Four More Shots Season 3: A Sequel To The Story Of Four Girls Who Are Living Their Lives On Their Own Conditions

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Here is the explanation for one more amazing web series of Amazon Prime. This web series is titled "Four More Shots Please!" Our society has a lot of rules for women of do's and dont's for every age group. But there are some strong-headed women wh do not consider these laws as their limits and set out to discover the world on their own. This web series is also based on this concept. This story is about four women. Two of them are about 30 and the other two are in their 20s. Amazon Prime has made an initiative to produce a series that is all about female protagonists. The first season came in 2019 and made a big hit on the OTT platform. Then the makers made a come back with the second season of the series which also proved to be the successful one. And, now the makers have decided to continue the Franchise, and the Four More Shots Please season 3 will get released very soon.

The concept of this hit web series is created by Rangita Pritish Nandy. Devika Bhagat and Ishita Moitra gave the story to this beautiful and unique concept.

The directors of the Four More Shots Please web series had been two different persons for the two seasons. And now, Joyeeta is going to direct the cast of Four More Shots Please. The Four More Shots Please cast involves Syani Gupta, Bani J, Kriti Kulhari, and Maanvi Gagroo in the lead roles. Just like the story, the Four More Shots Please songs are also loved by the audience.

The Four More Shots Please season 3 is much awaited among the viewers. However, the makers have made an official announcement about the Four More Shots Please season 3 launch date to be in late 2022.

Four More Shots Please cast:

  • Sayani Gupta as Damini Rizvi Roy "Dee", an investigative journalist
  • Bani J as Umang Singh "Mangs", a gym trainer
  • Kriti Kulhari as Anjana Menon "Anj" Khanna, a lawyer and a divorced mother
  • Manvi Gagroo as Sidhi Patel "Sids", a single child from a wealthy family

The upper mentioned names were of the lead roles. The other names for Four More Shots Please cast have been listed below:

  • Lisa Ray as Samaara Kapoor
  • Milind Soman as Dr. Aamir Warsi
  • Jiya Lakhiani as Arya Menon Khanna
  • Neil Bhoopalam as Varun Khanna
  • Pratik Babbar as Jeh Wadia
  • Ankur Rathee as Arjun Nair
  • Paras Tomar as Mohit Mehta
  • Simone Singh as Sneha Patel
  • Amrita Puri as Kavya Arora
  • Sapna Pabbi as Akanksha Moitra
  • Rajiv Siddhartha as Mihir Shar "Mihu Pihu"
  • Sameer Kochhar as Shashank Bose
  • Prabal Punjabi as Amit Mishra
  • Shibani Dandekar as Sushmita Sengupta
  • Padma Damodaran as Aparna Sahukar
  • Monica Dogra as Devyani Rana
  • Anuradha Chandan as Amina Rizvi Roy
  • Madhu Anand Chandhoak as Mrs. Singh
  • Mohit Chauhan as Mahesh Roy
  • Nimisha Mehta as Myra
  • Gaurav Sharma as Vinil Verma

The cast of Four More Shots Please has done amazing acting work and was praised by the audience.

However, the viewers can expect to watch the same star cast in Four More Shots Please season 3.

Four More Shots Please Season 1 storyline:

The first season of the web series comprised ten episodes. The first season got released on the 25th of January 2019. Here is a glimpse of the story of season 1.

Episode 1 to 5:

Damini struggles with a defamation case, and her team warns her about the company's losses. In the other part of the story, Anjana fulfills her duties as a mother and drops Arya to her school. Sneha and Siddhi meet a fortune teller. Arya's father, Varun Khanna picks her up from her school.

the Four More Shots Please cast includes a lot of actors with different roles.

Anjana happens to meet Varun's new girlfriend. On the other hand, Siddhi's mother sets up a blind date for her. Samara and Umang decide to take their work out to the next level.

Anjana has a surprise guest who keeps praising Varun. However, Arya asks some questions about Anjana that take her back into her past life. The four girls go to the bar but this time they are going to deal with four charming men. Damini and Jeh develop an attraction toward each other. Anjana gets something very urgent amid the preparations for Arya's birthday party. However, Varun and Kavya handle the party nicely in Anjana's absence. Damini suffers a breakdown.

