Dheeth patangey: An ode to living life, making moments & cherishing friendship

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Life is unexpected, we know that. Life is also short, we know that as well. And life is also beautiful, but we tend to forget that. We forget how awesome our lives can be despite all the odds, and how we can achieve happiness even in an ocean of despair. And the movie that we have for you today is one such story, that reminds us of the value of life, the importance of friends and that the heart should get what it wants once or twice in life. Dheeth patangey is a nostalgic, emotional and inspiring journey of 4 friends who against all odds and grave circumstances go on to fulfill their heartfelt desires. So without any further wait let us begin our review.


Directed by Ravi Adhikari & produced by Kailashnath Adhikari, Deeth patangey is an Indian feature film which was released on Disney+ Hotstar. 

The main plot of the story is divided into 2 phases: the past phase which is based in the early 1980s and the present which is based in 2011. The story revolves around 4 close friends who live in an apartment in Bombay together. They live life to the fullest, enjoying their freedom and living through their highs and lows together. 

The story takes a massive turn when they get the news that, one of them might have a life-threatening disease and the truth about which lies in a closed envelope. Their lives are suddenly turned upside down with this news and suddenly their happy-sad but carefree life becomes a gloomy one. 

The main story then shifts its focus on the possible last wishes of each of the 4 friends and how they travel all across India and the world too for fulfilling them.  

Dheeth patangey cast

Main cast

  • Shivin Narang as Maddy; is a flamboyant, cheerful, happy and charming personality who likes Bollywood movies and cricket by heart. He is the most enthusiastic among the 4 main characters.
  • Hardik Sangai as Sandy; is the creative one. He is a painter by profession and lives with his friends. He is a lovable character in the movie and provides moments of good acting performance.
  • Ali Murad as Parvez Rabbani; is the serious one amongst them. He is soft-spoken, well-mannered, and an understanding friend to all of them. 

  • Chandan Roy Sanyal as Anand Bhai; is the good old elder brother type character in the film and the eldest one amongst the 4 of them. He is a mentor of sorts for Maddy, Sandy and Parvez but he is also a fun-loving and true friend of theirs. 

Supporting cast

  • Priya Banerjee as Snower; is the love interest of Parvez.
  • Tilotama Shome as Devi 

Dheeth patangey movie release date

The movie was released exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on March 2, 2020. 


There is a dialogue in the movie which goes, "Zindagi ho to Zeenat Aman ki skirt jaisi, chhoti magar sexy" and this statement completely agrees with the sentiments that are present in the film.

The acting performances of everyone are on point and the locations and cinematography of the movie add a sense of pungent nostalgia to the movie. It is just like a beautiful road trip with your friends back to your times of carelessness and genuine fun. It is an entertaining and worthwhile movie to watch with your buddies on a chill weekend.

So that was it for this movie review, see you soon with a new one. 

Related queries 

What is the release date of Dheeth patangey?

2nd March 2020.

Is Dheeth patangey a good movie to watch?

It is an entertaining, inspiring and fun movie.

Is Dheeth patangey based on cricket?

It is not based entirely on cricket but it draws inspiration from it in different parts of the movie.

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