Good Luck Jerry: Jahnvi kapoor is back with yet another amazing movie, watch her overcome every obstacle as Jerry and be a part of great laughing experience

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Starring Janhvi Kapoor , Good Luck Jerry is a movie that depicts the struggle of an innocent after getting involved in the notorious world of Cocaine smuggling. Good luck jerry release date for Hotstar was 29 July 2022.

Hey guys, for all the fans of Janhvi Kapoor, I am back with yet another one of Janhvi Kapoor's latest movies. 

Good luck Jerry IMDb ratings are 6.5/10.

Movie plot

Good luck jerry, Janhvi Kapoor latest movie, flows in the boat of being ridiculed mocked and dismissed without really solely acknowledging, its merits and demerits as a film.

The film focuses on jerry played by Janhvi Kapoor one of the most adored, good luck jerry cast, a masseuse making her ends meet in a family just comprising of her mother and younger sister. 

When jerry realizes that the mother needs massive funds for her cancer treatment, she embarks on delivering drugs to a gang in order to get fast money. The comedy of errors that takes place as one seems to have gone too far in the rabbit hole of drug lords and crime and how the family attempts to get out of that mess form the basic storyline of this movie.

Jaya "Jerry" Kumari is a Bihari who lost his father in a train station rush, then lives in a small town in Punjab and works in a massage parlor. Her mother Sharvati makes a living from vegetable dumplings and her younger sister Chaya "Cherry" Kumari is in college. 

Her unmarried neighbor Anil, who secretly harbors her feelings for Sharvati, is always supportive and a father figure to Jerry and Cherry. Sharbati is dissatisfied with Jerry's job but is determined to keep her job as she will earn more money and where she can live a comfortable life. A local derp, Rinku (Deepak Dobriyal), goes after Jerry despite his lack of interest in him.  

One day, Sharbati got sick and was taken to the hospital. Jerry learns that Sharbati has been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. She needs 25 rupees for her treatment and chemotherapy. Worried Jerry asked his boss for a loan but was refused. 

After that, one day, when she left the store, she happened to meet a fugitive of an injured drug smuggler trying to avoid the police. The following day, Jerry finds Timmy's whereabouts and asks him to consider getting her to work because she needs her urgent money. 

Timmy is reluctant at first but eventually agrees to keep her because he loves her. He also convinces his boss Darla (Sushant Singh) to give Jerry the job. He instructs her to deliver her medicine hidden in noodles in a tiffin box to a fish factory owned by Ram Malik (Saurabh Sachdeva). Soon, she becomes a professional and starts earning more than men, using the money to treat Sharbati, whom she said her boss approved the loan for.

Jerry goes home to elope with his family but finds Dadu, Jigger, and the rest of Timmy's Henchman already capturing Sharbati and Cherry. Dadu calls Dollar. The dollar is ready to regain freedom in exchange for a large amount of cargo equivalent to 100 kilograms of cocaine. Jerry agrees with her family and Anil on the plan and hatches. 

As part of the plan, Sharbati forges her illness the next day, and Jerry and Cherry pretend to ask for help. But when the plan seems to be working well, when Jigger and Henchman drive a minivan into the area, Link intercepts the gang and offers to help Jerry. 

Finally, they picked up Sharbati with the bed and put it in a minivan. Along the way, Link found himself smuggling a drug hidden under his bed and was restless. They somehow escape police checks, forge Sati's illness, arrive at the fish factory, deliver the medicine and leave.

However, Daler soon learned that only 10% of shipments were genuine cocaine and the rest were salt. She and her family, along with Anil and Link, realize that they will be killed by the end of the show's delivery, and Jerry is safe unless she understands where the rest of the medicine is. Malik recaptures Jerry and her family with Anil and Link, who reveals another location, but soon reveal that it is refined sugar instead of salt.

Good luck jerry cast

Janhvi Kapoor as Jaya

Deepak Dobriyal as Shekhar

Sahil Mehta as Jigar

Jaswant Singh Dalal as Timmy

Mita Vashisht as Sharbati

Sushant Singh

Good Luck Jerry Review 

The comedy-centric nature of the Janhvi Kapoor movies ensures that even violent scenes are unobtrusive. Thanks to black humor and chaos, viewers' interests are maintained despite weak plots. Comic Relief was fun, but it's getting more and more boring. 

Also, the climax didn't look strong enough and the endless twists and turns were tiring. The song was bright and complemented the action sequence. See Jerry go from a helpless young woman who had to deliver drugs without any questions to a tough woman who outsmarts these dangerous thugs using the same technique as Siddharth Sengupta. 

This 120-minute movie by director and screenwriter Pankaj Matta is packed with entertaining comedy crime packages. Jhanvi performed organically and was clearly absorbed in the role. It was a pleasure to see Dobriyal perform her role perfectly. Performance by Sahil Mehta, Mita Vashisht, and Neeraj Sood further enhances humor.

Jana Gana Mana is one of Janhvi Kapoor upcoming movies featuring Vijay Deverkonda, Pooja Hegde, and Nayan Rosh TM.

Good Luck Jerry Trailer


Ques1. Is Good Luck Jerry a remake?

Ans1. It is a remake of the 2018 hit Tamil movie Kolamaavu Kokila, which starred Nayanthara as the lead role

Ques2. Who is cherry in good luck Jerry?

Ans2. Jerry’s younger sister is cherry played by Samta Sudiksha in good luck jerry.

Ques3. Where to watch Good Luck Jerry?

Ans3. Good luck Jerry is available to watch on Disney + Hotstar.

Ques4. What is the story of good luck Jerry?

Ans4. The story is based on how an innocent girl gets stuck in the world of cocaine smuggling.

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