Dr Arora web series: The Doctor treating sex related problems In his own ways

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Dr. Arora is an Indian web series, based in the 90s, created by Imtiaz Ali, Dr. Arora is a sex consultant, series is related to the comedic events of Dr. Arora's life. Dr Arora web series cast includes Kumud Mishra.

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing good, I am back again with a blog of a series making lives better by adding laughter to it. 

Yes, a subject we all hesitate to talk about. From roadside advertisements to newspaper clippings, our society never wants to be open about sexual issues. "doctor. The story of the web series Arora: The Secret Disease Specialist revolves around this taboo issue. Starring Kumud Mishra. He is Dr. Arora, an obstetrician-gynecologist. He treats patients who come to him very well, but cannot resolve the type of stigma or stigma that society views about sexual health. The story is based on this battle.

Dr Arora web series release date

Dr. Arora is scheduled to stream on Sony Liv on July 22, 2022. This season consists of 6 episodes. The first teaser featuring various people dealing with sexual health issues was released on April 3, 2022.

Dr Arora web series review

Dr. Arora cures all hidden ailments. From premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction to night owls, all types of patients visit his sex clinic. The subject matter of this web series may be bold, but it doesn't look out of place. Don't mind while you're looking, that's the beauty. The series also highlights how men with sexual problems are pressured by society, leading them to do different things to prove their masculinity. This series should be viewed as such, not from a sexual angle, whatever the issue at hand.

Imtiaz Ali is the creator of this series. It's all 8 episodes. Imtiaz Ali is known to show love on screen in a different romantic way in his films. So does this series. Pretend to be a doctor and tell a touching love story. Arora. The story ranges from Morena in Madhya Pradesh to Sawai his Madhopur-like cities in Rajasthan and Jhansi and Agra in his UP. In all these places, Dr. Arora himself sex his clinic. For her, it's not just a job, it's a passion. Against the backdrop of these small towns, you can see the dusty old clinics. Emotional songs and background music will captivate you. 

The plot of the Web series is not only interesting but also timely. Time and again, sex in India remains a topic that cannot be talked about. Usually, such topics try to make you laugh with ambiguous jokes. But there is no such thing as a Ph.D. Arora series. Rather, it is a story that can be seen without discomfort in the family.

Dr. Arora also has her own story in the series. They have been separated for 17 years. His ex-wife Vaishali has feelings of her own and Dr. Aroras for her. Dr. Arora was left by her wife because she could not satisfy her in her bed. This inspired her to run her sex clinic and try to help people with afflictions like her. Between the past and the present, the series of stories are poignant many times over. However, in the end, we also reach the end of this love story and despair. 

Kumud Mishra is the life of this series. In the role of Dr. Arora, he pretends to be brave enough to make you fall in love with him. His personality has two sides. On the one hand, he lives a normal life. On the other hand, they yearn to catch a glimpse of their love as they move from town to town, treating people peacefully. There are happy and sad memories of their fresh pasta. Vidya Malvade excels in his Vaishali personality. Aditya Pandey and Siya Mahajan spent the youth of Dr. Alolan and Vaishali drawing in the series. 

The feud between Gauraf Parjuri, who plays Devendra Thakur, and his neighbor Putulu (Shruti Das) is fun. Raj Arjun's exuberant style as Baba Filangi is tickling. Ajitesh Gupta and Sandeepa Dhar also make a name for themselves as SP Tomar and Mithu Tomar. Beautiful chemistry touches your heart. One of his characters in the series is Dinkal his Bagra who has taken over the newspaper company. Vivek Mushran is also heavily involved in this role. However, his character is mostly not understood. Start thinking about why he's doing what he's doing on screen. Het Tucker, who plays Dinker's son Suraj, does a great job of portraying the young man's predicament. Shakti Kumar and Shekhar Suman's roles in the rest of the cast are small, but they serve their purpose. The series also has politics that help tie the many strands of the story together. 

Directed by Sajid Ali and Arkhit Kumar, Dr. Arora: Gupt Rog Specialist is different from his usual web series. Because sex is taboo. It makes you aware of problems related to sex. It tells us why we need to talk about it, why we should all think about it, and why we need to take the initiative to make a difference. Many movies such as 'Vicky Donor', 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan' and 'Khandaani Shafakhana' have appeared in Bollywood with similar themes. But Dr. Arora continues to tempt you because the story has more to offer.

Dr Arora web series cast

  • Kumud Mishra
  • Gaurav Parajuli
  • Vivek Mushran
  • Ajitesh Gupta
  • Vidya Malvade
  • Sandeepa Dhar
  • Shekhar Suman

Dr Arora web series IMDb

Dr Arora web series has 7.3 IMDb ratings

Dr Arora web series trailer

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