Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein: The Indian Television serial filled with love, emotions, and sacrifices

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein is an Indian tv drama serial that premiered on Star Plus on October 5, 2020. It is a remake of the Bengali serial Kusum Dola by Star Jalsha. GHKPM is the most recent popular drama serial on Star Plus and the plot is filled with love, emotions, and sacrifices. The Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein cast includes a large number of Marathi and young performers. Ayesha Singh and Neil Bhatt feature in it.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Serial Story

The serial shows Sai Joshi, a bright and talkative Gadchiroli girl, who desires to be a doctor and hopes to pursue MBBS at Nagpur Medical College. Virat Chavan joins the IPS in Nagpur and is assigned to Gadchiroli. Virat meets Pakhi during a vacation to Nashik. The two fall in love but do not express their sentiments. The Chavan's are on the lookout for a suitable wife for Virat's cousin Samrat Salunkhe. They are interested in Patralekha and have contacted her family.

When Virat gets a call to report for duty, he asks Pakhi to write her phone number on his palm, but it smudges on the way. Then in the Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein serial story Pakhi, oblivious to this, waits for his call. Virat accepts his position in Gadchiroli, but Sai dislikes him. Pakhi discovers Virat's phone number and calls him, but he does not recognize her. Pakhi is sad and accepts to marry Samrat. Pakhi and Samrat get married. Virat returns to Nagpur to attend Samrat's wedding, unknowing that the bride is Pakhi. Virat and Pakhi are surprised to see each other. They can resolve their differences, but Virat refuses to break her relationship with Samrat since he loves his brother.


Virat vows to Pakhi that no female would ever have a place in his life or heart. Samrat and Pakhi tie the knot. She phones Virat and expresses her feelings for him. Samrat overhears this and, devastated, departs for his duties. Jagtap, Sai's compulsive stalker, attempts to shoot Virat, but Kamal takes the bullet and is brought to the hospital. On his deathbed, Kamal requests that Virat take responsibility for Sai once he passes away. Then in the Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein serial story, Sai is crushed by her father's death and holds Virat responsible. Everyone puts pressure on Virat and Sai to marry after Kamal's death. Unwillingly, they accept but make it clear that their marriage would just be a temporary arrangement till Sai completes her MBBS and becomes self-sufficient. Sai and Virat tie the knot.

Pakhi's heart breaks when she sees this. Virat attempts to persuade her, but she refuses. When the Chavan family learns about Virat and Sai's marriage, they are startled and refuse to accept it in the Ghum Hai kisi ke Pyar Mein serial story. Sai seeks to expose the Chavans, who have kept Devyani and Pulkit apart. Virat does not believe Sai and throws her out of the house. She returns to Gadchiroli. When Virat discovers the truth, he tells Sai the truth and apologizes, inviting her to return, but she declines. Then comes the Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein latest gossip scene, when Virat goes on a dangerous assignment and is shot. Sai goes to the hospital to visit Virat, with whom he reconciles and returns home.


Sai overhears Virat and Pakhi's discussion and believes they are in love. Virat begins to fall for Sai and tries but fails to convey his love. Virat becomes envious of Sai's male friends and screams at her. Sai, irritated by Virat's behavior, rebukes him and leaves the house, where she gets hit by a car and Virat takes her to the hospital, Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein serial gossip. Although Sai regains consciousness, he refuses to see Virat. She later forgives him. In Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein, Virat organizes a vacation to Mahabaleshwar on their first wedding anniversary to convey his feelings. Even though he lies about it to Sai and the rest of the family. Virat and Sai share intimate moments before Virat reveals the true surprise. Sai becomes irritated because she believes that Virat still loves Pakhi. They have a heated quarrel, and Sai finally departs without telling anybody. Samrat, who works in an orphanage, meets Sai and Virat. Sai and Virat persuade Samrat to return home, and he accepts but only on the condition that he divorce Pakhi. He admits that Pakhi never intended to marry him and that she is in love with Virat which becomes Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein serial gossip. 

Sai now believes that Virat is becoming jealous, and because he cannot see Pakhi with Samrat, she decides to leave the Chavan house owing to Virat's domineering and disrespectful behavior toward her. She attempts to leave the house, but is involved in an accident and is transported to the hospital. Virat breaks down in tears and begs for her. Sai heals and is returned home.

Ashwini divides Sai and Virat's room to provide them with some privacy. Sai and Virat restart their relationship, this time as friends. They call each other Modak and Mirchi. Bhavani begins to suspect that Sai is putting her place in the home at threat. She instructs her to return to Virat's chamber and present her with an heir before the end of the year. Sai cries but is comforted by Virat, who stands by her. Sada, Virat's former buddy who is now a terrorist, reappears in his life. Sai eventually realizes Virat's emotions for her and wants to ask him, but Virat is called away on a mission.

