Dhruva Review: Will Dhruva Be Successful To Catch Siddharth And Bring Justice

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The 2016 Telugu action-thriller Dhruva Telugu movie online was sponsored by Allu Aravind via his Geetha Arts production firm, and it was directed by Surender Reddy.The film Thani Oruvan (2015), directed by Mohan Raja, is a film adaptation of the Tamil original. It centers on Dhruva, an IPS officer who seeks to apprehend Siddharth Abhimanyu, a rich scientist who makes money using illegal and covert medical procedures.

Greetings to all. You may have seen the intriguing Dhruva movie Telugu full, and now we're here to talk about it. But before we do, you probably want to know how everything about it relates, including the actors, narrative, Dhruva movie review, and other information.

About The Movie:

Hip hop Tamizha produced the music for the Ram charan and Rakul Preet movie, P. S. Vinod managed the cinematography, and Navin Nooli managed the editing. After several delays, the movie finally had its global premiere on December 9, 2016, to generally positive reviews that praised the writing, direction, action scenes, and cinematography of the Dhruv movie as well as the performances of the cast, especially Ram Charan with Arvind Swamy.

Dhruva South Movie Cast:


  • Surender Reddy


  • Vema Reddy
  • Mohan Raja


  • Ram Charan as ASP K. Dhruva IPS
  • Arvind Swamy as Venkanna alias Dr. Siddharth Abhimanyu
  • Rakul Preet Singh as Ishik
  • Navdeep as Gowtham IPS
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Chengalarayudu
  • Sayaji Shinde as Dheeraj Chandra
  • Abhinaya as Scientist Akshara
  • Nassar as Chief minister
  • Farah Karimaee as Preeth
  • Ali Reza as Ranveer Singh IPS
  • Randhir Gattla as Karan IPS
  • Vidyullekha Raman as Ishika's friend
  • Himaja as Ishika's friend
  • Sourav Chakraborty as Abbas Ali
  • Madhusudhan Rao as Irfan Ali
  • Ajay Rathnam as Subramaniam
  • Surya as Ramaswamy
  • Danielle Pires as Angelina


  • Allu Aravind
  • N. V. Prasad

Dhruva Film Plot:

Dhruva Ram Charan, Gautham Navdeep, Ranveer, and Karan are trainee IPS officials who covertly help the police apprehend a group that abducted four girls in Dhruva Telugu full movie. Dhruva gets a mysterious text message from an unknown number one day claiming to be aware of their covert actions. They walk out to see this person in the evening, who turns out to be forensic pathologist Ishika Rakul Preet Singh, Dhruva's ex-girlfriend. They unwittingly witnessed the murder of social activist Ramarao later that same night under the pretext of snatching stealing. The gang and its leader are apprehended by Dhruva and his companion, who then turn them toward the authorities. The gang's leader shows up at the IPS headquarters 4 days later with the Home Minister in ram charan Dhruva. Dhruva & his friends are shocked by this political & organized criminality.

Dhruva invites them to his home where he demonstrates his research on how every seemingly unconnected occurrence may be connected to reveal a larger secret crime network that breaks the law to its financial advantage. He picks out three well-known businesspeople: Dheeraj Chandra, a titan in the pharmaceutical industry, Jayanth Suri, a titan in the mining industry, and Irfan Ali. As he tries to pursue one, he discovers that the trio of them collaborate and are all employed by the wealthy and powerful scientist Siddharth Abhimanyu.

Dhruva is placed as the ASP of the Organized Crime Unit after receiving honors for serving as the best probationer of the batch and also for specializing in dealing with organized crime throughout training.

Siddharth is revealed by Dhruva to be Venkanna in Dhruva full movie. Venkanna changed his name after being released from prison and left India to finish his study overseas. He came back to India after graduating, where he is now a respected scientist. Siddharth abuses the medical profession for his financial gain. In the minority administration led by the party's leader, who is currently the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chengalarayudu is currently serving as the health minister.

A Swiss pharmaceutical firm owner and activist named Angelina is working to make generic medications for serious illnesses cheap for the underprivileged in India at the moment. While Angelina can sign the deal contract with the government, Siddharth's henchman Abbas shoots Dhruva and murders her. He undergoes surgery to implant an electronic bug while he's in the hospital healing from the gunshot wound. Siddharth hears Dhruva's objectives through the bug and regularly listens in on his chats and whereabouts. Akshara provides Dhruva with evidence regarding Siddharth.

At Siddharth's research facility, in which a seaweed that can treat diabetes is widely distributed in the waters, Akshara worked as a scientist. Akshara opposes Siddharth's attempts to sell the technology and copyrights to harvest medicine from seaweed to large pharmaceutical corporations. She is killed by goons Siddharth hires. She does, however, record a video before being killed and put it on an SD card so that it will be found. When Dhruva can locate the card, however, Siddharth learns about it and designates Abbas to get it; nevertheless, Dhruva directs Gautham to do so. After a battle with Abbas, he successfully obtains the card, but Siddharth learns of this via the bug and murders Gautham in Dhruva movie review.

