Ek Villain Returns Movie Review: Who Is The Real Hero

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Wow... the sequel of "Ek Villain" movie has finally arrived but why Aditya Roy Kapur is not in the sequel of Ek Villain when initially he was a part of the movie, such questions will be answered in this article. So let's start right now and not waste any more time.

Ek Villain Returns is an upcoming action thriller movie in Hindi. It is directed by Mohit Suri and Balaji Motion Pictures and T-Series produced it together. The film is a continuation of Mohit Suri's earlier work, "Ek Villain," 2014 starring Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, and Riteish Deshmukh in lead. However, compared to the last movie, Ek villain 2 has a distinct storyline. 

Ek villain returns plot-

The sequel, "Ek Villain Returns," which was released eight years after the original, gives a new spin on the idea that "every story has a villain." Love-obsessed Bhairav struggles to understand Rasika's rejection. He makes a scene at his ex-wedding girlfriend's because he is outspoken. He assaults visitors and security personnel in a popular video. Aarvi Malhotra, a young vocalist, parodies this song by using elements from the video. It spreads widely. Later on, Aarvi is mysteriously and sinisterly kidnapped from her house. There is a tonne of drama and action as her lover Gautam, who is held responsible for her abrupt disappearance, sets out to find her.

This time, the plot broadens its scope by featuring two male characters who alternate between being heroes and villains, one of whom is disguised while the other is attempting to reveal his true identity. This notion that everyone possesses both heroic and villainous traits, with which one emerges as the dominant force depending on the circumstances, is merit in the movie. 

Ek villain returns cast- 

Initially, Aditya Roy Kapur was scheduled to play Gautam Mehra in the film but due to disagreements and a rift with the Ek villain returns director, Mohit Suri. The part was withdrawn, and instead of Aditya Roy Kapur, Arjun Kapoor starring Gautam Mehra in the film.

  • John Abraham - Bhairav Purohit
  • Arjun Kapoor - Gautam Mehra
  • Bharat Dabholkar - Mehra, Father of Gautam
  • Disha Patani - Rasika Mapuskar
  • Tara Sutaria - Aaravi Malhotra
  • J. D. Chakravarthy - ACP V. K. Ganesan
  • Karishma Sharma - Siya, the ex-girlfriend of Gautam
  • Kaizaad Kotwal - Father of Siya
  • Elena Roxana Maria Fernandes - Qiran
  • Shaad Randhawa - Aditya Singh Rathore, a CBI officer 
  • Ivan Rodrigues - Thapar
  • Digvijay Rohildas - Keshav Rane, a friend of Bhairav
  • Neha Shitole - Chetna
  • Satish Nakyodi - Satish
  • Riteish Deshmukh - Rakesh Mahadkar 
  • Badshah - in the song "Shaamat"

Ek villain 2 release date-

On March 1st, 2021, the shooting of the Ek Villain returns started and Abraham completed his filming in October 2021. The last scene of the movie was on March 24, 2022.

On its first day, Ek Villain Returns brought in 7.05 crores at the domestic box office.

Early January 2022 was the planned release date for the movie. However, it was unable to due to the coronavirus epidemic. Now that things have improved significantly, fans will be able to see the much-anticipated sequel.

On July 29, 2022, the romance-thriller movie debuted on movie screens. Now you can easily see it at the theatres closest to you.

Additionally, as we can see that the film has teamed up with Netflix for an OTT distribution on the official poster and even on the thumbnail of the teaser. A release date has not yet been set, but it should occur in less than a month.

The reason is that the film's initial reviews haven't exactly been kind. Ek villain returns IMDb rating was 4.1/10 but at the time this article was written it became 8.3/10.

Ek villain returns Soundtrack-

  • Galliyan Returns by Ankit Tiwari
  • Dil by Raghav Chaitanya
  • Dil (Female version) by Shreya Ghoshal 
  • Shaamat by Ankit Tiwari and Tara Sutaria
  • Naa Tere Bin by Altamash Faridi
  • Galliyan Returns (Reprise) by Ankit Tiwari and Tara Sutaria

Ek villain 2 review-

Ek Villain Returns has a compelling storyline and a compelling plot. In the follow-up, Ek Villain Returns, director Mohit Suri, who did a wonderful job with the first film in the Ek Villain franchise, presents a masala entertainer with massy language, thrilling scenes, and good acting. Enjoy this movie to see a stylish thriller that manages to appeal to a wide audience.

Ek Villain returns and has a convoluted plot and mediocre acting, which makes Ek Villain seem like a superior effort.

However, a convoluted storyline and unimpressive acting do not create a good movie; in contrast, the average "Ek Villain" seems to be a better movie.

The movie got off to a good start at the box office, earning Rs 7.5 crore on Day 1 and continuing to do so on Day 2.

Ek villain 2 Trailer-



Ques. 1 Is the Ek villain returns remake? 

Ans. Yes, Ek villain returns is a remake of the movie, "Ek Villain" in 2014 starring Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, and Riteish Deshmukh.

Ques. 2 What is the story of Ek Villain Returns? 

Ans. Bhairav, a man preoccupied with love, finds it difficult to comprehend Rasika's denial. Singer Aarvi is abducted from her home in a mysterious and sinister manner. Her lover, Gautam, who is blamed for her sudden disappearance, sets out to find her.

Ques. 3 Is Ek villain returns worth watching? 

Ans.  The movie starts out with a bang, the scene at the music festival is excessive, the battle scene on a metro train, the intermission, and the flashback scene. Although the last fight is entertaining, the suspense increases the craziness. And if you think that's it, guess again because the concluding scene will make you jump with anticipation.

Ques. 4 Who is the real villain in Ek villain returns?

Ans. Neither John nor Arjun is the real villain in the movie. Disha and Tara, a girl combo, might be the main villain in the movie for that you guys have to watch it as we do not want to spoil the suspense.

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