Grahan season 2 news & season 1 review: A tale of Agony, of Love and Justice

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Real-life historical dramas are always a matter of great interest to the audience as it is based on actual happenings of the world and is close to human sentiments which appeal to a specific or general audience. We have seen many series like these in the past. And in that very genre, we have a show from disney+ Hotstar that is based on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India. Without further ado let us tell you all about the series, Grahan 2021 cast and the news and facts about Grahan season 2.

About the show

Grahan is a crime-drama web series in the Hindi language based on the book chaurasi (84) by Satya Vyas. The show is written by Shailendra jumar Jha and it is directed by Ranjan Chandel. The show was released on June 24, 2021, and is currently streaming on Hotstar. Grahan Hotstar cast includes talented actors like  Pawan Malhotra, Zoya Hussain, Anshumaan Pushkar and Wamiqa Gabbi in the titular characters. An adaptation of the book named chaurasi, the show's story is in line with the book as well. A love story that gave in because of some circumstances of the past & A young IPS officer, who is on a quest to solve a case from the past which links directly to her family.

Grahan release date

The official release date of the web series is June 24, 2021.

Grahan cast 2021

  • Pawan Malhotra in as, Gurusevak / Rishi Ranjan (older)
  • Anshumaan Pushkar plays the younger Rishi Ranjan
  • Zoya Hussain is SP Amrita Singh
  • Wamiqa Gabbi plays the younger Manjeet Kaur Chhabra or Manu
  • Donny Kapoor plays the older Manjeet Kaur Chhabra or Manu
  • Teekam Joshi as Sanjay Kumar Singh or Chunnu Babu
  • Sahidur Rahman plays DSP Vikas Mandal
  • Abhinav Pateriya as Jaydev Agarwal or Jhandu
  • Namrata Varshney as the younger Pragya
  • Shreedhar Dubey as Santosh and Suresh Jaiswal in a double role
  • Nandish Singh is Kartik
  • Sudhanva Deshpande is DIG Ramavtaar Keshari
  • Satyakam Anand plays CM Kedar Bhagat
  • Abhash Makharia is Suraj
  • Abhishek Tripathi plays SHO Batuk Singh
  • Sukhvinder Chahal plays Mr Chhabra, Manu's father
  • Aarya Sharma is Mrs Chhabra, Manu's mother
  • Raj Sharma is Saini
  • Anil Rastogi plays Ramakant Thakur
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla as Guru
  • Neelu Dogra is Pushpa Sanjay Singh
  • Vijay Shukla is Agarwal
  • Anshuman Rawat as Adhikari
  • Bulloo Kumar plays Kushal
  • Sachin Mishra plays a Danga Informant
  • Neelu Dogra is Pushpa Sanjay Singh

Story of season 1.

The story of season 1 is divided into 2 major narratives, first is from the days of the past specifically the early 80s Bokaro, Jharkhand. And it lets us witness a beautiful and sweet love story of Manu and Ranjan, who are our leads in this part of the story. We see how their love begins and then develops into a beautiful thing. Until it is shattered by the anti-Sikh riots that engulfed many major parts of India in the wake of the assassination of then pm Smt. Indira Gandhi Ji by her Sikh bodyguards.

The other part of the story of Grahan is also related to the same tragic event in actual Indian history. Here the leading lady is a young and dedicated IPS officer SP Amrita Singh, who is a part of a special investigation team tasked with finding out the real culprits behind those riots in 84’ in Bokaro. And in that very investigation, she begins to find out astounding facts which leave her baffled too. But she perseveres and keeps going strongly towards her objective of bringing the wrongful people to their justice.

Grahan season 2 

The expectations of a season 2 were started soon before the Grahan release date was even a week or two old. although, there were people that differed from the general positive opinion of the viewers too. The biggest reason for the success of the show was found to be the cast of Grahan, its cinematography and the era-appropriate design of the sets in the show.

Grahan release date for season 2

Even though there is ample possibility that it is going to be renewed, but still there isn’t any official announcement regarding the release of Grahan season 2. But we are hopeful that there will be some news or a teaser about it in the coming days. As the end of season 1 was incomplete and there are still big questions in the minds of the watchers that remain unanswered.

Grahan season 2 cast 

The series gained its current acclaim due to multiple reasons including a sincere and ovation worthy performance of its cast. It had a decent balance of both the wise and seasoned actors like Pawan Malhotra and fresh and young talents like Wamiqa Gabbi and Zoya Hussain. So the roster may be the same as Grahan 2021 cast.


Based on a book that is derived from a true and utterly tragic event in Indian history, this web show is an emotional package to put it in the fewest of words. You can expect genuine moments of anguish and love throughout the series and at the end of the day, it is a neatly presented package and is a show worthy of your interest.

Related queries:

Is Grahan web series real?

it is based on a book inspired by true events of 1984 India.

Is Grahan worth watching?

yes, it is highly recommended.

Grahan Hotstar cast?

pawan Malhotra, wamiqa gabbi etc.

Is there a Grahan season 2 happening?

still no official news.

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