Fida Movie Review Telugu: Magical Bound Of Love

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Sekhar Kammula, an Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer who specializes in Telugu cinema, has returned after a lengthy absence with a young love comedy. A Howard University graduate with a Master of Fine Arts, he made his directing debut with the indie drama Dollar Dreams (2000), which brought him a National Film Award. Let's see how Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi's roles in his upcoming movie pan out.

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Spellbound is the English title of Sekhar Kammula's 2017 Telugu-language romantic comedy Fidaa, which was also produced by Dil Raju under the Sri Venkateswara Creations label. It features Sai Pallavi, making her Telugu film debut, and Varun Tej. A strong-willed country girl named Bhanumathi (Pallavi) and an NRI from the US is the subjects of the story's love-hate relationship.

The movie, which debuted on July 21, 2017 (Fida movie Telugu release date), was a financial triumph, making over $90 million on a $13 million budget. 

Telugu movie Fida cast-


  • Shekhar Kammula


  • Shekhar Kammula


  • Sai Pallavi as Bhanumati
  • Varun Tej as Varun
  • Harshvardhan Rane as a neighbor of Bhanumati
  • Satyam Rajesh as Ali, a friend of Varun
  • Sai Chand as the father of Bhanumati
  • Gayathri Gupta as Sumathi, a friend of Bhanumati
  • Raja as the brother of Varun
  • Sharanya Pradeep as Renuka, elder sister of Bhanumati
  • Dhaasshyam Geetha Bhaskar as aunt of Bhanumati
  • Aryan Talla as Bujji, younger brother of Varun
  • Manisha Eerabathini as Shailu, cousin of Varun
  • Katarina Richter as Suzie


  • Dil Raju
  • Shirish

Fida cinema plot-

Varun travels to India to marry off his brother. He develops feelings for Bhanumati there. Sparks ignite when an NRI boy and a country beauty cross paths. As time goes on, the couple falls in love, but neither of them expresses their feelings for the other. However, not every relationship is trouble-free. Before parting ways till fate brings them back together, Varun and Bhanu endure their fair share of hiccups. After returning to the US, Varun finally approaches Bhanu and makes a proposal, which Bhanu declines. It left the audience with the questions such as why did Bhanu turn down Varun's offer? and how does the couple finally decide to wed? The rest of the plot is made up of that.

Now let us see Fida movie photos.

Fida movie songs Telugu-

  • Vachinde
  • Edo Jarugutondi
  • Hey Pillagaada
  • Oosupodu
  • Hey Mister
  • Fidaa

Fida movie Telugu songs are available online to download similar to Fida movie Telugu download. 

The Fida movie online Telugu is available to watch on OTT platforms like Prime Video, Hotstar, etc.

Fidaa movie review-

In Fida movie review Telugu it can be said that there are some lovely moments in Fidaa, including comedic, romantic, and familial ones. This time around, Shekhar Kammula is in top form as he establishes the lighthearted romance and adds some unforgettable family drama to it.

In the movie, Varun Tej looks very stunning. Varun's composure and ease with his emotions make the movie incredibly heartwarming, although it may seem like the heroine dominates him in his role. Varun is exactly on point this time, playing the type of role that an actor his age should be playing.

Coming back to Fidaa Sai Pallavi, she is as amazing as could be expected in the movie. She thoroughly mesmerizes you from the opening frame. She steals the show with everything from her appearance to her Telangana accent to the way she handles emotional situations. Sai Pallavi will become much more popular after Fidaa.

Each member of the supporting cast excels in their assigned responsibilities. The actor who portrays Sai Pallavi's sister is just too amazing in the part and gives the movie a lot of depth. Sai Chand, a seasoned actor, delivers a sincere performance that is highly memorable. Satyam Rajesh makes people laugh a lot.

Fida movie rating-

After Fida review Telugu it is found that the characters' use of several Andhra Pradesh and Telangana dialects is one of the movie's standout elements. Director Shekhar Kammula appears to have attempted to use film as a medium to foster some type of racial integration amongst the inhabitants of the two locations. Dialogues of Sai Pallavi come out as original and witty. However, her portrayal is similar to Kamalini Mukherjee's role in "Anand" in terms of her dress, independent nature, dancing in the rain, etc. She excels in the role of Bhanu and carries the picture. 

It is found that Fidaa Telugu movie's IMDb rating is 7.4/10 with 4.8k votes and out of nine nominations, the movie received four Filmfare Awards and two SIIMA Awards. Film Companion listed Sai Pallavi's performance as one of the top 100 performances of the ten years. According to Film Companion, the movie is among the "25 Greatest Telugu Films Of The Decade."

Fidaa full movie conclusion-

After taking Fida review Telugu and Fida movie ratings into consideration it can be concluded that overall, Fidaa is one of the most romantic films produced recently. The entire audience will enjoy the movie's great humor, romantic moments, and other moving emotional scenes. Due to its wholesome entertainment, the movie is sure to perform well in A and international theatres. 

Fidaa movie release date was on July 21, 2017, you will be thoroughly entertained by Sai Pallavi and Varun Tej if you don't mind the predictable plot. 

Fida movie Telugu online trailer-

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