Ek Mini Katha Movie Review: A Telugu Social Drama Adult Movie

Saumya Sharma Sep 21 . 7 min read

Ek Mni Kaths is an Indian 2021 Telugu language movie. It is a comedy adult movie in the direction of Debutant Karthik Rapolu. The production is done under the UV concepts and Mango Mass Media. The main leads of ek mini katha telugu movie are Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, and Santosh Shoban. The ek mini katha release date is 27 May 2021. The total running time of the film is 134 minutes. The total budget of the film is Rs 5 Crores. You can enjoy it on ek mini katha ott and can know about ek mini katha rating in this article.

About Ek Mini Katha

The ek mini katha story shows Santosh (ek mini katha hero name), a young man who used to struggle because of his small size private part. He stated remaining very upset because of it. His father was feeling very sad after seeing him like this so he decided to get Santosh married. His father found a girl for her named Amrutha. Santosh was so much insecure about his private part that he started escaping a physical relationship. But why was he so nervous and insecure about himself? Would he ever be able to overcome his insecurities? The rest of the story is all about it.

Hello friends! Today we are back with a social drama film. The ek mini katha story not only entertains people but also tells them to break stereotypes and to live freely without any worry of judgment. keep reading to know how a person accepts himself in this judgmental society and ek mini katha review.

Ek Mini Katha Cast


  • Karthik Rapolu


  • UV Concepts
  • Mango Mass Media


  • Santosh Shoban as Santosh
  • Kavya Thapar as Amrutha
  • Shraddha Das as Junior Guruji
  • Brahmaji as Ram Mohan
  • Sudarshan as Friend of Santosh
  • Saptagiri as Yadagiri
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Dr. Surya Prakash
  • Harsha Vardhan as G. Satya Kishore
  • Duvvasi Mohan
  • C. V. L. Narasimha Rao
  • Jeevan Kumar


  • Merlapaka Gandhi
  • Kavya Thapar
  • Shraddha Das

Ek Mini Katha Storyline

Ram Mohan was a professor, he visited a psychiatrist and told her about the sex addiction of his son Santosh. Later Santosh also visited the psychiatrist and told her everything about his past. When he was in college everyone used to tease him about his small penis. He was also a member of a social media group named SDG and tried different medicines and methods suggested for penis enlargement but none of them worked. He told about his problem to one of his friends named Sudarshan, and he suggests surgery where he can get penis enlargement. He went to the doctor for an appointment and the doctor told him that there is a high-risk factor it and the success rate is only 1-2%. Then he went to the home of a prostitute so that he can overcome his fear but the house was raided and the cop warned both of them. Ram Mohan arranged a meeting for his son and Amrutha. Santosh got to know that Amrutha spills coffee on the person she don't like but he instantly fall sin love with her, Amrutha also started liking him but by mistake, she spilled coffee on his pants.

This created a misunderstanding between them as Santosh thought she is not interested in him. A few days later they both meet and Amrutha explains whatever happened. They both started getting close to each other. Amrutha loved the honesty and nature of Santosh and the marriage gets fixed but he was still insecure about his penis. He decided to get surgery even after the risk rate he took a 15 lakh rs loan from the bank and during the surgery, the doctor got a heart attack and died because of this the surgery couldn't happen. The marriage date was around the corner and Santosh decided to tell her the truth they both meet in a park on valentines day but a group of people thought that valentines day is not good. They forcibly made Santosh and Amrutha marry on live TV. Both the families felt ashamed and to cover this up they arranged a reception for them. The family now started deciding for their first night but Santosh didn't want that to happen. He requested his cousins to stay for the next 10 days and everything got delayed. One day Santosh had sexual intimacy with Amrutha and realized that she didn't have any complaints about his size instead she was really happy. But things got complicated when some misunderstandings happened between both of them in which Amrutha felt cheated. Her family decided to take her back along with them without listening to Santosh. Three months passed and her family was not allowing him to talk with her. He went to a psychiatrist and explained that it was all in his mind the size was never an issue but the stereotypes made by society were. He went to her home and explained everything. they both reconcile and had a son a few years later. The movie ended on a happy and positive note.


Santosh Shoban did many films earlier but ek mini kadha is one of the best movies done by me. The social issues shown in the movie were very well enacted by him. From comedy to drama and emotional scenes he did everything very perfectly. The role played by Kavya Thapar was also very good. She looked very beautiful on the screen and the chemistry shared between her and the main lead actor was also very good. Brahmaji also did a very good job his comedy scenes were very good. The first half of the movie is entertaining and had good comedy content but the second half was a bit dragging. Overall the ek mini katha movie was good but the issue that has been discussed in the movie is not clearly shown. The storyline felt a little weird in the beginning but made sense in the second half. The shooting was completed in Hyderabad and the shots taken there very absolutely amazing in short the camera work was quite amazing. The background music gives amazing and pleasant vibes. The direction done by Karthik Rapolu was also good. The topic of the movie could have made anyone awkward but the direction is done in such a way that it didn't look vulgar at all. The ek mini katha movie ended on a very positive and happy note. The ek mini katha cast did an amazing job.


Overall, ek mini katha full movie showed a very serious and bold topic. Instead of vulgarity, the ek mini katha director did a very smart job of narrating the story in a way of educating people and telling them to accept themselves the way they are. The movie is preferable for an adult audience. If you are looking for something new then you can surely go for this movie. You can enjoy on ek mini katha ott platform.


The ek mini katha movierulz gained 7.1 points out of 10 on IMDb.


Ques 1. What is the mini movie release date?

Ans. The ek telugu movie was released on 27 May 2021.

Ques 2. What is ek mini katha hero name?

Ans. Santosh Shoban is the hero of ek movie.


Image Credits: IMDb

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