Evaru Movie Review: Cast, Ratings, Storyline, Aspects, Verdict

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Evaru is a movie that has gathered a lot of attention over the past few days. With its breathtaking trailer, the film captured the imagination of many. Today it hit screens worldwide and let's see how things go.

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The movie begins with Samira (Regina), a suspect accused of killing police officer Ashok (Navin Chandra). Samira's husband rarely helps her, and seeing this situation in her, she decides to take care of this problem herself. So she pays big bucks and hires corrupt cop Vikram (Adivi Sesh) to help her. How does Samira get out of her confusion? What role does Vikram play in all of this? Why did Samira kill Asok? To find the answer, you have to watch the movie on the big screen.

Evaru Movie Review

Adivi Sesh said in an interview that after seeing Evaru, you can get all your questions answered. And of course, Evaru asks a lot of questions, but she gives a convincing answer that the film is inspired by the Spanish film "The Invisible Guest". Why the creators kept it secret remains a mystery, but Evaru is a thriller that will keep you nervous until the very end. Evaru release date was 15 August 2019.

Samira (Regina Cassandra) is charged with murdering the police officer who raped her. Her lawyer (Vinay Varma) hires corrupt cop Vikram (Adivi Sesh) to solve the case and protect Samira from prosecutors who have an entire department on their side. But the old example of Vikram is working, making Everything seem more complicated than it is. Evaru movie ratings are quite good on various platforms like IMDb.

Make no mistake about the Evaru Telugu movie. It's not easy to shoot this kind of thriller and keep viewers hooked and guessing. Especially since this genre is not being explored sufficiently in Telugu cinema and Venkat Ramji deserves recognition for it. While the director makes some minor changes to the original, he maintains the tension through to the end.

However, while the creators of Evaru Adivi Sesh succeed in connecting the dots between turns and turns, there are some issues with the storyline and the connections seem not perfect. Ramsey, trying to separate himself from the original, creates additional plots in vain, and the film is tied in a knot. You may be wondering why the original plot was remade.

Evaru Hindi remake is also going to be done after seeing the success of the Evaru movie.

However, the Evaru movie is chosen by Adivi Sesh for a brilliant performance. Naveen Chandra also shows great results. As the protagonist, Regina could be a little better, and it doesn't always deliver the influence her character needs.

Evaru Cast

Director: Venkat Ramji

Writer: Abburi Ravi


  • Adivi Sesh as Sub-Inspector Vikram Vasudev
  • Naveen Chandra as DSP Ashok Krishna
  • Regina Cassandra as Sameera 'Sam' Maha
  • Murali Sharma as Vinay Varma
  • Nihal Kodhaty as Adarsh Varma
  • Pavitra Lokesh as Adarsh Varma's Mother
  • Raja Ravindra as Inspector Suresh
  • Pammi Sai as Constable Reddy
  • Sasidhar as the Cop
  • Vinay Varma as Banerjee
  • Syed Irfan Ahmed as Rahul Maha

Producer: PVP Cinema

Positive aspects 

As per the Evaru review, what I like the most in Evaru ra are the interesting twists that keep coming now and then. It was planned and executed to fill the film with suspense for the most part.

Adivi Sesh is good at choosing good thrillers and so is Evvaru Evvaru. His performance as a corrupt policeman is very good. Best of all, Sesh was great in the confrontation scene with Regina.

Regina returns confidently with the Yevaru movie. She is great in her dual role and gives her Guardian the best performance. She, like Samira, is helpless, cunning, and arrogant and perfectly demonstrates these feelings. Regina's match in the second half is the highlight of the sesh Evaru movie. The climax is well planned.

The silent killer in the Ivaru movie is Navin Chandra. He proved his talent with his negative acting in Arabinda Samet. He does his best by taking the lead role in Eva La. All his scenes with Regina are very interesting. Murali Sharma did an excellent job in his role, as was the young actor who played the role of a cancer patient.

Negative aspects 

Everyone who's seen the original Invisible Guest and the remake Buddle won't be thrilled because the creators have changed a lot of things they might not like.

The way Adivi Sesh starts the Yavaru Yavaru story isn't very interesting and only gets interesting during breaks. The way Sash plans Everything at his convenience is a bit odd after all.

Technical aspects

The production quality of PVP movies is top-notch as the process looks pretty polished. This is further accentuated by the amazing shooting technique that makes the stage lighting amazing. Sricharan Paakala's musical score is astounding and takes the film to a new level. Regina liked her style. The dialogue is top-notch and fits the story perfectly. Editing is top-notch as the film remains sharp.

He made his impressive debut as director Venkat Ramsey. The way he owns the remake and makes subtle changes to the original makes a big difference. The movie starts at a slow tempo, but as it enters the second half, it calmly provides a reversal and makes the audience nervous.


In the end, Adivi Sesh impresses once again with Evaru 2019, who recently appeared on stage. The Evaru movie in Tamil is a charming murder detective story with many jokes executed decently. Those who have seen the original may feel that this movie is almost okay, but those who haven't will be impressed by its tense acting, immersive script, and exquisite climax.

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