When Dhruva returns to his particular home, he discovers a pin that has been altered in a photograph of Naina, Miss World 2011, and a good friend of Siddharth, whose girlfriend Preethi also appears at the event. Dhruva questions whether Siddharth would have visited him at home. When Ishika compares the fingerprints on the pin Dhruva obtained from Siddharth during his posting ceremony to the pin holding the rifle case, the fingerprints match. In a flashback, it is revealed that Siddharth assassinated Preethi's father to prevent her from competing. Since she lacks a ticket to her father's burial, he woos her by offering to take her on his chartered airplane. Dhruva scrambles to discover the bug, which he eventually does and eliminates.

Abbas is captured by Dhruva ips, who record everything he says. He seduces Siddharth into killing Abbas by giving him narcotics. In the meantime time, Chengalarayudu reads the revised medical report, which includes numerous charges against the CM and excellent medical agreements for public welfare. When Siddharth learns of this, he instructs Chengalarayudu to move toward the hospital while acting as though he is having a stroke. Chengalarayudu is compelled by the ruling party to quit within 24 hours or face dismissal. Dhruva requests permission from the CM to arrest Siddharth because he has proof of his guilt.

Hence Siddarth accidentally kills his father with the help of his thugs, forcing the CM to quit acting against him or else he will claim that the CM murdered his father out of personal retaliation. However, Dhruva captures him on the CM's instructions the following day at his father's state burial in Dhruva review.

Dhruva explains to Siddharth after his arrest that the medication was created in Akshara's name and will be produced as a generic medication rather than one that is patent-protected.

It is discovered that Gautham's public burial was actually for Chengalarayudu, who was rescued by Dhruva & his crew.

In exchange for information plus proof of all of Siddharth's criminal connections & activities, Dhruva agrees to spare his life. He also provides him with a bulletproof jacket so he can seem to be dead while being transported to court.

As one of them approaches Siddharth, Dhruva tackles him, finds that he is not wearing the vest, and Preethi shoots him dead. They also intend to destroy the arrangement set up by several VIPs to kill Siddharth. Before passing away, he admits to hiding all the information on an SD card inside the bulletproof vest, saying that he did so at Dhruva's request rather than for the good of the country. The film concludes with the marriage of Dhruva with Ishika after the arrest of Siddharth's conspirators.

Dhruva Review:

Every shot of Dhruva shows the commitment and effort put forth by Charan. Charan has done a fantastic job, from his lean physique to his acting ability as a cop. He has greatly improved in terms of performance since he excels in all of the combative sequences.

Aravind Swamy, who unexpectedly plays a villain in the movie, performs a fantastic job. He enhances the movie and encourages Ram Charan to deliver his all in the part of the intelligent south movie. Surender Reddy does a fantastic job of handling the mental games that are displayed throughout, and he engages the audience. Rakul Preet has a stunning appearance and gives the movie her all. The way key secrets are disclosed as well as the intermission bang are both good in Dhruva movie cast.

There are numerous logical flaws in the movie, as well as numerous artistic licenses. Except for the songs, Rakul Preet doesn't have a lot of responsibilities in the movie. The second part is wonderful, but it is a little drawn out. It would have been simple to cut out many sequences to make movie proceedings more concise.

Ram Charan's character, who occasionally seems a little strange, has been given more prominence by downplaying Aravind Swamy's part. The movie is highly serious, so anyone looking for some simple time-pass masala will be let down according to Dhruva rating.

One of the more stylish movies to have been released recently is Dhruva. Geetha Arts deserves all the praise for spending a fortune to make the movie appear opulent. The camera movement is excellent, and Aravind Swamy & Ram Charan are well-represented throughout.

Hip Hop Thamiza's music is amazing, but his background music steals the show and takes the crunch sequences to the next level. The first half of the script is racy, but the second half drags a little. Although the editing is good, a few sequences in the second period should have been cut to further improve the film's clarity.

Surender Reddy, the remake's director in Dhruva cinema, did a fantastic job. His portrayal of Charan is just too brilliant. Suri sticks to the idea and doesn't significantly alter the plot. He adds his flair with his chic photography and captivating narration.


Overall,Dhruva Dhruva is an ideal breakout film for Charan. He should be commended for picking a unique film such as this and having to give his all through with a brilliant performance. The engrossing narration, intriguing twists, as well as some superb head games, are great assets of this film. The film would then impress every segment of the audience and therefore is bound to do well. If you ignore the minor errors here and there, this movie is a perfect activity entertainer to observe this weekend.

Dhruva Telugu Movie IMDb Rating:

7.7 out of 10 with 7213 votes on IMDb

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