Golconda High School Movie Review: The Men Within

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Similar to the team in the novel, the Golconda High School crew is unquestionably underappreciated. It has an "award-winning" director, a lead actor whose success is debatable, a group of amateur boy actors, and it is based on a novel a rarity in Telugu cinema. 

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So now let's explore the details of the movie and dig deep into the details of the Golconda High School movie and know its plot, cast, Golkonda High School movie trailer, release date, Golkonda High School review, ratings, and get to know about other information related to the Golconda High School movie.

The 2011 Telugu-language sports drama film Golconda High School, produced by Artbeat Capital, was directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti. Sumanth and Swati Reddy are its stars. While Kalyani Malik composed the music for the movie, K. K. Senthil Kumar handled the cinematography. It is based on the Hari Mohan Paruvu book The Men Within. The movie premiered on January 15, 2011.

Similar to the plot, the group enlists the assistance of some key Magadheera crew members. Like in the novel, the movie's premiere coincides with a period when "biggies" have struggled to engage their fans. The question is, can Golconda High School deliver like all the underdog sports teams in movies?

Golkonda High School movie cast-


  • Mohan Krishna Indraganti


  • Mohan Krishna Indraganti
  • Srinivas Avasarala


  • Sumanth as Sampath
  • Swati Reddy as Anjali
  • Subbaraju as Kiriti Das
  • Tanikella Bharani as Viswanath
  • Shafi as Madhu Babu
  • Vidya Sagar Rachakonda as Umpire
  • Santosh Sobhan as Gowtham
  • Sreenivasa Sayee as Siddanth
  • Suraj Gontla as Vikas
  • Farookh as Michel
  • Sangeet Sobhan as Varun
  • Vasudev Sastry as Ramesh
  • Sai Kiran as Ashish
  • Sai Pradeep as Shameem
  • Lalith as Rajeender
  • Sri Raj as Nissar
  • Nikhil Saketh as Karthik
  • Rohith as Noel
  • Sudhir Kumar as Sanjay
  • Bharath Raj as Khaleel


  • Ram Mohan Paruvu

Golconda High School Telugu full movie story-

In past high school cricket competitions, Golconda High School won first place. Its championship status diminished as times changed. Board member Kireet Das now wants to capitalize on the Cricket Ground's real estate potential after realizing that it is too large a space to be used for something as pointless as sports. Idealistic school principal Vishwanath buys time by promising the board that he will make an effort to modify the school's course. He asks Sampath, a former student, and cricket champion who is now a bankrupt businessman, for assistance. Although first reticent, Sampath encounters resistance from his kids' viewpoint, from some of their parents who believe sports are a waste of time and energy, and from a few professors who may not have ever participated in any sporting activity. But with the help of sympathetic parents and instructors, and with any luck, Sampath starts to give the 14 boys a sense of self-worth. The issue is that they don't have much time until the commencement of the school championships.

Golkonda High School review-

In this film, Sumanth gives the best performance of his career as coach Sampath. It has an exciting and optimistic personality. Sumanth's body language, diction, and facial expressions were all just appropriate. Sumanth is a good fit for this film. The role of Swati has nothing to do with the major plot. With sarees and subdued performance, Swati is dressing more like a woman in this film than she did in her prior ones where she portrayed a lively teen. With this film, Subaraju, who has a commanding presence on screen, further establishes his acting prowess. Shafi used to rule the role in all of his earlier films. He did a great job acting within the parameters of this role in GHS. Tanikella Bharani performs admirably. Ravi Prakash is the real deal. 

Although all of the experienced performers gave outstanding performances, the children are the true stars of this film. The children that played pupils are all so natural. The roles of Gowtam and Varun have been played by Santosh and Sangeet, who is also the late filmmaker Sobhan Babu's sons. Santosh gives a powerful performance. Varun is adorable. As a hot-blooded youngster, Srinivas Sai, who played young Nagarjuna in Kedi, is excellent. Farooq, who played Micky, is sincere and excellent. Lalith did a great job with his performance as the Sardarji keeper. The names of the other kids are unknown to me. However, every student is cast perfectly. The elderly man who performed the duty of attendant is ideal.

Shafi and Subbaraju are effective as comic villains. Swathi is adorable as an attractive English teacher, and Thanikella Bharani is the ideal choice for the role of principal. The film's best scenes take place on the cricket field. It doesn't take much for anyone to be drawn into a game in a nation where cricket and cricketers are revered. They will become absorbed in the drama and engaging background music, forgetting that they are really witnessing a made-up battle.

Golkonda High School rating-

After reviewing the movie, it is found that the movie is a good watch with a 6.8/10 IMDb rating with 280 votes.

Golconda High School conclusion-

Ram Mohan, who did the comedy Ashta Chemma as his debut project, took a risk when he decided to make a film about sports that was idealistic and inspirational. He deserves all the praise for this film. Mohan Krishna Indraganti was able to develop a nice product thanks to the producer's freedom. Each member of the cast and crew praised the efforts of the others. The movie has an overarching message for parents and students. The entertainment value is still present at the same time. Even though GHS lacks typical commercial aspects, it contains enough compelling stuff to keep you riveted to the screen. Overall, Golkonda High School is a unique but entertaining movie. You can view it whenever you want.

High School Telugu movie trailer-

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