Gully Rowdy Review- Cast, Plot and Rating

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Gully Rowdy Movie Review- 

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Gully Rowdy is an Indian Telugu Language film. The movie is directed by G.Nageswara Reddy while the production is done by Kona Venkat (Kona Film Corporation) and G. Nageswara Reddy(MVV CINEMA BANNERS)

Gully Rowdy movie release date- The movie was first supposed to be released on an Over the Top platform (OTT) but was later decided to release in Movie Theatres.

The film was released on 17th September 2021 after postponing the release two times.

Genre- Gully Rowdy is a Romance, Comedy, and Action and would be a great experience for the viewers to have these three under the same movie. 

About the Movie- 

Vasu, a topper of the class does not want to become Rowdy as his Grandfather but has to be one for his grandfather’s wish. The film revolves around Vasu’s life and how he manages affairs, while not wishing to be a Rowdy and although his friends convince him to be one. However, both his Grandfather and Vasu are the Rowdy’s that work for people’s good, making settlements for them. 


The story is set in the city of Vizag. Vasu is really good in his school days and a topper in the class. His Grandfather, Meesala Simhachalam is a Rowdy who makes settlements for the good of people. Vasu’s father had died in a car accident. But was this accident planned? 

Bairagi Naidu, the Antagonist of the Movie wants to take over the city of Vizag with his power but is often obstructed by Vasu’s Grandfather. Thus there is a rivalry between Vasu’s family and Naidu!

It is his grandfather’s wish to make Vasu a Rowdy too like himself, however, Vasu does not want to be one. But on Grandfather’s insistence, Vasu agrees. After some years of training, When Vasu is set to be ready, he comes to know about Venkatrao Family. Venkartrao is a middle-class family who wants to sell their land in order to carry their son’s education and daughter’s Marriage. When someone is ready to buy that land for 2 Cr, Bairagi Naidu takes over it for a mere amount of 50K. 

Thus Vasu would help Venkatrao. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Ventakrao’s daughter, Sahitya. 

Then, Vasu and Venkatrao plan to kidnap Bairagi. After doing it successfully, Bairagi is killed and Vasu and Venkatrao take the money from him but unfortunately leave some evidence.

CI Raghu Nayak is assigned the case and he finds out about both Vasu and Venkatrao. Raghu Nayak is the son of Bairagu Naidu’s second wife and this is a secret only Vasu and Ventakrao know. CI Raghu Nayak finds out that Vasu has killed his father. Nanda, Bairagi’s son too. Knows about the real murderers of his father. 

Vasu tells CI Nayak that Nanda is the murderer of his father and thus Nayak kills Nanda. 

Why does Vasu kill Bairagi? Because Vasu’ Father accident was planned b Bairagi himself! 

Then, Vasu tells everything to his grandfather and he becomes happy to have taken the revenge. But, Vasu tells his Grandfather that he does not want to be a Rowdy to which his grandfather agrees, and then Vasu and Sahitya weds happily!

Gully Rowdy Cast- 

  • Sundeep Kishan as Vasu
  • Bevin Reddy as Young Vasu
  • Rajendra Prasad as Head Constable Patapaglu Venkat Rao 
  • Neha Shetty as Patapaglu Sahitya 
  • Posani Murali as Naidu
  • Bobby Simha as CI Ravi Nayak
  • Mime Gopi as Bairagi Naidu
  • Harsha Chemuda as David Raj
  • Saurav Chakrabarti as Nanda
  • Prakash Raj as Vasu’s Father
  • Sivannarayana as Pappa
  • Vidyellukha as Forensic Expert Ramba 
  • Kalpatala Patapaglu Latha 

Gully Rowdy Rating-  

Gully Rowdy IMDb- 5.7/10

73% of Google users have liked this film. 

Gully Rowdy Review

The movie is regarded as a Timepass Movie and there is nothing very much impressive about it. Although the storyline is unique the execution could have been a bit better. Gully Rowdy Movie review suggests that it is a great movie and the actors have done a great job on their part as well. The editing and Cinematography are also praised.

Gully Rowdy Reviews also say that the second half becomes a bit dull as compared to the first one which is more exciting and funny.

Gully Rowdy Songs-

  1. Theme of Gully Rowdy
  2. Changure Item Songre
  3. Puttene Prema 
  4. Thalladilli podha
  5. Vishakhapatnam lo Rowdy Gaado
  6. Addamga Bukkaipoyaa

According to gully rowdy review the audience loved all the songs. 

Common Queries- 

What is Gully Rowdy movie release date?

The movie was released on 17th September 2021

What is Gully Rowdy Review-

The audience says that Gully Rowdy is a great Timepass movie with good comedy.

Is gully rowdy on ott? 

Yes! Gully Rowdy can be seen on Disney + Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

Gully Rowdy Trailer- 

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