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It's difficult to understand morality. When done too much or too little, a narrative can come out as preachy or disrespectful. Here is a family drama movies where the narrator doesn't think twice about the "correctness" of the tale or explain why the villainous characters' morbid behavior is acceptable. The writer places these characters in gloomy settings while maintaining a delightfully funny tone. The Shanmukha Prashant and Meher Tej-penned picture Family Drama movies are incredibly gripping due to this harmony. This is known as one of the Telugu family movies to watch for the audience. Scroll through this article to get more insights on new Telugu family movies. 

Hello all, welcome back to 99chill. Here we are back with yet another new blog talking about south Indian new Telugu family movies, called the family drama films. Suhas, a young actor, has a new movie out called Family Drama. Family Drama, the dark comedy about a family that goes crazy when an attempt is made to remove the oppressive father, marks Meher Tej's outstanding directorial debut. Read this article as a whole to know more about Telugu drama movies, Telugu family drama movies, family drama review, and family drama cast. 

About The Movie 

The movie centers on Ram (Suhas) and Lakshman, two brothers (Teja Kasarapu). Ram is expelled from the house by his father due to his terrible and erratic behavior. Lakshman and his wife also experience the same treatment from the abusive father. When things deteriorate too much, Lakshman and Ram come up with a unique solution. Ram's transformation into a serial killer is not widely known. The core narrative of Family Drama Telugu movies is how Ram appears on the scene and frightens everyone. Family Drama ott has also been made available for the audience to watch. 

The Family Drama Cast


  • Meher Tej


  • Suhas as Rama
  • Teja Kasarapu as Lakshman
  • Pooja Kiran
  • Sruti Meher Nori
  • Sanjay Ratha


  • Chashma Films
  • Noothana Bharathi Films
  • Mango Mass Media

The Family Drama Story

Family Drama Telugu movies is interesting to see how he develops the characters, the plot, the motivations, and even the darkness that lurks inside. This movie is mostly about family in Telugu. As he reveals more and more of this "family drama," Meher manages to keep things brief and concise for the majority of the movie. In the eyes of his coworkers, Sadashiva Rao (Sanjay Ratha) has a respectable reputation, but he severely torments his wife Parvathi (Shruti Meher) and kids Rama (Suhas) and Lakshman (Teja Kasarapu). Rama, a son who can no longer stand his agony, flees. They are assisted and encouraged in their unexpected decision by Lakshman's wife Yamini (Pooja Kiran) and Rama's wife Mahati due to Sadashiva Rao's autocratic methods (Anusha Noothula). On top of that, they are troubled by the unsolved murders committed by a psychopath in the city. 

The Family Drama Movie Review

This section will talk about the Family Drama review of the movie, its direction, and the Family Drama series as a whole. Along with the excellent acting from the entire cast, Meher Tej's direction is spot-on, creating tension through the shifting dynamics of a crazy family and giving the audience the sense that something is bound to give at any second. When it does, as represented by the main conflict of the screenplay, all hell breaks loose. The ending to that torment also serves as a powerful, if subdued, feminist message, presenting important issues regarding the patriarchal system that still prevails in which women leave their original homes to live with their husband's families while blissfully unaware of what they may be entering. A fantastic background score and superb, expressive camerawork support all of this. 

Despite the slow pace of the narration, the author stuck to the major theme while maintaining the viewers' interest. He emphasized how the family members' emotions and feelings are expressed, as well as how their relationships can easily alter to suit their egotistical goals. The audience might find it unexpected because he dared to be different and showed all the characters to have flaws of some sort.

It may be difficult for viewers to relate to the characters because of the raw ingredients, unpredictable nature and narration, and individuals that change their intents quickly. The director made it obvious that nobody is a saint and that reciting holy lines is like the devil doing it. Suhas' character was improved by the director more than the others. but he treated everyone equally. Dialogs are beneficial. He took his time and did an excellent job of establishing the story's characters and personalities. After an hour, the true story begins, but the narration moves at a leisurely pace. Intermission raises attention, but the narration is once more dragged in the second half by banal scenes. The conclusion unexpectedly surpasses expectations but was able to execute family drama Telugu movies better.  

Suhas's acting skills made him the star of the show. He had an effect through his facial expressions, emotions, dialogue delivery, and mannerisms. Teja Kasarapu accomplished well in his role as his brother. As the female leads, Pooja Kiran and Anushka Nutula did a good job. Despite having very little dialogue together, Shruti Meher and Sanjay Ratha had a significant influence. But Shruti occasionally went above and above.

The music by Ajay and Sanjay is excellent, and they elevated the scenes with it by adding a background score that transported viewers to a different level and gave them a thrilling boost. The excellent cinematography by Venkat R. Sakhamuri gave the entire drama a genuine vibe. He could have, however, done considerably more to have a greater influence. Rama Krishna Arram's editing is pretty good. Great production values. We hope you have got enough input on the latest Telugu family movies. 


Despite the issues mentioned, Sony LIV's latest Telugu release, Family Drama, is still a fantastic horror movie in and of itself. This is the ideal Halloween treat. A Family Drama Telugu movies is a movie with a compelling premise overall. Suhas delivers a powerful performance, and the thrills on display are tolerable. However, the second half of the movie loses viewers due to cliched scenarios and logical fallacies. Give this movie a go if you enjoy thrillers; everyone else can look for something else.

The Family Drama Rating

IMDb users 330 have given the movie a weighted average rating of 7.3/10. 

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