Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan: All you need to know about this Rom-Dram on Colors TV

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If you are a fan of the good old Indian daily soaps and their twists, turns etc we have just the show for you today. It has all the components of your average Indian TV serials: intense family drama, romantic angles, characters' deaths & their resurrection, a very predictable storyline, and tons of marriages. The name of the show is fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan and it streams on colors TV channel from Monday to Friday @ 10:30 PM. So let us take a look at what the Fanaa serial is about, what are the characters & if you should watch it or not. 

About the show

The show is an Indian television series that was first released on 31st January 2022. The serial is produced by Dipti Kalwani, Gul khan & Karishma Jain. It is also the third addition to Ishq Mein marjawan franchise and is currently airing on colours tv & voot ott platform. Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan cast includes artists like, reem shaikh, zain imam, Akshit sakhija along with others. It has 25 minutes of run-time per episode and is a very popular show on colors TV nowadays. It is a show labelled as a psychological, romance thriller and the plot of the series tries to justify its category too.

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Cast

One of the high points of the serial is its great ensemble cast. The makers have done a good job with casting and which has led to a very nice portrayal of the characters in the serial.

Ishq mein marjawan season 3 cast (main)

  • Reem Shaikh as Paakhi Srivastav Raichand; She is the main female lead of the show and she is the owner of an event management company. She is the love interest of both Agastya & Ishan but she gets married to Agastya. 
  • Zain imam as Agastya Raichand; he is a genius/businessman & is the husband of Paakhi. He has a possessive personality towards her, almost to the brink of insanity.
  • Ayaz Ahmad is Yug Raichand; he is the half-brother of Agastya and is an important character in the Fanaa serial.
  • Akshit Sakhija as Dr Ishan Tandon; is a very renowned oncologist and a love interest of Paakhi whom he also gets engaged to at a point in the show. He also has feelings for Paakhi but could not have her in his life.

Ishq Mein marjawan cast (recurring)

  • Kishwer Merchant as Meera Raichand: Agastya's step-mother; Yug's mother. A very important character in the fanaa serial. She's the villainess of the show who comes into the life of Paakhi & Agastya to change their trajectory altogether. 
  • Avinash Sahijwani as Sameer Srivastav: is Anuj's brother; Prema's husband; the father of Paakhi and Shanaya
  • Mamta Verma as Prema Srivastav: is Sameer's wife; Paakhi and Shanaya's mother
  • Gargi Patel/Meenakshi Sethi as Neelima Raichand: Mona's mother; Agastya, grandmother of Naveli and Yug
  • Shruti Chaudhary as Shanaya Srivastav: Sameer and Prema's younger daughter; Paakhi's sister; Mohit's cousin
  • Afzaal Khan as Anuj Srivastav: Sameer's brother; husband of Leela; Mohit's father

Story of fanaa ishq mein marjawan

The basic gist of the story is something like this;

Fanaa serial begins with agasthya & paakhi. Who love each other mutually & heartily. But in spite of that, they are not quite alike. Agasthya is an ambitious businessman & a tech-genius who is very passionate about paakhi, whereas paakhi is a free spirit, a joyful person and runs an event management company. They seem like a match made in heaven but deep down there are things that paakhi is unaware of. Like the fact that how much Agastya obsesses with her & how he has been intentionally shaping her every move in her life. 

But all that changes when paakhi meets with the character of Dr Ishan Tandon whom she falls in love with eventually, raging a storm in Agastya's life. He then tries all sorts of schemes to break them apart and secure paakhi for himself again but while doing so eventually she sees his true face. She is hurt by his actions to such an extent that she plans with Ishan to expose Agastya and shed some light on his crimes in order to get paakhi.

She is on a verge of Agastya's expose but then comes a big twist in the story which changes the direction of the story completely. Paakhi, Agastya, and Dr Ishan all of their lives are affected massively by the events that follow this turning point. 

Fanaa serial release date

The serial was released on 31st January 2022 on colors TV in India and then it was also expanded on the voot streaming service by Viacom 18.


So that was all that we had about the show Fanaa Ishq Mein marjawan. It is a very nice family drama & romance if you are into the genre. As well as a mild enjoyer of Indian TV serials. If so, then you will find this show quite enjoyable. The characters are good & the acting performances are also quite commendable. So in our opinion, you can give this show a try for sure.

Frequently asked questions

  • Ishq Mein marjawan actress name?

Reem Shaikh

  • fanaa ishq mein marjawan story?

The story revolves around 3 main characters bound together with love, betrayal, family & friendship.

  • Ishq Mein marjawan heroine name?

Reem Shaikh, Kishwer Merchant etc.

  • fanaa ishq mein marjawan release date?

It was released on 31st January 2022.

  • fanaa serial cast?

Reem Shaikh, Zain Imam, Akshit sakhija etc.

  • Ishq mein marjawan Wikipedia?

Ishq Mein marjawan has a dedicated wiki page as well.

  • Ishq Mein marjawan characters real name?

Reem Shaikh, Zain Imam etc

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