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The curiosity was aroused by the "FCUK" title. This low-budget movie has generated a lot of talk because of its modern title and unique promotional approach. One of the most eagerly anticipated films of the 2021 year was the FCUK Telugu movie. FCUK full form is father chitti Uma Karthik. FCUK meaning in Telugu is F for father, C for chitti, U for Uma, and K for Karthik, The movie maintained a buzz before its debut thanks to its audacious and distinctive title and eye-catching advertisements. The movie's trailer was positively praised as well. The movie gained popularity on social media after its release. 

Hello all, at 99chill we provide you content based on different movies, web series, and tv serials. We hope you have been liking the blogs we have been putting up on our website. Like last time, this time we are back with yet another Telugu movie talking about baby stories in Telugu. This article will give you an insight into the FCUK Telugu movie. FCUK movie release date was 12 February 2021. This article will cover subtopics such as FCUK movie Telugu cast, FCUK full form, FCUK movie release date, FCUK movie reviews, and its overall story.  

About The Movie 

FCUK Telugu movie is about a middle-aged playboy who earns a living by selling condoms Phani Bhupal (Jagapathi Babu). Karthik, his son (played by Ram Karthik), has a very different personality and is more of a respectful young man. Karthik meets Uma (Abhirami) by chance one day and falls in love with her practically right away. He learns that Uma is already engaged but still attempts to win her over before the wedding. Incidentally, Bhupal's mayhem makes Uma despise Karthik. Soon after, Bhupal had an accident and is discovered next to a young child named Chitti. What is her relationship with Bhupal? How does she impact Bhupal, Karthik, and Uma's lives? The basic plot is determined by the responses to these queries. FCUK Telugu movie online is also been made available for the users to watch on their own time. Similarly, the FCUK movie download option is also there for the users. Read through the following sections to know about the FCUK movie Telugu cast and FCUK movie reviews. 

FCUK Movie Cast


  • Vidyasagar Raju


  • Jagapathi Babu as Phani Bhupal[2]
  • Ram Karthik as Karthik[3]
  • Ammu Abhirami as Umaa[4]
  • Aneri Vajani as Priyanka
  • Baby Saharshitha as Chitti
  • Daggubati Raja as Umaa's father
  • Kalyani Natarajan as Umaa's mother
  • Master Bharath
  • Shankar Melkote
  • Rajitha
  • Ali[5]
  • Brahmaji
  • Krishna Bhagavaan
  • Jabardast Ram Prasad
  • Naveen
  • Venky
  • Raghava


  •  KL Damodar Prasad

FCUK Telugu Movie Story

Like the above section mentioned about the FCUK cast, this section will talk about the overall FCUK Telugu movie story. Father-Chitti-Umaa-Karthik, or FCUK for short, has an unconventional idea at its foundation. What happens when a 60-year-old man starts dating a lady and fathers a child, which has some peculiar results? To be fair to the film, a few of the ideas it conveys through conversation are important. Like how ageism is completely unacceptable. as sex workers are living, breathing people with a soul and a heart. The issue is that these important subjects are obscured by a slew of outdated concepts and childish humor. As Umaa (Ammu Abirami) prepares to marry Dasu, Karthik (Ram Karthik) and Umaa (Ammu Abirami) are getting close (Bharath). Uma feels uneasy when Chitti (Baby Saharshitha) enters Karthik's life as a baby sister, but she ultimately plays a helpful role. However, Karthik's father Fani Bhupal (Jagapathi Babu as a sexagenarian who indulges in prostitution) might end up being the undesirable oddball character in the play. Will this issue be resolved? 

FCUK Telugu Movie Review  

As mentioned, this section will talk about FCUK Telugu movie review and its overall direction in the movie. Jagapathi Babu is excellent as a middle-aged playboy. His representation of the role, fashion sense, salt-and-pepper appearance, and personality are all dead on. Ram Karthik portrays a cheerful young man who appears content. Ammu Abhirami, a well-known performer in Kollywood, would be making her Tollywood debut with this movie. Her adorable expressions will fascinate the youth. Although they portray comedic characters, Master Bharath and Ram Prasad don't offer much humorous relief. 

Bheem's Ceciroleo and Jeevan receive a perfect score for their compositions. Both Bheem's songs and Jeevan's background music are excellent. The cinematography of G Siva is very appealing. With his excellent job behind the camera, he carries the tone of the movie. A portion of the movie might have been cut to keep the runtime short, thus editing could have been better. 

Although Vidyasagar Raju's plot has a solid foundation and offers some intrigue, his drab narrative and script let the story down. He narrates the big point in a formulaic manner, which is detrimental to the cause. Every other scenario in the movie can be easily foreseen, which detracts from the enjoyment of viewing. The filmmaker is successful in getting the finest performance from his technical team and star actors, but due to bad writing, he is unable to deliver his story effectively. We hope you have got insights on the overall picture of the movie and the FCUK review


Given the star power, it makes sense that FCUK, which received an A grade, would be a daring movie with an interesting plot. However, the Jagapathi-starring film's tedious storyline and narration are responsible for its failure to keep viewers interested. The movie lacks the necessary elements to be an engaging viewing despite the occasional whiff of adult content. Overall, FCUK fails to leave a lasting impression despite having a strong narrative that explores the traditional character of society. At your own risk, view!  

FCUK 2021 IMDb Rating

IMDb users 57 in number have given it a weighted average rating of 6.2/10 for FCUK Telugu movie IMDb as per the website. 

FCUK Telugu Movie Trailer link

Image Credits: IMDb

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