F3Movie Review: Will Venky And Varun Will Be Able To Solve Their Problems

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In the calendar year 2022, Anil Ravipudi directed and wrote the comedy movie F3: Fun and Frustration. It is the second installment in Sri Venkateswara Creations' Fun and Frustration series and a stand-alone sequel to F2 (2019). Devi Sri Prasad created the music for the f3 full movie in Telugu, which stars Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah, and Mehreen Pirzada in their respective roles from F2.

Hello, buddies! Once again, we're here to assist you in deciding whether or not to see the f3 movie in Telugu full movie by providing information about the plot, the f3 review Telugu, and its rating.

About The Movie:

In Hyderabad, the movie was extensively filmed. The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant delays in the development and distribution of F3. F3 movie release date was May 27, 2022, it was presented in theatres to generally favorable reviews as well as monetary success.

F3 Movie Cast:


  • Anil Ravipudi


  • Anil Ravipudi


  • Venkatesh as Venky
  • Varun Tej as Varun Yadav
  • Tamannaah as Harika
  • Mehreen Pirzada as Honey
  • Rajendra Prasad as C.I. Nagaraju
  • Murali Sharma as Anand Prasad
  • Sunil as Katthi Seenu
  • Sonal Chauhan as American girl
  • Vennela Kishore as Junior Artist
  • Ali as Pala Baby
  • Sampath Raj as Commissioner Dileep Chandra
  • Raghu Babu as Venky's companion
  • Tulasi as Venky's stepmother
  • Goparaju Ramana as Venky's father
  • Sathvik Varma as Venky's stepbrother
  • Satya as the thief
  • Pragathi as the Padma
  • Pradeep Kondiparthi as Harika's and Honey's father
  • Y. Vijaya as Harika's as well as Honey's maternal grandmother
  • Annapoorna as Harika's as well as Honey's paternal grandmother
  • Srikanth Iyengar as Sharma
  • Prudhvi Raj as Palace Incharge
  • Tanikella Bharani as a Police officer
  • Gundu Sudarshan as Landowner
  • Rajitha as Land Owner's wife
  • Vasu Inturi as Honey's driver
  • Rajendran as Gudivada Gurunatham
  • Srinivasa Reddy as goon's henchmen
  • Divya Sripada as Vishal Mitthal's daughter
  • Getup Srinu as Bull Chittibabu's breeder
  • Duvvasi Mohan as Bull Chittibabu's breeder


  • Sirish

F3 Telugu Movie Plot:

Venky, a Hyderabad-based agent who struggles to make ends meet and seems to have night blindness, keeps his condition a secret from everyone. His orphan friend Varun Yadav, who stutters, attempts several money-making schemes but to no result. After making a financial investment in the restaurant owned by Harika's family, Venky as well as his friend suffer significant losses.

Varun misidentifies Honey (Harika's sister) as a wealthy woman in his quest for cash and makes preparations to wedding her. Venky concurs to contribute to Varun's scheme while overlooking Honey's handicap. Venky, as well as Varun, pledge their property as collateral for a sizable loan from either a local landlord named Pala Baby in f3 movie review greatandhra. They realize their error when Harika's family loses every one of their money in shares following spending lakhs of rupees on Honey's pricey gifts and cash.

When Pala Baby realizes the deceitful tactics used by Harika's family, he abandons his efforts to waive the loan. Pala Baby is a womanizer. They all go to the police station to resolve their dispute, where CI Nagaraju, an honorable officer who is about to lose his job, devises a plan to invade commissioner Dileep Chandra's home with them to steal the diamonds and cash that have been obtained unlawfully.

They carry out their strategy effectively and conceal the jewels in a junk car's boot. In the process, they free an abducted girl. They disclose their crime to Dileep later that morning out of fear. However, the automobile disappears, and Dileep threatens to kill them if they don't pay back the money that was taken. Upon deciding to end their lives, Venky, Varun, Harika, as well as Nagaraju learn that wealthy Anand Sharma was seeking his prodigal son. They decide to go to his home and pose as his son to steal his money. But because they prepared to commit suicide, they nearly perish. Fortunately, they occasionally find themselves saved.

All of them arrive at his home in Vizianagaram. They pose as Anand's children: Venky, Varun, Harika (disguised as a man), and a young artist who Nagaraju has employed. Anand allows everyone to reside in his palace since he is unsure who the proper person is. They plot against one another and completely fall short of impressing Anand. All of the contestants go through Anand's most difficult tests.

