Game Over Review: The Battle Of Nyctophobic Woman To Survive In The Game Of Life

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Tapasee Pannu gained attention for her roles in the critically acclaimed and financially successful Hindi spy movie Baby and the courtroom drama Pink after portraying the leading lady in various Telugu and Tamil films. The war drama The Ghazi Attack, the social drama Mulk, the love drama Manmarziyaan, the thriller Badla, and the space drama Mission Mangal helped Taapsee Pannu become well-known in Hindi films. 

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Ashwin Saravanan is the director of the 2019 Indian psychological thriller movie Game Over. The movie, which was jointly produced by YNOT Studios and Reliance Entertainment, stars Taapsee Pannu as a PTSD sufferer who defends her home from unidentified intruders. The movie was simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu. The movie was presented by Anurag Kashyap and also has a Hindi dub that is the Game Over Hindi movie. The dialogues were written by Venkat Kacharla in Telugu and Ashwin Saravanan and Kaavya Ramkumar in Tamil. Ron Ethan Yohann is the composer of the music.

The movie's main photography started on October 10, 2018. It was released on June 14, 2019, to generally favorable reviews.

Even before it was released, Taapsee's newest film generated a lot of buzzes. Let's see if the psychological thriller has anything exciting in store for us now that it has arrived.

Game Over movie cast-


  • Ashwin Saravanan


  • Ashwin Saravanan
  • Kaavya Ramkumar


  • Taapsee Pannu as Swapna
  • Vinodhini Vaidyanathan as Kalamma, home maid of Swapna
  • Anish Kuruvilla as Psychiatrist
  • Sanchana Natarajan as Amutha/Amritha
  • Ramya Subramanian as Varsha
  • Parvathi T. as Dr. Reena, mother of Amutha/Amritha
  • David Solomon Raja as Inspector
  • Indrajith as Constable
  • Subramanian as Anwar, a watchman


  • S. Sashikanth
  • Chakravarthy Ramachandra

Game Over story-

The movie begins with the gruesome murder of a woman, followed by news broadcasts revealing that this is just the first in a horrifying series of killings. The next character we meet is Swapna, a fear of the dark and a devoted gamer. A recent personal tragedy served as the first catalyst for her nyctophobia, and because she is unable to cope with it, she isolates herself from others and her parents and lives with her caregiver Kalamma. Her love of video games is the one thing that keeps her going, and Pac-Man is the one game she is determined to master. Her life, however, changes when she realizes that her horrible past has returned to haunt her and that the ink used to create the tattoo on her wrist contains a foreign girl's ash. As soon as she becomes the serial killer's target, things only get worse. Will Swapna be able to win the game of life? Or is she unable to fight the monsters with just one life?

Game movie review-

Hollywood has had success adapting video games into movies, and a director in Kollywood has made an innovative try with Game Over. But unlike Hollywood movies, Ashwin Saravanan utilizes Pac-Man only to forward the plot of his novel rather than basing it on the arcade game.

Since this is Taapsee's first Tamil film in roughly four years, she has given the role her complete attention. She handles them all with ease, whether it's retreating into a shell as the past flashes before her eyes, charging forward at full speed to attack her assailants, or even quietly expressing her state of mind at the very end. Since he made his directorial debut with Maya, Ashwin has advanced significantly, and it is evident in the way he has carefully structured the movie. While it would have been simpler to portray the protagonist as a gamer or game developer to support the title, he has cleverly included elements of gaming into the script, making them a crucial component of the narration. Any additional information would only serve as a spoiler. He also paid close attention to the environment; everything from the posters to the figurines captures the ambiance of the movie and adds a touch of déjà vu. He has also gently incorporated a supernatural component to strengthen the story's plausibility.

While there are a few jump scares, Vasanth's cinematography successfully captures them since they are mostly caused by what the eyes can see rather than by the terror of the invisible. The film's background music, by Ron Ethan Yohann, is another highlight; though it can be quite loud at times, it's necessary to produce the kind of impact that a psychological thriller needs to have. Although Ashwin takes a little longer than we would like to develop the plot in the first half, Richard Kevin's editing makes the second half racy and sharp.

Game Over rating-

After the Game Over review, it is found that Although the film's creators reveal its various psychological and supernatural elements at their own speed, these moments are what keep the audience interested. The movie has a 7/10 IMDb rating with 7.5k votes.

Game Telugu movie conclusion-

Overall, Game Over is a psychological suspense film that picks up in the second half. Taapsee takes the lead with her outstanding performance. Drawbacks include a lethargic first half and occasionally unclear narrative. This movie is obviously geared toward multiplex goers because the average Joe could find some of the plot points a little unclear. If you can get through the boring beginning of this thriller, things really pick up and make for a good weekend movie.

Game Over movie online-

You can watch Game Over 2019 movie online on Dailymotion, Justdial, Netflix, etc. 

Games Telugu Games trailer-

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