Gentleman Movie Review: A Telugu Language Movie Of Two Lovely Girls

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Back in 2016, it appeared that the unusual suspects were winning the game of giving the hit movies. After Kshanam and Terror, it was the Gentleman's turn to take the lead. Mohan Krishna Indraganti, a fine filmmaker with distinct sensibilities, deftly narrates a complex plot in a way that everyone can comprehend. Gentleman tells the story of two love couples, Gowtham and Catherine, and Jairam and Aishwarya. 

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About The Movie 

The plot of the Gentleman Telugu movie begins with two lovely girls, Catherine (Nivedha Thomas) and Aishwarya (Surabhi), meeting on a plane ride. They each share secrets about their respective boyfriends and eventually become good friends. The plot twist occurs when Catherine discovers that the man she is dating (Nani) looks precisely like Aishwarya's boyfriend. She has no choice but to return home, only to find that her boyfriend was killed in a fatal car accident. Catherine becomes suspicious and decides to find out who Aishwarya's boyfriend is. Who exactly is this man? What does he have to do with these two girls? What is the true story behind the look-alike confusion? Read through the following paragraphs to know more about the Gentleman film. The next section will talk about the Gentleman movie Nani and the rest of the cast of the film. 

Gentleman 2016 Movie Cast


Mohan Krishna Indraganti


Nani as Gautham and Jayaram (Jai)

Surbhi as Aishwarya

Nivetha Thomas as Catherine

Tanikella Bharani as Jayaram's uncle

Srinivas Avasarala as Vamsi

Vennela Kishore as Sudarshanam

Vinay Varma as David

Sreemukhi as Nithya

Anand as Aishwarya's father

Pragathi as Jayaram's mother

Rohini as Gautham's mother

Satyam Rajesh as Catherine's colleague

Rama Prabha as Aishwarya's grandmother


Sridevi Movies

Gentleman 2016 Full Movie Story

This section will mainly focus on gentleman movie arjun story and overview of what the plot in the movie looks like. Aishwarya, the daughter of an affluent entrepreneur, boards a flight back to Hyderabad from the United States. Catherine, a visual effects designer returning from a month-long workshop, boards the same flight in London. Catherine is taken aback when she notices that Jai resembles Gautham. Nithya learns about a possible accounting scandal at Jai Gowri Finance.

Catherine discovers David and Gautham's discharge papers, as well as a document confirming the transfer of 5 billion from Aishwarya's company. She later leaves for an orphanage where David is being treated, only to discover that he has died. Jai then destroys all of the documents that Vamsi had used to blackmail him. Catherine confronts Jai and challenges him to reveal his true identity as a murderer and con artist. Initially stoic, an emotional Jai reveals his identity as Gautham by displaying a wristband Catherine gave him before leaving for London.

Aishwarya Rajamouli's film tells the story of Gautham, who kills Jai in order to save his company from Vamsi and co-conspirators. A year later, the families mourn Jai's death, and the award for the best entrepreneur is dedicated to him at a ceremony for Aishwaryas' mother Catherine in the Nani Gentleman full movie. 

Gentleman Movie Review

The section will give you an idea an how the gentleman naNaniovie was raised by the audience who have watched it to give you a gentleman review. Director Mohan Krishna Indraganti does an excellent job of introducing the first half of the Gentleman film with adequate romantic and entertainment elements in both love stories. The narration of Gentleman cinema is fresh and free of any knee jerks or boring moments. Indraganti handles the raw love thread between Cathy and Gowtham, as well as the somewhat poetic love thread between Aishwarya and Jairam, with class. Mani Sharma's background score adds a classy touch. The Nani Telugu movie strength comes from the fact that it is not your typical love story. The first half of the Gentleman cinema moves at a good clip; the mystery in the second half slows it down slightly but does not bore the audience. P.G. Vinda did an excellent job with his lens, giving the low-budget film a rich look. Producer Krishna prasad sivalenka (Sridevi movies), who previously produced Aditya369-style classics, has proven he has a taste for good films.

Indraganti does an excellent job with the Nani-Niveda romantic track, and the action sequence is well received. The Nani-Surabhi track, on the other hand, borders on childish. The scenes in Kodaikanal have been seen before. Can someone who just found out about her lover's death the night before say 'Jet lag' with a stylish expression on her face? Isn't it 'unbelievable'? Also, who is the wealthier? Catherine or Aishwarya? The richer one acts like a middle-class girl next door, showing interest in the other's love story. 

The music for the songs 'Gusagusalade' and 'Chali Gaali Chuudduu' by Mani Sharma is especially good. The BGM peaks in the second half; overall, his work is a significant asset. PG Vinda's cinematography is also excellent. 


'Gentleman,' a thriller with a twist, gives a high while watching the second half. Aside from its excellent performances, it is technically superior. Overall, Gentleman 2016 is one of Nani's strongest performances to date. He keeps upping the ante by doing interesting projects, and this film is in the same league. The suspense factor and Nivedha Thomas' brilliant performance are the icings on the cake. The gentleman movie arjun performed well, particularly in the A centers. Finally, if you can get through the slightly slow first half, Gentleman cinema will keep you entertained with its thrills.

Gentleman Telugu Movie Rating

A weighted average vote of 7.1 / 10 has been cast by 2,336 IMDb users for Gentleman Telugu Movie Rating. 

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