanvi couple. It is obvious from the commercial that it will receive excellent TRP in the future and that the audience will enjoy it greatly.

Harphool mohini story of the last episode:

Harphoul runs into Mohini. He's furious. Harphoul is told by Mohini that despite having numerous medals, he hid them. They were hung here. Incredulous is Harphoul. Who, he asks, did it? I, she says. She claims that I also had them polished. I got aid from Abhi with him. Haprhoul regrets the way he treated her. She claims, "Abhi told me how you beat Balwant, and you're also smart." You can thank her, she says. I am smart, he claims. I retract my compliment, she said. I don't want your commitment, he claims. She claims that commitment entails enduring forever. You vowed to someone else as well. My land, he says. She says I'll travel to land too. First, he advises learning to cook.

Girls are capable of much more than cooking, according to her. I'll learn to cook, according to Mohini. You just know how to make rice, he claims. She claims that Kerala is home to the majority of educated people, who all consume rice. Haprhoul is asked to be quiet by Mai.

Shalini is told by Harphoul to cease trying to cause trouble. You were mistaken; she is not like you. Continue acting stupid, advises Shalini. To Balwant's home come all the males. I'll get used to things here, but it will take some time, Mohini tells Mai. I'm always here to help, according to Mai. It's different from your time, so take your time. I'll learn, according to Mohini. I do, says Mai. Let me teach you how to prepare lassi, she offers to Mohini. She requests that she give Harphoul one glass. I am not speaking to him, she claims. Try to find a speedy solution, advises Mai.

There was a major event in our area, Balwant informs the men. Mohini serves lassi to Harphoul. He consumes it. He drinks with Mohini. He makes fun of her for sporting a milk mustache. She also makes fun of him. Each other's faces are washed. All of the men had assembled at Balwant's hamlet, according to a phone call from Harphoul's pal. How can he call Sarpanj at his location, asks Harphool? Why is Shalini constantly upset? Mohini queries Mai. I'm not sure what she thinks, says Mai. She is resentful, but Santoh's injury is what made her this way. If Shalini and Balwant are related, Mohini queries. Yes, she answers. He is her Mausa, the husband of Shalini's aunt. Mohini remembers Mausa's phone call.

Santok and Harphoul enter. Mohini asks, "What transpired?" Also, tell me. Why do you want to know everything, he asks? Shalini was receiving calls from Balwant, according to Mohini. What exactly does Mohini claim Shalini tells him? Why do you always have to be angry with Mohini, Mai asks Harphool. Your father was never angry with me. I can't be like my dad, he was fantastic, he adds. According to Mohini, he teaches you how to appreciate others. There is Mohini on the patio. She observes a large crowd approaching their home. She informs everybody. They begin to object to her, Mai. Winds are really strong. They claim you withheld such a significant matter from us. Mai queries why. We learned the real story regarding your Madrasan daughter-in-law, a man claims. Mai queries what transpired. Balwant chuckles.

Want to know what happened next then watch Harphool Mohini today episode on colors tv don't miss make sure you watch it.

Harphool Mohini Trailer:

Especially for Haryanvi and madrasi serial can be very relatable as their cultures are going to be shown here so don't forget to watch. Hope you liked the article and if you have any issues let us know in the comment section will try our best to solve them.

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