As a last-ditch effort, Anand declares that the person who makes his F3 toy manufacture profitable will be recognized as his heir. All the competitors put aside their rivalries and worked together to develop a brand-new toy to make money. By commercializing Telugu movie characters like Amarendra Baahubali, Gabbar Singh, Ajay Krishna, Veera Raghava, Chitti Babu, as well as Pushparaju, they create a line of interactive toys.

Sales soar to new heights, and the manufacturer makes a hefty profit. Together, they choose Varun and declare him Anand's legitimate heir. But Anand admits that his son committed suicide a few years prior after making money through deception. Anand gave them the chance to show themselves because they saved his granddaughter and gave them the money they made. Varun and Venky own their errors and forfeit the funds.

Anand is later kidnapped by his underlings, who want a ransom of Rs. 100 crore (about $13 million). When Venky, Varun, and certain other visitors arrive, the goons attack them. They originally try to confuse them, but when that doesn't work, Venky dons a Narappa costume while Varun dons a Vakeel Saab costume, and the two of them fight the thugs together. The cops show up as they are about to depart and take everyone into custody in the f3 review movie.

In the meantime, the car thief explains to Dileep how he sold all the diamonds for a discount after mistaking them for common gemstones. With the help of his customers, he subsequently wins the election as an MLA, and Dileep, who was fired from his job, joins them as an assistant.

F3 Movie Review:

The directors have emphasized that there won't be any logic and that entertainment will be the primary goal since the film's debut. The logic is tossed out the window beginning with the very first scene in f3 film movie review episodes, and the script is riddled with issues.

Since nothing happens during the first 15 minutes, the movie proceeds pretty slowly. Murali Sharma as well as his quest for his lost son have been introduced abruptly. Despite these instances in the film, the humor prevents the show from disintegrating.

Since they found the events as well as scenes confusing, some participants in the program audience may well not appreciate the film F3. They'll perceive the humor as loud and excessive.

Anil Ravipudi, who directed the movie, performed a fantastic job. He has talent because of the way he narrated f3 movie reviews. He provided the actors from the F2 movie reels Telugu greater pleasure as well as a financial context. The movie is funny in several instances because of the humor that each character brings to the action. In a way, Anil Ravipudi tried to entertain the audience rather than concentrating on the story or logic, and he succeeded fortunate in doing so.

The music by DSP is fantastic, and the f3 movie songs download are all tastefully positioned in the scene. The BGM and production design are both top-notch. The sum of money Dil Raju put into the film is clear from the visuals. The cinematography work is amazing given the number of actors in the picture. The f3 movie Telugu second half's length needs to have been slightly shorter.

One of the movie's biggest assets is how entertaining it already is. This is the first family-friendly pure comedy that we've seen in quite some time. The f3 movie review in Telugu consistently releases entertaining material at regular intervals.

Compared to his entertaining performance in F2, Venkatesh raises the stakes in F3. He excels at letting go of his famous persona, assuming a role, and eliciting laughter. His physical comedy is spot-on. He does a fantastic job playing the man with vision problems in F 3. Sonal Chauhan suddenly gets a good job after a long period, and she excels in it.

Varun Tej, a remarkably underrated performer, showcases his skills in F3. Comedy is challenging to conjure, yet Varun accomplishes it in F3 with such ease. He has terrific chemistry with Venkatesh as the young child who blurs. Tamannah and Mehreen, who both have significant roles in the film, give their best.

After some time, Sunil gets a bigger role and also entertains people. Ali makes a comeback with a crazy persona and succeeds despite his limitations. The F2 team, Annapurna, Pragathi, as well as Murali Sharma all perform admirably in their roles.

The audience will be impressed by the f3 rating climax as well as the humorous way that top celebrities are mentioned. The singles are passable, as well as the tracks are strategically located.


All in all f3 review Telugu is a complete blockbuster film with top-notch enjoyment interspersed. Even if the screenplay, logic, as well as emotions, are scattered throughout the place, the variety of stars as well as the fun produced keep the viewers engaged and makes this movie a great family watch this weekend. Just keep your expectations realistic and enjoy how quickly this time goes by.

F3 Movie Rating IMDb:

4.8 out of 10 with 1938 votes on IMDb

F3 Movie Movie Review Trailer:

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