Episode 6 to 10:

The story moves back to three years ago. This was the incident when the four strong women met in the first place. Damini wins an award. Umang came to Mumbai from Ludhiana as a trainer. Jeh had decided to call it off with Myra. Now the story gets back to the current scenario. Damini seeks advice from Anjana on how to deal with Uma and her board members. Damini receives a threat call for one of her undercover stories. The girls fly to Goa for Damini's birthday bash. The other reason for their Goa visit is the Rewind Music festival.

They meet some unexpected people at the party who are an important part of the Four More Shots Please cast, who might be the part of Four More Shots Please season 3.

Damini catches up with an old friend of hers. Siddhi reveals something shocking about Umang to her girl gang. Arjun can't resist Anjana. Mohi does something unexpected for Siddhi to overcome her anxiety.

Siddhi's decision for her and Mihir upsets Sneha. Umang's decision about marriage shocks Pinky. Damini invites Umang to her award ceremony, but Umang is busy with her prospective groom. Anjana and Varun have an argument. Siddhi's parents get to know about a big secret in her life. Watch the series to see if all is well.

Four More Shots Please season 2 story:

The Four More Shots Please Cast for season 2 had an addition of new actors. The second season got released on the 17th of April 2020.

The second season of the series is also comprises ten episodes. The cast of Four More Shots Please for season 2 was the same as that for the first season. Here is the story for the show:

Episode 1 to 5:

Umang gets a disturbing call from Siddhi. Umang, Damini, and Anjana join forces to save their friend. They all rush to Siddhi's place in Istanbul.

Their bond blooms again, and they all have a lot of fun. Samara breakdown in front of the media, which breaks Umang's heart. The four women decide to cut this old baggage from their lives and have a new and fresh beginning. Damini completes her book after a lot of struggles. Siddhi and Amit perform a stand-up comedy on the stage for the first time. And she is improving continuously.

However, Damini becomes upset as she is receiving cold responses from the sides of publishers. Damini, Umang, and Siddhi get summoned to investigate a post mart em. Damini receives cooperation from Jeh.

The Four More Shots Please review reveals that the concept has been loved by the audience. It might be the reason that the makers have decided to launch Four More Shots Please season 3.

Episode 6 to 10:

Umanh and Samara trend on social media as #Umara. But Samara becomes insecure. Damini and Jeh come into a relationship, but what would be the future of this relationship? Anjana joins Shashank's firm, and she quite likes him. On the other hand, Siddhi takes up the initiative and gathers the courage to invite her father to her show. Amit announces his relationship with Siddhi. On the other hand, Damini conceives with Warsi's child. What will both the girls do now?

The Four More Shots Please Cast involves versatile actors who have done their job with a lot of honesty.

Umang feels irritated with being watched by the media every time.

The final episode of season 2 is filled with all kinds of emotions and drama. Anjana feels guilty when she comes across Shashank's true colors. She receives support from her friends. Siddhi has made an application in New York to pursue a comedy course. On the other hand, Damini gets an offer to fly to Singapore along with Warsi. But, she gets upset after listening to the news of the ban on her book.

To everyone's shock, Jeh arrives and expresses his desire to accept both Damini and her unborn baby. Umang gets to know about Samara's decision. What will happen at this big-fat wedding function?

The girls have a happy realization about life that they are the only ones who are permanent in each other lives. However, the endings are very devastating sometimes.

The makers have not said much about the upcoming Four More Shots Please season 3 but the viewers can expect to watch a few members of Four More Shots Please cast again.

Four More Shots Please review:

This web series of Amazon Prime has been a great hit. The series has received 3.5 stars out of 5.

After such a great success of the web show, the makers have announced the Four More Shots Please season 3 launch date to be in the second half of the current year.

The Four More Shots Please songs have been composed by Mickey McCleary. We might have the same composer for the Four More Shots Please season 3.

The audience is eagerly waiting for the next season of the web show as it brings out some of the deep down topics of society.

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