Gaali Sampath Review: A Good Storyline With Outdated And Boring Narration

Saumya Sharma Sep 23 . 6 min read

Gaali Sampth is an Indian 2021 Telugu language film, the direction is done by Anish R. Krishna and written by Anil Ravipudi. The production is done by Sahu Garapti, Harish Peddi, and S. Krishna under the production company of Image spark Entertainment Shine Screens. The main leads of gaali sampath movie are Lovely Singh, Tanikella Bharani, Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu, and Satya. The gaali sampath release date is 11 march 2021.

About Gaali Sampath

The gaali movie starts with the main lead of the movie Gaali Sampath with Soori (his son). He gets the name Gaali as he couldn't speak and can only produce air while trying to speak. He lost his voice during an accident since then his whole life changed. He was very passionate about acting and always wanted to do something in it. This passion of Gaali Sampath unknowingly came as a hurdle in his son's dream of owning a truck and also created havoc in his relationship. This is when he faced one of the biggest challenges in his life as his son stopped talking to him. How this son-father duo will reunite in the end is the rest of the gaali sampath movie about. You can enjoy on gaali sampath ott.

Hello guys! Today 99chill.com is back with the 2021 Indian Telugu movie " Gaali Sampath". From losing the love of life, voice, and happiness to accepting everything and moving on in life. This movie shows everything that how the Rain becomes the biggest enemy and later the best thing in the hero's life. Keep reading to know the honest gali sampath movie review and gali sampath rating.

Gaali Sampath Movie Cast


  • Anish R. Krishna


  • S. Krishna
  • Harish Peddi
  • Sahu Garapti


  • Rajendra Prasad as Gaali Sampath
  • Sree Krishna as Suri
  • Lovely Singh as Suri's love
  • Tanikella Bharani as Gaali Sampath's brother-in-law
  • Raghu as Veerabhadram
  • Rajitha as Haribabu's wife
  • Srinivasa Reddy as Driver
  • Mirchi Kiran
  • Gagan Vihari
  • Sreenivas Sai
  • Surendra Reddy
  • Karate Kalyani as Pankajam
  • Rajasree Nair as Gaali Sampath's wife
  • Rupalakshmi


  • Anil Ravipudi

Gaali Sampath Story Line

Sampath was a radio jockey everything was going fine in life but one day he lost his wife and his voice in an accident. Due to the loss of his voice, he could now only make blowing noise while speaking that's why everyone named him gali sampath. Years passed he lived with his son, he is a trucker but has some respiratory problems.

Suri falls in love with the daughter of the village heads. He tries his level best to convince him that he will get well settled in his life. He decided to get Rs5 lakh cash from the bank and promised that he will return in a week. Sampath got a chance to participate in a competition but have to pay 5 lakh for booking a slot. He took to money from the cabinet hoping that he will return the money after winning. The audience loved his performance but his son felt betrayed and left the house. Sampath started to curse the rain as everything was perfect in his life but the rain took everything from him. He was really upset and by mistake, he fell into a well and hours later he came out of consciousness. Suri was continuously telling his father that it would be better if he dies and never woke up and Sampath listened to this. Sampath tries killing himself after hearing this. Whereas Suri got to know the real intentions of his father and started searching for him. He stops near the well where he meets the chief, the chief asked him to forget about his father and marry his daughter. Suri refused this and told them how much he love his father and how much he is important to him. Sampath was motivated after hearing this, he tries his level best to come out of the well but lost hope when the rain starts. Suri started getting a panic attack and loses his breath whereas Sampath started cursing at the rain but realized that the rain is helping him to swim to reach the top. He came out of the well and provides medication to his son. A few days passed and repay's Suri's debt and also bought a new truck. On the same day, rain occurred and he starts enjoying it instead of cursing it. The movie ends here showing that once again was one of the biggest reasons that took away his happiness but now he accepted everything and moved on in his life.


Rajendra prasad took this movie on his shoulder very well he did an amazing role. Sree Vishnu was also good, all the emotional scenes felt so real, and connected the bonding between the father and the son seemed to be very real. lovely singh gaali sampath also looked glamorous but her role was very less than her real acting skills of her. The rest of the cast did a decent job. One of the most loved scenes was when Sampath was able to overcome his fear in rain. One of the major drawbacks of the movie was that the dialogues and narrations are done were in '90s style which can be quite disappointing for the audience as the things and expectations of people have changed a lot. The comedy scenes didn't have any comedy in them, listening to they felt a burden to the ears as comedy dialogues were very boring. The direction done by Anish Krishna was good but the script and narration were illogical. The beauty of Araku is captured very well by Sai Sriram. The songs were fine but not that good. According to the budget, the film was ok. The movie was saved only by the excellent performance of the cast.


Overall The telugu gali had some of the best actors like Sree Vishnu, Rajendra Prasad, and Anil Ravipudi but still, it wasn't up to the expectations of the people. The story seemed to be like the 90s, the narration was not very well. The comedy scenes lacked comedy. If you are planning to watch this movie on your weekend then you can go for it by keeping your expectations low. The gali samapth movie rating is also not that much high.


The gaali sampath imdb received 6.7 points out of 10.


Ques 1. What is sampath meaning in telugu?

Ans. Sampath means wealth.

Ques 2. What is the gali sampath review?

Ans. The gaali sampath movie was saved only because of the gaali movie cast.

Ques 3. What is gaali sampath movie rating?

Ans. The telugu gali received less points on IMDb.


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