Falknamadas Movie Review: How Does Das Escape The Complicated Situation

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Action thriller Falaknuma Das is a 2019 Indian Telugu movie that was written and directed by Vishwak Sen. The movie is a remake of Angamaly Diaries, a Malayalam film. Along with Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur, Prashanthi Charuolingah, Uttej, as well as Tharun Bhascker, Sen also acted in the film. Karate Raju under the banner of Vanmaye Creations, including Vishwak Sen Cinemas, Terranova Pictures, and Media9 Creative Works, produced the falaknama das full movie.

Hello, guys! In this piece, we'll tell you all about falaknuma das full movie Telugu and provide you with information about the actors, falaknuma das review, and ratings as well as the trailer and other relevant material.

About The Movie:

Das establishes a group of young people as the leading gang in Falaknuma. Unfortunately, their attempts to control the local meat market result in some unforeseen outcomes and push them toward violence. On behalf of Suresh Productions, D. Suresh Babu presents the falknamadas movie review.

Falaknuma Das Cast:


  • Vishwak Sen


  • Chemban Vinod Jose


  • Vishwak Sen as Das
  • Saloni Mishra as Zoya
  • Harshita Gaur as Sakhi
  • Prasanthi Charuolingah as Tina
  • Uttej as Peg Pandu
  • Tharun Bhascker as Saidulu
  • Vivek Chepuri as Ravi
  • Sunjit Akkinepally as Raju
  • Sharath Sreerangam as Mahesh
  • Venkatesh Kakumanu as Circuit
  • Sonu Shahnawaz as Filament
  • Jeevan Kumar as Shankar Anna
  • Master Aman as Child Das
  • Bala Parasar as Das Mother
  • Anmona Chaliha as Das Sister
  • Laxman Meesala as Laxman
  • Praneeth Reddy Kallem as Rinku
  • John Kottoly as Mallesh


  • Karate Raju

Falaknuma Das Movie Telugu Plot:

The unfortunate destiny that confronts a man with unbridled aggression is the subject of this tale. A young man from Falaknuma named Das (Vishwak Sen) resides alongside his mother as well as his sister. With his boyhood buddies, he joins a gang, and Shankar Anna as well as Peg Pandu serve as its leaders (Uttej). They became close to them while they grew up and respected them as their role models. In the meantime, Tina, a buddy from childhood, as well as Das start dating.

Two thugs named Ravi as well as Raju murder Shankar Anna one day, and when they are sentenced to prison for it, Das is left devastated. Fast forwarding a few years, when Das splits up with Tina in favor of Sakhi (Harshita Gaur), a German woman whose parents have remained in their home country.

Das must have a source of income to win the approval of Sakhi's parents. As a result, he first tries his luck in the cable industry before following Peg Pandu's advice and opening a Mutton shop. However, Faluknama's bulk meat suppliers, Ravi as well as Raju, are gangsters, and Das with his group visit them to request permission to open a shop selling mutton as well as naming it after Shankar Anna. They later create their own company.

The brother-in-law of Raju as well as Ravi, Rinku gets into a physical altercation with Das at one point. Rinku seeks retribution for it. Ravi scares Das with business closure due to competition and throws an explosive at Das's shop in the meantime. Das was angered by this and went to Mallesham to get some primitive bombs for himself.

Ravi, as well as Raju, agree to Pandu's mediation efforts to put a stop to their arguments and allow the business to proceed without tension. However, Rinku causes a conflict between Das with his buddies, which kills Rinku's friend Anish in some kind of bombing. In the finale, Rinku serves as the key witness in a police investigation.

To keep Sakhi out of this dilemma, Das ends their relationship. The sister of Das's buddy, Zoya (Saloni Mishra), begins to feel empathetic toward Das. Afterward, Ravi as well as Raju consented to a deal whereby Das must pay Rs. 20 Lakhs to have the police case dropped. It's remarkable how Das may escape this predicament while avoiding Rinku's assassination efforts.

Falaknuma Das Movie Review:

Viswak Sen performs admirably in the movie. He displayed excellent body language, speech delivery, as well as a powerful aura. His easygoing demeanor and the way he displays his emotions on pivotal occasions will appeal to a wide audience.

Uttej, a veteran performer, finally has a prominent role in falknamadas movie review. As Pandu, he plays the part with humor, naiveté, and great impact. His supporting part gives the movie a big boost. The remaining members of the new star cast were excellent in their main roles. The two actors who played the primary bad guys did an excellent job.

Director Tharun Bhaskar, who portrayed a cop, was indeed the surprise. He has a strong screen presence and seemed to be extremely impressive. The filmmaker Viswak Sen narrates the biggest moment, the interval bang, on a superb note. Everything throughout this time, including the thrills, fist fights, as well as action choreography, looks excellent.

This Falaknuma Das Movie Review is intended for young people and pure single screens. Families don't have anything to look forward to since there is a lot of violence and exploitation in many of the situations. Although the climax is technically nicely filmed, it could have been even better with a stronger conclusion.

The movie's pace drastically slows down after an engrossing first portion. During this period, the proceedings grow monotonous and routine. Not that the scenes are subpar, but the narration lacks its usual punch at this point. Because the love music in both halves is subpar, the actresses chosen fail to make an impression.

The way the falaknuma movie is translated into Telugu is one of its greatest strengths. Each scene is authentic and natural, and the old city setting is nicely done. The camerawork deserves special notice because it did a fantastic job showcasing Hyderabad's rural areas. Falaknuma das movie release date was 31 May 2019.

The background music by Vivek Sagar would be even better than the already excellent music. The dialogues were amusing and extremely relatable to the general public. Each character does indeed have a natural look. Both the editing as well as the production design were outstanding. I should have skipped two tracks.

Regarding Viswak Sen, he had a respectable debut as just a director. Viswak makes stylish shots that feel authentic. He poured his heart as well as energy into the movie and did a good job of showcasing all of his real-life experiences. However, the impression would have been significantly better when he had enhanced the second part of faluknamadas movie even crisper.


Overall, Falaknuma Das is a compelling as well as a realistic criminal thriller with a solid opening act. Big pluses include the setting, earthy characters, and performances. The movie was intended for the masses and was meant to appeal to them, thus the second part is a letdown. This movie is too difficult to watch for someone looking for something unique and sophisticated because it is so full of violence and mundane scenes. So you have an option.

Falaknuma Das Full Movie Rating IMDb:

6.4 out of 10 with 835 votes on IMDb

Falaknuma Das Telugu Movie Trailer:

Image Credits: IMDb

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