FIR Telugu Movie Review: Faizal Ibrahim Raiz Action And Thriller Movie

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FIR is the follow-up to Vishnu Vishal's criminal thriller Ratsasan. The recently released movie, which was directed by Manu Anand,

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The action thriller FIR 2022 movie: Faizal Ibrahim Raiz will be released in Tamil in 2022. It was written and directed by Manu Anand, and it will be made by Vishnu Vishal, Shubhra, and Aryan Ramesh under the production company VV Studioz. Gautham Vasudev Menon, Manjima Mohan, Reba Monica John, Raiza Wilson, and Gaurav Narayanan are among the actors who appear in the movie. The film's music was written by Ashwath, and Prasanna GK handled the editing.

The movie opened in theatres on February 11, 2022. Critics and viewers both gave the movie favorable reviews when it first came out, complimenting the writing, director, action scenes, cinematography, production values, and acting of the actors. The movie did well at the box office.

FIR movie Telugu cast-


  • Manu Anand


  • Manu Anand
  • Divyanka Anand Shankar
  • Gowtham Sankar Kavanat


  • Vishnu Vishal as Irfan Ahmed / Faizal Ibrahim Raiz (FIR) 
  • Gautham Vasudev Menon as Ajay Dewan
  • Manjima Mohan as Prathana Raman
  • Raiza Wilson as Anisha Qureshi
  • Reba Monica John as Archana Krishnamoorthy
  • Parvathi T. as Praveena Begum
  • Gaurav Narayanan as Suraj
  • Ram C as Karthikeyan / Abu Bakkar Abdullah
  • Abishek Joseph George as Riyaz
  • Jay Adithya as son of Ajay Dewan
  • BCS Chandru as Aravind Guruswamy
  • Praveen Muthurangan as Gunashekar Kolliyapan
  • R. N. R. Manohar as Perumal, father of Karthikeyan
  • Prashanth Rangaswamy as Thirukumaram
  • R. Shyam as Vivek Kumar, a friend of Irfan
  • Amaan as Dr.Ahmed Zazi


  • Vishnu Vishal
  • Shubhra
  • Aryan Ramesh

FIR movie Telugu plot-

A young Muslim man named Irfan struggles to find a profession that he enjoys because of his faith. He lives with his mother. He constantly encounters bigotry.

He is close with a lawyer named Prarthana and has split up with his Brahmin college sweetheart Archana. A terrorist by the name of Abu Bhakkar Abdullah has been threatening to bomb several locations throughout the State and the rest of the nation. The identity of the terrorist is unknown to the NIA, which is led by Gautham Vasudev Menon and includes agents Anisha Qureshi, and Vignesh Vijayan. Irfan, who ultimately decides to work at a chemical plant, gets apprehended by the authorities after becoming a suspect during one of his employment visits.

Irfan confesses to being the feared terrorist under police torture. The rest of FIR's screenplay is comprised of what happens after that.

FIR Telugu movie review-

A significant benefit of the film is the plot itself. Particularly in poignant passages, Vishnu Vishal captures the essence of his character. This persona was created just for Gautham Vasudev Menon. He gives his all in his role as an NIA officer. Manjima Mohan performs a respectable position as an advocate. Both Reba Monica John and Raiza Wilson give their all.

The second part of the crime thriller has a spicy plot, and the background music is outstanding. You appreciate the movie more because of the action scenes that appear in the second half. The director skillfully discloses the twist while directing the film with a riveting narrative.

The beginning of the film is slow-paced, and it takes some time for the major plot to emerge. The cinematography had room for improvement. The tale may have been made more engaging in this type of thriller by including more turns and twists.

It appears that the crew doesn't give visual effects any thought. Manjima only appears in a few scenes, and to our surprise, the other female stars are more engaging on screen. Audiences anticipate a few comedic and romantic situations, which FIR lacks despite being a crime thriller.

FIR marks the debut of filmmaker Manu Anand, who previously served as an assistant director for many of GVM's films. He did an excellent job of putting the movie together. The best music is provided by Ashwith, which raises the quality of numerous moments. The camera work of Arul Vincent is passable. The editing by Prasanna is excellent, and the production values are good.

FIR movie rating-

After FIR movie review it is found that FIR is one of the Telugu twist movies, with almost 24 crores ($3.0 million) in revenue, the movie became one of the highest-grossing Tamil movies of the year. The movie has a 7/10 IMDb rating with 4k votes.

FIR movie Telugu conclusion-

After the FIR movie rating and FIR review it can be concluded that overall, FIR is a passable crime thriller that gets better in the second half. The performances by Vishnu Vishal and the music are the film's strongest points. Not every audience segment will enjoy the pure action thriller. As a result, if you enjoy thrillers a lot. Take a stab at it.

Give "FIR" a try if you like suspenseful action thrillers.

FIR Telugu movie trailer-

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