Dhummas review a gripping story about domestic abuse

Shrenik R PillaiMar 17 . 7 min read

As I write this review of Dhummas, I'm reminded of one of the film's key scenes, in which Mrinalini sits in front of her PC, attempting to connect to her survey of Mahadevi Verma's Links in our Chain. I consider how we are two ladies seeking to profit from the manifestations of other ladies. I analyze how a chain is defined by its connections in the same way that our lives as females are defined in general by those who came before us - for better or worse. The Dhummas Gujarati movie depicts the effects of the terrible bonds, as well as the little demonstrations that attempt to break them, whether successful or not.

  • Regarding the Dhummas review, it's a film that is essentially a 20-minute conversation played by the Dhummas Cast between two females, one whose life is coming to an end and the other whose life has just begun. Mrinalini is the freshly married granddaughter-in-law of an elderly woman who, as far as everyone knows, has lost her memory. The third choice spends her days sitting in a chair, rummaging through old books, looking for lost things, whereas the first option spends her days creating things that, as we see at the end, may not be lost. The old lady recalls her upbringing and her love of poetry, writing, and creating which we will see as we dive more into the Dhummas review.

  • In Dhummas She informs Mrinalini that she met her better half while debating a sonnet in front of Mahadevi Verma, who had then honored her. The grandmother-in-law then continued to write in a worn-out old diary that had a spot for her significant other that she had mended with her own hands.
  • The elderly person in the Dhummas Gujarati movie tells Mrinalini that she wrote three short stories before she had to stop a gone the first about a lady imprisoned for fighting in the freedom battle, an honor winning the second about a lady story under a male alias which her better half took credit for and the third and final one which is why the Dhummas review is so good - she gets to that later.

Woman-on-Woman Violence Is Delicately Portrayed

  • The elderly lady played by the Dhummas Cast was forced to stop writing since her mother by marriage believed that there was no use in a woman writing because her major obligations were to "cook and raise children." Another time, her better half was traveling to Delhi with the rest of the family, and she really wanted to go, but couldn't since her mother by marriage stated, "Who would deal with the home then?" this was one of the reasons for such high Dhummas IMDB Rating on the internet.
  • In Dhummas we witness themes of lady-on-lady violence on a frequent basis, particularly the viciousness induced by moms by marriage over their daughter's in-laws (Saas-Bahu). In almost every representation of this type of savagery, the blame is unambiguously placed on the women, with little regard for what goes into it.
  • There is a thoughtless demonization of women as independent oppressors as one negative as a Dhummas review, with the simultaneous destruction of men's jobs in something quite similar. Indeed, even those who are shown to endure are not shown as victims of man-controlled society, but as survivors of various females who should be innately malevolent.
  • Only in recent women-driven manifestations (Sharp Objects) do we observe a more delicate viewpoint that is also reproachful of ladies who perpetuate the man-controlled society. Dhummas is one such invention. It doesn't muddle the role of men in the persecution of women (the grandmother-in-law informs Mrinalini that she wanted to name her first-conceived child something other than what her better half wanted, yet she chose to remain silent on the grounds that "why pick squabbles, it would be [her] child in any case") - it clarifies its expectation of simply focusing light on ladies on- ladies brutality.

Further, into the Dhummas review, It does not portray women in a negative light solely for the sake of the plot. This is seen in how the elderly woman's own mother energizes her advantage in poetry by describing how it was her mother who urged that she submit the sonnet before Mahadevi Verma. We observe something similar in the way the old woman treats Mrinalini - they appear to bond in what appears to be their very first legitimate interaction.

Ladies' Mental Health, Age, and Gender

  • Dhummas is a dramatic narrative about how women lose their entire lives to a man-controlled society and are finally left aged and burdened with regret. We are born into the world with a weight that we spend our lives carrying and combating. It even kills some of us, and for some, like the elderly woman, it snatches our memories and leaves us.
  • The grandmother in Dhummas is most likely married at a young age and spent the most of her life stowing away and doing what she loved, composing. The mental effects of disguising your advantage and ability in a completely benign move might be as debilitating as it was due to grandma in-control. It has the potential to kill you.

  • Furthermore, it is passed on from one generation to the next. This leaves us with a chain of mentally ill women who must constantly fight abuse at every turn. Inter-generational trauma has severe real-world consequences, as the film illustrates and which is frequently explored. Dhummas delves into the psychological well-being aspect of male-centered abuse and lingers for a while after the credits have rolled.
  • However, its most heinous aspect as far as the Dhummas review is that it may be the fact of a daily pattern not experienced. The granny in- laws' s modest aspirations and goals for her life were destroyed at each level, and it is painfully disappointing to see her elderly and slight explaining minuscule portions of her life that pleased her.
  • It makes you think about the billions of lives that went unlived before we arrived and the billions that will continue to go unlived for as long as order exists. On a smaller and more personal basis in the Dhummas review, it makes you examine the type of everyday routine you may have had the choice to experience had it not been for the reality of your orientation.


  • Literally, Throughout the picture, there is a sense of subtly and imagery. Dhummas figures out how to catch a tonne in the span of 20 minutes without saying much this is evident because of the high Dhummas IMDB Rating- it depicts the old woman's instinct and knowledge in the scene where she grins purposefully at the weather conditions gauge which claims it won't rain and how it winds up raining towards the end; it depicts the arrangement of a connection between Mrinalini and her grandma in- regulation by showing the previous' apprehension in being left alone with the last option.

However, regarding the Dhummas review, the film's last moment contains some of the most satisfying images. There are a few scenes near the beginning that show Mrinalini's dissatisfaction with her marriage and her new home - she is shown occupied in her work and we hear her significant another shouting at her for minor things he could fix himself and moving on to the next lady to fix the wreck when she doesn't answer.

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