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The Enemy is a movie that has been heavily promoted in the last few days. A movie starring Arya and Vishal is out and let's see how it goes. Enemy release date Vishal was in the year 2021.

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Surya (Vishal) and Rajiv (Arya) are childhood friends. Rajiv is always jealous of Surya's wit and goes down the road of crime at a very young age. After 25 years, they meet in Singapore. Once again, a war breaks out between them in a bigger and crazier setting. Who makes who the enemy and what happens in the end - that's the main story of the film.

Enemy Telugu Movie Review 

Anand Shankar directs The Enemy. Another attempt in his realm. He strives to make epic action films with unique core elements. In the case of enemies, friends become enemies. Enemy Vishal movie release date was in November.

The first part of the movie went well. The whole childhood episode sets the movie brilliantly. Several episodes related to "Photography Memory" are filmed breathtakingly. In particular, the part where Surya shares her thoughts is impressive.

Then the Enemy movie 2021 moves to the present and we return to our normal commercial activities. The acquaintance with the hero and the subsequent entertainment program is very predictable. The first is good and the second is weak.

As per the Enemy Tamil movie review, with the arrival of the enemy, the enemy is gaining momentum again. The entire pacemaker sequence does all the thrills neatly in place. It's fresh on the screen and raises the bar for the encounter between the protagonist and the antagonist.

As such, the intermission raises expectations for the second half even if it goes smoothly without the Big Bang. Enemy ratings are quite good. The Enemy movie rating is 6.6 out of 10 on IMDb. Enemy 2021 release date was in the Winter season at the starting of November month.

As per Enemy 2021 Review, the second half begins with a battle between Vishal and Arya. But it is also clear that the old elegance has disappeared. Enemy movie hero, Arya's pranks turn enemies into stupid commercial areas. The Enemy movie release date was 4 November 2021.

What happens next in Enemy Movie Telugu, and Arya's reaction to it leads everyone down a more foolish path. If it weren't for the behind-the-scenes story of Arya's character, Rajiv, this wouldn't have been a problem. What he does to such a high-profile killer is very simple and foolish. Enemy OTT Tamil can be watched online on the SonyLIV platform.

Then the director of the Enemy Telugu movie unleashes the inner Christopher Nolan and gives us Dark Night redux in The Enemy. Suddenly, Vishal becomes Batman and Arya becomes naughty. The entire climax and climax is a classic Hollywood copy. There is no energy or thrill here alone. Anbarivu IMDb ratings are pretty good and are enough to understand that the movie is good to watch.

Everything has a predictable end. The conversation is not good and speed is not helpful. But the action between them is worth it. Enemy Tamil movie IMDb helps analyze what the movie states and helps determine whether it is a must-watch movie 

Overall, Enemy is off to a good start and provides a decent thrill in the first half. The second half dived after that point and he never recovered. It wastes the potential of a captivating action thriller. But if you like the genre and don't mind recycling, give it a try.

Enemy Tamil OTT is a good movie that can act as a must-watch movie.

Enemy Tamil movie Cast:

Director: Anand Shankar

Writer: Anand Shankar, S. Ramakrishnan, Shan Karuppuswamy


  • Vishal as Chozhan Ramalingam
  • Arya as Rajiv Paarirajan
  • Mirnalini Ravi as Ashvitha
  • Mamta Mohandas as Anisha
  • Prakash Raj as Paarirajan IPS
  • Thambi Ramaiah as "Risk" Ramalingam
  • Karunakaran as Babu
  • John Vijay as Peter
  • George Maryan as Ganesh

Producer: Mini Studios

Positive aspects 

Vishal is in good shape and plays a dynamic role. He looks solid and goes all-out to Arya in the fight scenes. Arya likewise sparks a passion for the film with her negative roles. In a way, Arya is giving her game a new angle.

Enemy is full of action. Thrills are new and keep viewers interested most of the time. The first half is full of crime scenes and the second half is reserved for serious action. Enemy Tamil movie OTT platform is SonyLIV.

The action scenes of Aria and Vishal are so well combined that the viewers are thrilled. Prakash Raj and Mamta Mohan Das do a good job in supporting roles. BGM is one of the highlights and Thaman is taking it to the next level.

Negative aspects

The creators focused more on style than on emotion. The story had a good chance to sharpen the rift between the two characters, but it didn't go well. Also, since it's an action movie, some logical conclusions are wrong.

There are some delays here and there in the second half. The creators had to edit the repeating scenes to be clearer. Because the focus is on the action, director Anand Shanka omits a major scene that creates a big rift between the two characters.

Technical Aspects:

Taman's music is boring but his background music is inflammatory. The cinematography is just as good as the directing. The film looks beautiful and stylish. In particular, the mention of action choreography stands out.

Director Anand Shankar did a decent job in the film. He actively used stars such as Arya and Vishal and took on the role of a voice actor in action films. If he had handled his emotions a little better, the result would have been much better.


Overall, The Enemy Anbarivu IMDb is an action drama with decent effects and stunts. Vishal and Arya do well and for the most part, they keep the movie together. Anyone who likes action movies with big characters will see this movie on Diwali.

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