Gruham Telugu Movie Review: A Fight Between Evilness And Purity

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The gruham telugu movie is a horror thriller movie, directed by Milind Rau. The co-producer of the film is Siddharth. The main leads of the film are Andrea Jeremiah and Siddharth. The gruham release date is 17 November 2017. The total duration of the film is 137 minutes. The movie received love and positive reviews from the audience and became a super hit in the theatres. Keep reading to know about gruham review

About Gruham Movie

Krish and Lakshmi were living together happily as a couple. One day a new family starts living in their neighborhood and things changed when one of the family members named Jeeny gets an evil spirit in her and started troubling everyone. Who is the evil spirit? How will Krish and Laksmi fight the evil spirit? What is the relationship between the evil spirit and this family? To know the answers to all these questions you need to keep reading. The gruham reviews were both positive and negative.

Hello everyone! Today we are back with a thriller horror suspense gruham movie. From suspense, and thriller to saving lives you will find everything in the movie. From romantic and fantasy drama this one is surely a break from regular gossip movies.

Gruham Movie Cast


  • Milind Rau


  • Siddharth


  • Siddharth as Krish
  • Andrea Jeremiah as Lakshmi
  • Anishaa Angelina as Jennifer
  • Atul Kulkarni as Paul D'Cousta
  • Suresh as Dr. Prasad
  • Avinash Raghudevan as Psychic
  • Prakash Belawedi as Joshua
  • Bhawana Aneja as Jenny’s stepmother
  • Dheeraj Vaidy as Krish's Friend
  • Khushi Hajare as Jenny’s half-sister
  • Yusuf Hussein as Jenny’s grandfather


  • Siddharth

Gruham Storyline

The gruham telugu movie online started by showing a mom and daughter who were living a very happy life in the year 1934. Then the movie skipped to the year 2016 showing a brain surgeon named Krish with his life Lakshmi. They were both living very happy life. Their life was going very well but things changed when a new family came and started living next to them.

Jenny was a teenager who was suffering from some mental illness. She was a very aggressive person one day she went out for smoking and she picked up the remains of a dead body. Just after that, she started beating really weirdly. Her family was really confused about what was happening to her so his father decide to take her to a psychiatrist named Dr. Prasad, after consultation the doctor told the family that she is suffering from hallucinations. Not only this but the people living with her also started experiencing some paranormal activities. Later in the siddharth telugu movie it was revealed that her home was haunted by three evil spirits. One of them was a bad man whereas the other two were the good spirits of mom and daughter who wanted to help the family to get rid of the evil spirit. The spirit of mother and daughter kept warning the family members to leave the house but none of them did. Things got worse and Dr. Prasad was killed by the spirit. The gruham telugu movie online movierulz ended by showing a fight between good evils and bad evils.


One of the best things about gruham telugu movie is the horror elements. The horror and scary scenes shown in the movie felt very real and convincing to the audience. The story seemed to be a little old-fashioned but made its appearance memorable. The first half of the movie is covered up with thriller, suspense, and horror scenes with amazing sound effects. Siddharth looked good in his role whereas Andrea also did a very good job. the chemistry between both of them was loved by the audience. The role played by Jenny was also very good, she added power in the movie. The climax and twists added in the gruham movie were amazing. Suresh also did his role as a psychiatrist very well. The only negative review about the gruham telugu movie is that the storyline was similar to other movies. The twists could have been better and more interesting. The first half of the movie maintained the climax very well but it was very easy to predict what will happen next. The camera work done in the gruham telugu movie is really appreciated as even after the same storyline the camera work did amazing in adding the visuals and spooky effects that seemed to be so real. The background sound was also perfect for goosebumps most of the time in the movie. The direction and the production of the gruham movie is done very well.


Overall siddharth ghost movie is good on the basis of storyline and movie cast. There is no unnecessary dragging to make the audience bored these kept the audience happy and satisfied. The narration dialogues ad acting done by gruham movie cast is really amazing. You will surely love gruham scenes and gruham songs. There was no unique storyline but still, you can surely go for this one and can make your weekend amazing. You can also enjoy by gruham movie download. It is one of the best among siddharth telugu movies.


The gruham telugu movie received 6.7 points out of 10 on IMDb.


Ques 1. What is unique about siddharth horror movie?

Ans. This one is one of the best siddharth horror movies.

Ques 2. Where can one watch gruham?

Ans. You can watch andrea and siddharth movie on JioCinema.


Image Credits: IMDb

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