Endravathu Oru Naal Movie: Will Their Life Be Able To Go Back To Normal

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Vidharth and Remya Nambeesan play the main characters in Vetri Duraisamy's 2021 Tamil language dramatic movie, Endraavathu Oru Naal. Endravathu Oru Naal Tamil movie was released on October 8, 2021, and The Theatre People sponsored it.

Hola guys and a warm welcome to the channel today we're going to discuss the film endravathu Oru naal review which is a transition for "One Fine Day," but in this instance, it refers to a movie that we will cover in the article as well as its cast and other information from endravadhu Oru Naal.

About The Movie:

The movie was scheduled to have its straight television debut on Zee Tamil on October 3, 2021, but it was instead made available for streaming on ZEE5 on October 8. Vetri Duraisamy, the son of former Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy, made his directorial debut with the movie, which went into production in late 2020. Naal movie shooting location was Vellakoil near Coimbatore. The movie had a festival run before it was released and won 43 awards at various film festivals.

Naal Movie Cast :


  • Vetri Duraisamy


  • Vetri Duraisamy


  • Vidharth as Thangamuthu
  • Remya Nambeesan as Rasathi
  • Master Raghavan as Murugan
  • Ilavarasu
  • Diana Vishalini
  • Rajesh Balachandiran
  • R. Bhaskar
  • Mahesh Shanmugasundram


  • The Theatre People

Endravathu Oru Naal Story:

Inside the village, Thangamuthu (Vidharth) is engaged in farming with a few cows. Rasathi is his spouse (Ramya Nambisan). They had been caring for their cows as kids regardless of being childless for a long time. Due to the severe drought in the hamlet and the utilization of electric motors to get water, Thangamuthu's well is going empty.

Cows are hungry as a result of a water shortage. As a result, Thangamuthu moves all the cows—aside from one named Lakshmi—to graze on other people's property. After a long time, Rasathi becomes pregnant. Thangamuthu deepens the well and borrows money while descending.

Rasathi gives birth just when the well in his house digging is finished. Upon leaving Thangamuthu in the hospital, he is hit by lightning and dies. When Rasathi, who cohabits with her son, has not paid interest for ten years, the creditor seizes her cows. How well he was successful in saving his cows once more is the subject of the film "Someday Or Naan" in endravathu Oru naal story.

Endravathu Oru Naal Review:

Perhaps the most prevalent feeling in this movie is suffering. The nicest of people suffer through the hardest events in the movie, but there is seldom any redemption in yogi babu wiki. When Rasathi (Remya Nambeesan) as well as her son Murugan (Master Raghavan) encounter a roadblock as well as call out for assistance, we are aware that help is unlikely to arrive and that their only option is to continue downward. Of course, one could argue that this is done on purpose to mimic the difficulties faced by farmers in reality in don movie review behindwoods.

However, when these unpleasant incidents repeat themselves, they cause numbness. Using his "sad" violin background music, composer Raghunathan tries to convey a sense of melancholy, yet this just prolongs the dullness.

The plot is centered on a small cast of characters in a small number of settings. When the same people meet, their conversations also seem repetitious. The main plot element of this movie is the moneylender's kidnapping of the bulls, which starts our heroes' trip. These bulls ought to have been handled as main protagonists, perhaps similar to Raame Aandalum, but instead, they are regarded as mere props in this instance in don review behindwoods.

Endraavathu Oru Naal's director Vetri Duraisamy makes an effort to prevent the sequences from becoming overly emotional, which is one of the film's highlights. Some melodrama is inevitable given the subject, but the filmmaker makes sure that it doesn't get out of hand. The demise of Thangamuthu, one of the movie's most devastating episodes, is depicted straightforwardly. Additionally, he creates a very appealing bond between Thangamuthu and Raasaathi without using ostentatious gestures or language. The two characters are only made to seem more realistic by Viddarth and Ramya Nambeesan's genuine performances. Furthermore, Thangamuthu's views on agriculture and sustainable living don't turn into didactic lectures regarding farmers as well as their difficulties in endravathu oru naal movie.

The script only starts to falter toward the end of the film. When Murugan is pushed to the fore, even though it seems like a perfectly logical choice for him to skip work and attend school for several months to raise the funds needed to get their bulls back, plausibility suffers due to the way the director portrays this development. In contrast to what we had witnessed up to that point, the events that followed don't feel natural. You can see how a writer is strategically placing his pieces to produce the tragic irony he is going for in endravathu Oru naal review.

The son of the former Chennai Mayor Saithai Duraisamy, Vetri Duraisamy, will make his filmmaking debut. In the first movie, he finds a very organic and elegant solution to the issues that the villages of Kadakodi are experiencing as both a direct and indirect result of urbanization in kgf behindwoods review.

This movie's portrayal of something like the grey tint is its redeeming grace. Even the enemies are not bad. The local moneylender asks for forgiveness for his wrongdoing, and the person who employs the minors doesn't abuse them excessively in Ramya nambeesan Wikipedia. The persona of Thanga Muthu is written well, and we wish we had seen more of him. Although Remya, as well as Raghavan, provide one of their best performances, performers can only accomplish so much when the storyline is weak in endravathu oru naal movie.


We watch movies about farmers who are struggling to save their land and livestock every week. Maybe it's time for some movies that focus on the suffering of viewers who are repeatedly subjected to the same stories. The movie feels too lengthy, like a 45-minute short movie extended to a feature film, notwithstanding it is much less than two-hour execution times.

Endravathu Oru Naal IMDb Rating:

6.9 out of 10 with 64 votes on IMDb

endravathu Oru Naal Trailer:

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