George Reddy Movie Review: A Biography Shown In Fine And Dull Way

Saumya Sharma Sep 26 . 6 min read

George Reddy is a Telugu language film released in the year 2019. This biographical film is directed by B. Jeevan Reddy and produced by Appi reddy under the production company of Silly Monks Studios, Mic Movies, and Three Line cinemas. The main leads of the film are Sandeep Madhav, Abhay Bethiganti, and Muskaan Khubchandani. The film is based on real-life incidents in the life of George Reddy. Some may mispronounce it as jarji reddy movie or gorge reddy, but it is george reddy.

About George Reddy Movie

George Reddy joined a university named Osmania for his further higher studies. Life was easy for him but there he realized the real challenges faced by the people. There he came across many uncertain problems and noticed the challenges faced by the student. He tried a lot to ignore everything but revolt after a particular time. But in this process he made many enemies and friends but how did he survive all the hate against him? What happened to him in the last forms the rest of the story.

Hello everyone! Are you lost in the world of dramas, fascinating and unbelievable stories shown in the movies, real life is totally different from it. Today 99chill.com is back with an amazing biography on the life of George Reddy or george reddy story, one of the best things is that all the events shown in the movie are real-life based. This george reddy full movie in telugu will show you the struggles made by real-life people to live in society.If you are confused that who is george reddy then don't worry you will find all the answers ahead.

George Reddy Movie Cast


  • B. Jeevan Reddy


  • Appi Reddy


  • Sandeep Madhav (george reddy hero name)
  • Srinivas Pokkale as little George
  • Muskaan Khubchandani as Maya
  • Abhay Bethiganti as Rajanna
  • Satyadev Kancharana as Satya
  • Shatru as Kishan Singh
  • Thiruveer as Lallan Singh
  • Manoj Nandam as Arjun
  • Chaitanya Krishna as Kaushik
  • Devika Daftardar as Reddy's mother
  • Yadhamma Raju as Ram Nayak
  • Jagan Yogiraj as Jagan
  • Bunny Abiran as Manipal Reddy
  • Pawon Ramesh as Dastagiri
  • Vinay Verma as Minister Ramayya
  • Laxman Meesala as Laxman
  • Sanjay Reddy as Shankar
  • Kautilya as Police Officer
  • Jagadeesh Pratap Bandhari as Bheem Naik

George Reddy Storyline

George Reddy is a biography on the life of a student who was a gold medalist and a boxer. He took an initiative to change things in Andhra Pradesh by speaking out loud for his rights. He is remembered for his amazing ideas and courage to take steps and revolt against the opposition but was very badly murdered in his hostel in the year 1972.

The reddy movie story begins with Muskaan, she was a USA scholar who was shown as a student too. George Reddy was born in Kerala and was really interested in gaining knowledge about new things. He always used to question so much about things that showed his passion for learning new things. His mother was his biggest supporter she always motivated him to do better, and read books so that he gain the best knowledge from everywhere. His hard work got him admission to his dream university where things were not like how he thought of. He and many students along with him faced discrimination and struggles. He realizes that the violence and the discrimination he is suffering cannot be resolved by peace he came out with the philosophy of Punch for a punch and Slogan for a slogan that means giving what receiving. He was only 23 years old when the campaign started by him was joined by other students and people. His ideas started motivating other people and everyone took an intimate with him and came forward for their human rights. His ideas got popularity all over the country. In this process, he made many friends and enemies which lead to his murder in the year 1972.


The george reddy review : The setup of the university looks very real. George Reddy did an amazing job with his body language, personality, and delivery of dialogues everything was on point. The director did a very good job in the first half of the George reddy movie but later on, there was no consistency in the second half. The story only focused on George reddy but the focus should have been on the opposition party too. Some scenes shown in the first half are really impressive but none of the scenes like this can be found in the second half. Muskan had very little role but still looked cute and was loved by the audience. Abhay also got a lead role of an aggressive student he did his role very well. Other supporting actors like Chaitanya Krishna, Manoj Nandan, and Satya dev all were very good. One of the best things about george reddy film is the fighting scenes. The fight seemed to be so real that it instantly gained the attention of the audience. The first half of the film is filled up with student politics whereas couldn't find anything interesting in the second half. The direction and the production of the film are highly appreciated as creating a film like this requires a lot of effort from researching to living in that character. Background music added life to the movie and was absolutely amazing. Osmania university is shown very beautifully with the camera work, editing is fin too.


Overall the george reddy 2019 is a student drama movie based on real-life events. The performances, set up, and background music added life to the film. The first half is loved by everyone whereas the second half seemed to be very dull and there was no consistency or storyline in it. There could have been a good drama and a good climax but anyways you can go for this one. The young audience will really like this one but it will be ok for the general audience.


The george reddy telugu movie received 6.8 points out of 10 on IMDb.


Ques 1. What happened to real george reddy?

Ans. The george reddy was stabbed in an attack in the college.


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