Freedom Fight Malayalam Movie: An Anthology Depicting Real Life Situations

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Freedom Fight is an Indian Malayalam language 2022 anthology film. Directed by a team including Kunjila Mascillamani, Jithin Issac Thomas, Jeo Baby, Akhil Anilkumar, and Francies Louis. The main leads are Joju George, Rajisha Vijayan, Siddhartha Siva, and Srindaa. The production companies are Mankind Cinemas and Symmetry cinemas. The film was steamed on Sony LIV on 11 February 2022.

Hello Friends! 99chill.com always brings something amazing for you. From Hollywood blockbusters to Bollywood remakes, from super hit Indian songs to sizzling south Indian songs we try to give you the best information about everything. Today we are back with an Indian Malayalam language anthology movie based on five stories that is Freedom Fight.

About the film

Produced by Jomon Jacob, Dijo Augustine, Sajin S Raj, and Siddhartha Siva, freedom fighters malayalam movie is an anthology that shows how freedom is required and important in society. The five stories are very well represented by keeping in mind the current social issues around us, The film is written by Akhil Anilkumar, Francies Louis, and Jeo Baby. The total running time of the freedom fighters movie is 2 hours 32 minutes.

Freedom Fight movie cast


  • Kunjila Mascillamani, Jithin Issac Thomas, Jeo Baby, Akhil Anilkumar, and Francies Louis


  • Jomon Jacob, Dijo Augustine, Sajin S Raj, and Siddhartha Siva


  • Jojo George as Baby George
  • Rohini as Dhanalakshmi
  • Rajisha Vijayan as Geethu
  • Josey Sijo as Josey
  • Srindaa as Ashwathy
  • Kabani
  • Siddhartha Siva
  • Aseem as Dona shop owner
  • Unni Lalu as Lakshaman
  • Nilja K Baby as Anitha
  • Priyachandran Perayil as Office manager
  • Sarath Sabha as young union leader
  • Sudheesh Scaria as George baby
  • Sruthy Suresh as Pooja
  • Sudeep Sebastian as Geethu's father


  • Akhil Anilumar, Jeo Baby, Francies Louis

Freedom Fighter Story:

In the first part of freedom fighter malayalam movie "Geethu Unchained," the story revolves around a woman who is confused in her relationship as the men around her have been really mean and had a lot of issues. She just went through a breakup and was really upset because of the pressure on her by her parents and her brother. On the other side, she is also handling her heartbreaks and managing everything alone. Here the story focuses on the freedom of women in choosing their life partners. She was stuck between the choices of her parents and her own choice.

The second part "The Unorganised" showed the basic needs of women while earning. This part focused on gender-based equality. This part showed the struggles faced by women in their work and career life.

In the third part "Ration", Jeo Baby is playing one of the lead characters. He played the role of a husband who is facing financial issues. It showed a relationship between a rich family and a poor family living in the neighborhood.

The fourth "Old age home" has Joju George and Rohini as main leads. This showed how the old people are dependent on others even after working so hard for their entire life. This shows the difference between the youth and the old age people.

The fifth and last film is "Praa. Thoo. Mu" showed the experience of a youth who is working in a minister's house. All the five parts shown are relatable to real-life social issues. The camera work, dialogues, and characters are very well famed.

Freedom Fighter movie review:

The audience enjoyed the movie a lot one of the positive points was that people were able to connect with the issues shown in the movie. Daily women face a lot of discrimination and middle-class families have to face a lot of financial issues these issues are very well represented by the characters of the movie. The last story is very painful to watch as it is the most relatable to the audience. Each story put a deep impact on the hearts and minds of the audience. It is a movie that shows the fight for our rights, and the demand for equal treatment.


We all are amazed by the fantasies shown in the movie. We start comparing our real life with the life shown in the movie and sometimes forget things are different in real life but what if you get to see a movie that depicts your real-life situation? A movie that will show the issues and struggles you are facing daily. The movie that shows what actual real life is, Freedom fight movie is perfect for that. You will surely relate to the scenario represented by the characters in the movie.


Freedom fighter Malayalam movie gained 7.5 points out of 10.


Ques 1. Who is the most favorite among the freedom fighters cast?

Ans. Jeo Baby is most loved by the audience.

Ques 2. What is rohini theatre screen names?

Ans. Dhanalakshmi

Ques 3. What is first colour movie in malayalam?

Ans. Kandam Bacha Coat is the first colour movie in malayalam.

Freedom Fighter Movie Trailer

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