Dharma Yogi Movie Review: Will Kodi Be Able To Break Stereotypes Of His Life

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The 2016 political action Yogi Telugu movie was directed and written by R. S. Durai Senthilkumar in the Tamil language. It was also produced by Vetrimaaran with his production company, Grass Root Film Company. In addition to Saranya Ponvannan, S. A. Chandrasekhar, Kaali Venkat, Namo Narayana, & G. Marimuthu playing important roles, the movie stars Dhanush, Trisha, and Anupama Parameswaran in the prominent roles.

Hello everyone, we are back on the channel to discuss the intriguing dharma yogi movie full that you may see, but before we do that, you must be curious about how everything is related to it, including the dharma yogi movie review, plot, cast, and other specifics.

About The Movie:

The first time the Dhanush Trisha movie is coming up. Anupama Parameshwaran makes her debut in Tamil with the film Kodi. Dhanush performed two roles for the very first time in his professional life. Santhosh Narayanan composed the music plus background music for the movie, and Venkatesh S handled the cinematography. Yogi movie release date was 27 October 2016.

Yogi Telugu Cinema Movie Cast:


  • R. S. Durai Senthilkumar


  • Ve. Ki. Amirtharaj


  • Dhanush in a dual role as
  1. Kodi, the local politician
  2. Anbu, a college lecturer, later a Member of the Legislative Assembly
  • Trisha as Rudhra
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Malathi
  • Saranya Ponvannan as Kodi
  • S. A. Chandrasekhar as Thalaivar
  • Vijayakumar as Chief Minister of State
  • Sachu as Malathi's grandmother
  • Kaali Venkat as Bhagat Singh
  • Namo Narayana as MLA Arivazhagan
  • G. Marimuthu as Marimuthu
  • Karunas as Murugan
  • Rajasimman as Kotraivel
  • Anil Murali as Inspector V. Ravichandran
  • Raj Kapoor as Finance Minister of state 
  • Sruthi Shanmuga Priya as Malathi's sister
  • Mohana as News Reporter
  • Swaminathan as College Principal
  • Singamuthu as Ruling Party MLA from Coimbatore
  • Badava Gopi
  • Sonia


  • Vetrimaaran
  • P. Madan 

Yogi Cinema Telugu Movie Plot:

Kodi's life has been influenced by politics since his Pollachi birth. Murugan, Kodi's father, was a lowly Democratic Party employee who brought up his son in the political arena before committing suicide in protest of a business whose hazardous mercury pollution had devastated lives in the area. Anbu, Kodi's identical brother, teaches engineering at a college and is not in the least political, making him the total opposite of Kodi. Alongside his friend Bhagat, Kodi develops a political outlook early in life. Kodi is also romantically involved with Rudra, who shares Kodi's political outlook but works for the opposing Republican party, which is currently in charge.

On one occasion, Kodi destroys a cart of eggs that Malathi was attempting to sell to a merchant while they were fighting opposition fighters on the street. She tries to catch up with him but is unsuccessful before departing for a meeting at a campus cafeteria in which she has an appointment for a job selling eggs. Before learning about his twin brother, she runs across Anbu, thanking him for Kodi. Malathi and Anbu fall in love. Malathi later informs him how the manufacturers close to her hamlet deposit all of the mercury waste right where people live, having a terrible influence on the inhabitants' quality of life. Anbu tells Kodi that he is concerned. Rudra is upset that she is perceived as being lesser in her party since she is a woman in the meantime. She discovers that Arivazhagan, the Coimbatore district's state education minister, had withdrawn from school and fabricated his electoral nominations. She informs the Democratic party, who then sues the Minister after receiving the information. By-elections are called for the Pollachi constituency after the Minister loses his case and is removed from office. After becoming the interim D.S, Rudra makes friends with the former minister and ejects him.

Even though the Republicans have won for the past 25 years, the Democrats are enthusiastic about the upcoming by-elections. When Kodi runs into his Party Supremo, he is informed that they won't discuss the scandal involving the opposition until following the by-elections. Kodi learns that because the Democratic party was in power at the time and Marimuthu, his former minister and party leader was to blame for what occurred to the people impacted by the factory when Anbu gives him the records on the mercury waste. Feeling misled, he confides this in Rudra, who mentions it at her subsequent address in the yogi film.

Outraged and humiliated, the Democratic leader devises a plan to keep Kodi quiet by designating him as their candidate in the by-election, who will now be running directly against Rudra. Upon learning of Kodi & Rudra's relationship, the Republican Party begins to put pressure on her to withdraw from her campaign.

Rudra, who is depressed, invites Kodi to join her in the woods so they can talk. During their conversation, she informs him about the former minister who was impeding her progress before she killed him. Arivazhagan hired assassins who were dispatched to murder Rudra and attack them. Kodi is abruptly stabbed by Rudra, who then apologizes and claims that he has been her final hurdle. Despite being duped once more, Kodi resolves to die for her, as well as the by-elections are called off because they no longer have a candidate.

After the funeral, Rudra approaches Kodi's family and informs them that her party is ready to provide Kodi's brother Anbu with the job of MLA. Although their mother politely declines, Anbu accepts and goes on to win the by-election without any opposition. Rudra is appointed as the district secretary & Rajya Sabha MP in a formal capacity. He arrived at the factory intending to murder Rudra, but his mother advises him to let her go because it's not good enough to justify it. Rudra is impaled by Bhagat with an iron rod as they go, telling her she doesn't ever deserve Kodi.

Dharma Yogi Movie Review:

The expected Dhanush excels in both of his parts in the yogi Telugu full movie. It's quite impressive how he exhibits wonderful variations in both of his characters. Trisha, who steals the show in the movie, plays a frightening character and steals the show. She demonstrates once more in this movie that she can handle performance-driven characters in addition to attractive roles.

A compelling plot is one of the movie's strongest points. It is engrossing how a political angle has been introduced between two brothers with a considerable number of twists. You'll be incredibly impressed by the one with Trisha.

dhanush and Trisha movie as they have great chemistry and their love song has been presented in a novel way. Anupama Parameswaran does admirably in the part. The intermission twist is quite interesting.

The movie occasionally moves at a leisurely pace for Dhanush Trisha movies. The yogi movie producer excessive attention to detail sometimes detracts from the storyline of the movie. All those looking for pure amusement will be let down by the movie because it deals with a serious subject. The movie's Telugu dubbing is a little disappointing.

Santosh Narayanan wrote a fantastic background score. It merely raises the amount of seriousness in the movie. Venkatesh's camerawork is excellent, and the high caliber of the production beautifully captures the dharma movie somber tone. The dialogue and editing are both good.

Regarding the film's director, Durai Senthil, he does a respectable job. His skill is demonstrated by the manner he narrated the dharma yogi movie review with a compelling plot and interesting twists. Additionally, Trisha's great performance under his direction is something to keep an eye on.


Dharma Yogi is, overall, a compelling political thriller with a considerable number of surprises. The narration is interesting, and Trisha gives a great performance. This movie will keep you reasonably entertained if you're seeking something different and don't mind the somber political background. You can see it.

Yogi Telugu Cinema Movie IMDb Rating:

6.7 out of 10 with 2828 votes on IMDb

Yogi Cinema Telugu Movie Trailer:

Image Credits: IMDb

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