Dobaaraa : 2:12, Will the Indian Audience Accept a remake, review,plot and much more

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Dobaaraa, also stylized as 2:12, is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language mystery drama film directed by Anurag Kashyap. The film stars Taapsee Pannu and Pavail Gulati. Dobaaraa is an official remake of the 2018 Spanish film Mirage. 

Hey guys, hope you guys are good, this blog is about Dobaaraa movie starring everybody’s favorite actress Tapsee Pannu, read the blog to know about the plot, review, and much more.

Dobaaraa Plot

The storyline of Dobaaraa looks great and is fresh for Bollywood. The first part of Nihit Bhave's scripted adaptation is charming. However, how to write the second half is terrible. Dialogue with some witty one-liners is a hallmark of Nihit Bhave's writing. 

 Avanti is the name of the daughter of Antara (Thapsy Pannu) and Vikas (Rahul Bhatt). When the couple moves into their new house, they find an old 1990s TV and camcorder that belonged to their young child, Anai (Pankaj Rajput), who lived there. 

 Anai witnesses a murder in the neighborhood. 

 12-year-old Anai died in a car accident on a stormy night in the 1990s, shortly after witnessing his neighbor murder the wife (Rujuta) of Raja Ghosh (Saswata Chatterjee). 

 Antara finds himself 25 years later trying to save Anai's life in front of the television on the same stormy night in 2021. A series of events begin that change the world around them. 

 Antara is a nurse who is disappointed in her marriage. One night they call her friend Abhishek and his Mursi Sheela. 

 Abhishek helped them buy a house. He shares with them the tragedy that happened to Anai. Raja Ghosh was arrested and confessed to trying to hide Rujuta's body in a sugar factory, Abhishek added. Talking about Dobaaraa collection as per reports, Dobaaraa movie budget was 50 crores and it collected 72 cr. on the first day of release.

Later, Antara finds Anai's television and camcorder in the storage room. She is shocked to hear it played perfectly. The city experiences another geomagnetic storm that same night. Antara can't sleep, so she watches Anay's video. 

She is shocked to find out that Anai can see her after seeing him on her TV. She also finds out that she is talking to him and that he was born in 1996. At this point, Anai informs her that he hears noises coming from Raja's house. Antara knows that tonight will be her last night on Earth. She warns him not to enter her neighbor's house. Otherwise, the fire engine will kill him. 

 At first, Anay did not believe her, but he later began to believe it after she saw a fire truck passing by. Antara wakes up the next morning. She notices a strange change in her appearance and her hairstyle. 

She finds out that she is a doctor, not a nurse, and that Vikas is not her husband. She also admits that she doesn't have a daughter.

 She contacted the police and complained about her daughter's disappearance. She receives a case from Inspector Anand (Pavail Gulati). Antara begins to realize that by altering Anay's past, she has created an alternate reality that affects both her past and present. The rest of the movie is based on what happens next.

Dobaaraa Review

Is the remake version almost the same as the original? Could a successful Spanish movie reboot reflect the lack of creativity in an already struggling Hindi film industry? Audiences should really pay to see films that only appear to be dubbed in Hindi Is it? These are some of the questions on the minds of young viewers who have already seen the Spanish mystery drama movie Mirage, which came out on Netflix in 2018. Dobaaraa collection will be challenging. The latest collaboration between Taapsee Pannu and Anurag's Kashyap is the Hindi version of the strip co-written and directed by Oriol Paulo, named Dobaaraa

 The original film starred Adriana Ugarte and Alvaro Morte, whose acting prowess was witnessed in Netflix's Money Heist. Paveil, on the other hand, follows in Chino Darin's footsteps and plays an important role as an inspector to help the doctor. Antara Vasishth (Taapsee) helps find the mystery behind a series of errors caused by a mysterious old TV. First of all, it is Dobaaraa (2:12), not Dubaarah, a clue that this author has interestingly overlooked.

The spooky prologue scene sets the perfect tone for Antara and Puneth in his thriller about his 12-year-old boy Anai from Hinjewadi, a mystery about the all-changing 'Toufan' (Storm).

 A 25-year (1996-2010) timeline unfolds through a gruesome murder, the mysterious disappearance of a young girl, and the unraveling of a parallel universe. Those looking for more details on how the film explores time travel can refer to an overview of Mirage, a subject Bollywood has yet to experiment with. Once again proving that you can carry a film on your shoulders. Her mannerisms may bring to mind Vera Roy from her original film, but she perfectly embodies her young mother, unhappy wife and, simply put, Lady Kabir Singh.

 If you are a doctor Vasishth makes those who see Mirage forget her Adriana performance, proving her talent as an actress. Taapsee is always the star, keeping you engrossed until the end, making you feel all the mixed emotions, and not letting the truth behind the mystery set you down.

 Needless to say, like her previous films, this one will be a treat for Pannus fans. The film is supported by famous Bengali actor Saswata Chatterjee, famous Tapad her star Paveil Gurathi, actresses Himanshirajpoot, Vidhu Simera, and child artist Maira Rajpal. In fact, despite Taapsee's strong performances, some even dominate the frame, especially her Gulati. 

 This reviewer feels that Dobaaraa's writers are not to be trusted because the film has so little to offer in terms of the script. increase. Some scenes, however, stand out for their Indian influence and melodrama.

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