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The son of acclaimed director Ravi Raj Pinisetti, Aadi Pinisetti collaborated with Dhansika to produce this historical drama, Elvira. The film was directed by Vasantabalan. The main roles are played by Sveta Menon, Pasupati, and other actors. This version was created by Shiva and Srinivas Damera. The movie hit the screens today. So let's see how it pans out.

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The story begins in 18th century India in a small village called Chinna Veerapalem. The people of that village are constantly fighting with the neighboring village of Martooru. When a young man from Martooru (Bharath) dies under mysterious circumstances in Chin Veerapalem, tension rises and the matter is reported to the regional king (Vijay Chander).

After investigating the case, Dobry concludes that the village of Chinna Virapalem is responsible for the murder of the youth. To set the score, the king asks the villagers to select a young man from among them and offer him a sacrifice. The village elders choose Chinna (Aadhi) as a sacrifice. Stubborn Chinna doesn't want to die, so she decides to investigate the case and find the real killer. During his investigation, he discovers a surprising fact. Who is the real killer? Will Chinna be able to complete her mission? This forms the rest of the story.

Eka Movie Cast:

Director: Vasanthabalan

Writer: Karthik 


  • Aadi Pinisetty
  • Dasnika
  • Anjali
  • Pasupathy
  • Archana Kaavi
  • Swetha Menon
  • Shruti Prakash
  • Vijayachander
  • Karikalan
  • Thirumurugan

Producer: Srinivas Damera

Eka Veera Movie Review

Unlike Hollywood, there are few Tamil films based on books like last year's Azhargarsamiyin Kudhirai. Araban is based on a chapter in the 2011 Sahiya Academy Award-winning novel Kabal Kotam by author Su Venkatesan. He describes a period in Madurai history before the arrival of the British when an entire village or palace of a wealthy businessman was protected by people belonging to a particular community.

As per Eka Veera Review, Dhansika is unfortunately underutilized and takes up most of the screen time with two songs. Like Sveta Menon, actors Bharat and Anjali in small roles are also wasted.

Singer Kartik debuts as a songwriter and does a great job with the Ekaveera songs "Nila Nila pugute" (Vijay Prakash and Harini) and "Unna Kolla poren" (Kartikeyan and Bhavatarini).

A lot of effort has been put into recreating the looks and costumes of the past, and the results are visible on the screen of ekaveera 2012. Full thanks to Director Vasantabalan and Artistic Director Vijay Murugan for this. Cinematographer Siddharth could have made using the fisheye lens a little easier on a few scenes, but he shows his skills, especially in tracking scenes shot in the lush green forest of Kerala with Tamil Nadu. Even the low-quality CGI could have been avoided in the scene where Waripuli rescues Kombodhi from captivity by hiding among a herd of angry bulls.

Editor Pravin K.L. and N.B. Srikanth have a good pace in the first half, but slow down in the second half, especially in the flashback scenes. Clearer edits and shorter run times can greatly improve your viewing experience.

Vasantabalan received much acclaim as early Veyil and Angadi Teru. Unfortunately "Aravaan" doesn't live up to the standards they set. It started well but was only half done.

Negative aspects

The second half of Ekaveera Telugu movie loses momentum and the narrative slows down. There are some problems with the script and the hero has nothing to do in the second half. Again, its exaggerated Tamil origins and the tragic ending won't appeal to the Telugu crowd.

Anjali, Bharat, and Shweta Menon are wasted on trivial roles. The arrangement of the songs in the second half tests the patience of the audience. There is no commercial element in the film that would please the average movie lover. There is no proper continuity between the first half and the second half.

Technical aspects

The editing is a big minus and the movie is very cramped. The visuals are very good and the 18th-century feel is conveyed well. Karthik's soundtrack is okay, but the songs are pretty bad. The conversation is fine. The fights are well organized.


This is a very "Tamil" Eka Vera movie. Too many off-flavors and a poor second half drop the film a lot. Ekavir has nothing to offer the casual moviegoer, and the second half has little to do with the hero. All in all, the movie is a huge disappointment and can be safely skipped.

Here is the Eka Veera full movie:

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