Growing up, making friends & finding love; Immature season 2 release date, season 1 review and more

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Before the ott platform gained its popularity and eventually its current audience small productions like TVF, dice media etc were the no.1 sources of entertainment on the internet. And even though the platforms like Hotstar, prime video have made their solid ground in digital entertainment, the place of these independent and small productions is still somewhat very relevant. And among all those, my personal favourite is the viral fever or TVF. I have been watching them since they began and it's been nothing but enjoyable things progressing. They gave us memorable series like the pitchers, tripling, permanent roommates, bachelors etc. And today's show is one of their light-hearted, fun and as usual a very enjoyable series. Immature is a story of the senior years at school and the lessons about growing up. 

So without wasting much time let us begin our series review and talk about the immature web series cast, the story and the immature season 2 release date and more.

About the show

Immature is a romantic comedy with a coming of age theme and which is based on 4 primary characters. It is a production of The Viral Fever and it is directed by prem Mistry. It is a lightweight, comedic presentation of the late teenage phase of one's life and the story revolves around our protagonist's quest to be friends with and confess his love to his crush. The 5 episodes in the series are all in a way connected to this main plotline but also focus on various other aspects of the life of our male lead who is in his late teenage years. The story also celebrates friendship and the value of living in the moment. 

Immature web series cast

Main cast

  • Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv Sharma, a student of class XI and the main lead of the show
  • Rashmi Agdekar is Chhavi Upadhya, a studious & charming girl who is the love interest of Dhruv. 
  • Chinamay Chandraunshush as Kabir Bhuller, one of the best friends of Dhruv and somewhat his mentor in becoming a cool dude.
  • Visshesh Tiwari as Master Susu, a happy & likeable character who is also friends with Dhruv & Kabir. 

Supporting cast of immature

  • Dilip Meralal as Golewala
  • Komal Chhabria as Dhruv's mom
  • Sameer Saxena as Dhruv's dad (cameo)
  • Paltu as Old lady on Walker
  • Jitendra Kumar as Drama Teacher
  • Vijay Rawal as Karan
  • Sachin Negi as Nukkad
  • Ranjan as Ranja
  • Biswapati Sarkar as Hindi Teacher
  • Nidhi Singh as Sonam Miss
  • Himika Bose as Nandini/Natasha
  • Gopal Datt as Vice Principal

Immature plot 

The story begins with Dhruv getting into class XI and as the general theory goes feeling that he's more mature now. He, Kabir & Susu are hanging out at their favourite spot near the golewala waiting for their order to come. And in that fine moment, Dhruv's eyes catch the glimpse of Chhavi, whom he’s had a crush on but hasn't been able to either become friends with her or tell her about his emotions. Meanwhile, Kabir advises Dhruv that he should ask his parents for a motorbike now that he’s grown up and mature. Which turns out to be a tougher task to do for Dhruv. But eventually, he gets his wish of getting an upgrade from a bicycle to a motor vehicle but not something which he expected. He confronts his parents about it, gets lashed out due to it and eventually accepts the verdict for him and goes to school on the scooter used by his elder sister. But the thing that he believed would ruin his image and school life turned out to be the Kickstarter for his romance.

Going forward the story develops into a beautiful journey of friendship, blossoming of love and facing reality. And the immature web series cast compliments the flow of the story and does not let a single moment of boredom catch us.


Immature season 2 

The show was a commercial success in India and was loved by everyone for its true to life characters, its simple yet enjoyable storyline and its way of tackling the problems of young adults and late teens. And for the same reason, the makers announced in April 2019, that a season 2 would be happening in the coming future. Which sparked joy in the minds of everyone who watched the series and was eager to see how the story progresses further.

The plot is expected to be the continuation of the story up to season 1 but the setting of the show is most likely to change. Maybe it could be based on the college life of Dhruv and his friends and there could be a jump of a few years in the story which would be very logical as well as enjoyable to watch.  

Immature season 2 release date

Although the makers have asserted the fact that a season 2 is in prospect but there is still no news about when the next season would arrive. But we can expect it to be somewhere near the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023.

Cast of immature season 2

If the setting of the story changes then it is quite possible that we will get to see the addition of new and unique characters in the story along with the returning roles from season 1. Immature cast and crew have been the backbone of the show and if they return with the same finesse then season 2 can be an even bigger hit than the previous one.


Overall immature is a ride back to your days in senior secondary school. The atmosphere, the people around you, the feelings you had, the first crush you had… this show would make you reminisce all that and more while watching it. It is a well written, well directed as well as a perfectly cast show, which you can enjoy with your friends as well as your family.

Related queries

Will there be ImMature season 2 ?

Yes, the makers have confirmed the renewal of the series.

How long is ImMature?

Season 1 has a total of 5 episodes.

Where can I watch I am mature series?

You can watch it on MX player for free.

How can I watch season 2 of ImMature?

Season 2 would be streamed for free on MX player as well.

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