G Zombie Telugu Movie Review: A Flop And Boring Zombie Thriller

Saumya Sharma Sep 22 . 5 min read

G- Zombie is an Indian Telugu, Scientific, and Thriller film released in the year 2021. Deepu and Aryan do the film's direction and the film's producer is Surya. The story of the film is written by Divya Pandey and Aryan Gowra. The main leads are Gowtham Avula, and Rajsekhar Aningi, Lokesh Achari. The total running time of the g-zombie movie is 1 hour and 55 minutes.

About G Zombie Movie

 Sara was a student of research who had a very good intention of making injections or medicine to improve the immune system of human beings. She made a booster and thought of experimenting with the booster that she made but what happened, in reality, was totally different from the intentions she made for. The booster she made turned people into zombies. Who will save the people from this danger and how is the rest of the story?

Hello guys! From romantic and emotional movies to action and thrillers we try to bring everything to make your weekend better. But today we are back with a movie that will make you thrilled on your weekend. Today 99chill.com is back with a 2021 science thriller film. You will surely like the action and thriller done to save the lives of people from zombies' attacks. In this article, you will also read about g zombie movie review and g zombie rating.

G Zombie Movie Cast


  • Arya
  • Deepu


  • Surya


  • Lokesh Achari
  • Rajsekhar Aningi as Scientist
  • Gowtham Avula as Banty
  • Shaik Chisty as Chanti
  • Aryan Gowra
  • Maruri Harsha as Peon
  • Jaswanth as SB Assistant
  • Sushmitha KR as Priya
  • Vijaya Krishna as Phani
  • Madhan as Pavan
  • Banda Mahesh as Tittu
  • Harsha Nallabelli as criminal
  • Netha as Acharya
  • Padmavathi as Satyabama
  • Raaga Sri as Komal
  • Yuva Teja as Ricky


  • Divya Pandey
  • Aryan Gowra

G Zombie Storyline

The g zombie telugu showed how a deadly virus caused havoc among people. The g zombie movie started by showing a girl named Sara she was working on a scientific experiment. But the experiment went wrong and a virus was produced that changed everyone into a zombie. Sara wanted to do something for the welfare of the people so she along with her other friends decided to create an immunity booster to protect people. They also got help from a doctor and did a trial of the vaccine too. But something worse happened instead of improving the immunity system the vaccine turned the person into a zombie. The whole medical staff got infected and turned into zombies. How ill Aryan Gowra and Sara will overcome this situation and save people from this deadly virus makes up the story of z zombie telugu movie.


The g zombie telugu cast did a good job. Aryan Gowra looked handsome and did his role well but a lot of improvements are required in his acting career. Divya Pandey looked cute and glamorous in her look. The few scenes were executed very nicely and attracted the audience. The medical staff that turned into zombies were also good. The storyline of the movie could have been much better than it is. The g telugu movie didn't focus on in-depth scenes. There was a lack of connectivity with the audience. The storyline was very confusing and made the audience bored, the plots and twists were not clear even the actors seemed to be confused. The execution was one of the major disadvantages of the movie. The scenes made were illogical, and there was no chemistry between the lead cast. The idea behind making a zombie film was new and was totally different and unique in the Tollywood industry but the direction made it really difficult for the audience to connect with it. The editing of the telugu zombie movie was decent and the duration of the film is less than 2 hours. Night scenes are shooted very well. The music in the background was quite ok. This was a low-budget film so production values according to it are okay. In short g zombie received both positive and negative comments from the audience.


Overall the g in telugu movie struggles in the writing part. The storyline and the narration could have been better. Although zombies in a Telugu movie was a totally new concept but is not really up to the mark. As the first zombie movie in Telugu, it should be something exciting but the movie g will make your weekend boring. The g zombie cast also needs some improvement in their acting skills. You can surely skip watching this zombie movies telugu.


The zombie reddy imdb rating is 7.2 points out of 10.


Ques 1. What is g zombie imdb review?

Ans. The telugu movie z received both positive and negative reviews on IMDb.

Ques 2. What is unique about z zombie telugu movie?

Ans. The zee zombie movie doesn't really have anything new or unique in it the only good thing about this movie is that it is the first zombie movies in telugu.


Image Credits: IMDb

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