On the operation, Virat kills Sada but vows to look after his wife and pregnant kid. This confuses the family, who believe that Virat is having an affair with Shruti. Sai is upset by this news and seeks an explanation from Virat. In Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein upcoming story, Virat is hesitant to tell Sai the truth right now because he fears it may endanger Sai's and his family's safety. He asks Sai to believe him until the proper time comes for him to expose the truth. Sai, on the other hand, feels he is deceiving her and finally quits the Chavan home. The Chavan then accuses Virat of defrauding Sai and orders him to leave the house as well.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar mein cast(Main)

  • Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi 
  • Neil Bhatt as ACP Virat Chavan IPS
  • Aiswariya sharma Bhatt as Patralekha "Pakhi" Mohitepatil Salunkhe


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update (2nd Feb 2022)

Virat pays a visit to Chavan Nivas and, upon noticing the family's unpleasant reaction, states that he came here on Sai's request and would depart after conversing with her. When Pakhi asked if he had a kid with Shruti, he revealed his true colors. Then according to Ghum Hai kisi ke Pyar Mein upcoming story, Virat ignores her and asks Sai why she summoned him. He claims she requires one more thing from him. He tells her she may take everything she wants because it's all hers. Sai claims nothing is hers and requests that he sign divorce papers. He is taken aback by the news. Then in the Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein serial future story, She claims that these documents are only formalities; they divorced when he chose another woman over her; it is a gift of freedom from her to him and Shruti. 

He feels it's a life sentence for him and recalls brighter times. The song Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe Le Chal Kahin.. is playing in the background. They both see themselves rejoicing with family and being cheered up by relatives. According to Ghum Hai kisi ke Pyar Mein upcoming story, Sai understands it's all in her head and sobs. She is adamant that Virat sign divorce papers. Virat believes his circumstance is unusual in that neither his marriage nor divorce were mutually agreed upon. She tells him that anything he wished is happening and that he should act as if he is a stranger after this since she doesn't know a new Virat. Shivani asks Virat if he is shocked since he expected Sai to be sitting in a corner grieving for him. Ghum Hai kisi ke Pyar Mein serial future story, Ashwini thinks that they would be able to recognize a phony person in the same way that they can identify a false note.

The Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein spoilers, Havana says it's pointless; she never wanted to see Virat again after seeing him with Sruti, but Jungli Mulgi Sai summoned him here; she'll place a newspaper ad saying Virat is dead for them. Ninad says he'll pay for the advertisement. Omkar claims they will be defamed much more.


Ghum Hai kisi ke Paye Mein serial future story, Mansi informs Virat that she advised his family not to make any decisions until they knew the whole truth, but they saw his name on a child's birth certificate, therefore he should disclose the whole truth to his family. Ashwini wishes she had never had to give birth to him. In Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein written Update, Bhavani lashes Virat once again with her mouth. Virat is persuaded to sign the documents once more by Sai.


Mohit addresses him as Virat Chavan and requests that he sign the paperwork. Mansi chastises him for misbehaving with his elder brother. Ninad claims he has lost that right. In Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein upcoming twist, Virat says he will sign the documents at Sai's request. Ninad claims that following his treachery, it is now everyone's wish. Virat says he would not return, even if they call, since he will not go to a place where there is no confidence. Pakhi claims to be discussing trust after betraying their trust. Sonali then mocks him.


In Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein written update, Sai requests that he sign the documents as a courtesy to her. He requests that she sign first. She inquires as to whether he does not trust her. He claims it is her wish. She signs documents recalling their pleasant times.

In Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein written update, Bhavani advises Virat to reconsider signing the paperwork because they can both rejoin and papers do not determine relationships. When a soul departs a body, it becomes a corpse that is burned, according to Sai; she should not strive to rescue their dead connection and let them execute their final rights.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar mein spoilers 

Sai informs DIG that she divorced Virat a long time ago, that Virat had a new relationship long after that, and that it is not unlawful. She hands him the divorce papers and a date that is more than a year ago.


According to Ghum hai kisi ke Pyar Mein spoilers, Sai meets with DIG sir and informs him that the complaint against Virat is false since he married Shruti after their divorce. She claims that Virat has done nothing unlawful, but DIG sir refuses to believe her. Ghum Hai kisi ke Pyar Mein Serial gossip, She brings him the divorce certificate, which states that they divorced one year ago, and DIG sir is startled to see that.

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