Degree College Movie Review: A Story Revolving Around Two Undergrad Students

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Degree College Telugu movie is a young romance drama directed by Narasimha Nandi, who is known for his socially conscious movies. The Degree College movie release date was on 7th February 2020. A romantic thriller film titled Degree College Telugu is produced by Lakshmi Pictures.

Hola folks, we hope you are doing great! We are here to update you on the daily dose of entertainment. Like always, we are back with a fresh movie review article. All the south enthusiasts will be excited to read about a college love story movie. There is many Telugu college love story movies list, but this one college degree movie is different for sure. A few examples of Telugu college love story movies list are as follows- Arjun Reddy, Colour Photo, Happy Days, Degree College, and many more. Today, in this blog we will be giving you more information on degree college full movie, degree college naa songs, and college story movie. Read through this article to know more about degree college movie reviews as well. 

About The Movie 

Degree College Telugu movie is Set in Telangana, Shiva (Varun) is a lower caste man who develops feelings for Parvathi (Divya Rao), a well-known cop's daughter. Due to Parvathi's father's opposition to their relationship, the pair elopes and marries. Parvathi's father finally manages to get her back home. What will the ongoing events produce? Will Shiva and Parvathi ever get back together? What will happen to this love story in the end? You must see the college love movie in a cinema to find out about that. Read the next section about the Degree College movie cast. 

Degree College Telugu Movie Cast 


Narasimha Nandi



Sri Divya


Duvvasi Mohan


Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions

Degree College Telugu Movie Story

In the Telangana-based story college degree movie, Shiva (Varun) is a lower caste man who falls in love with Parvathi (Divya Rao), the daughter of a well-known police officer. Being a casteist, Parvathi's father frowns upon those who belong to lower castes. Therefore, it becomes clear that Parvathi's father opposes their relationship. Then Shiv and Parvathi runaway and wed. After much ado, Parvathi's father returns her to their house and locks her inside so that she loses communication with Shiva. He is furious with his daughter's behavior. The pair reunites and finds happiness together after a lot of planning and difficulty. This Degree College Telugu movie takes an interesting approach to the fight against caste prejudice. You can download a degree college movie and watch it online as well. You can google degree college movie heroine photos online. 

Degree College Telugu Movie Review

The heroine Divya Rao, who played her strong and risk-taking part pretty successfully, is the main attraction. She not only has a charming appearance, but she also commands respect on screen. Watch out for her dialogue delivery and comfort with Telangana slang in the college degree movie. Varun, the hero, is competent on his part and has a good voice, but he needs to work very hard on his acting. The targeted youth will be impressed by a few love sequences and one private song between the lead couple. The actor who played the heroine's father is excellent in his part as a bad cop. The other actors who played the buddies of the hero and heroine did a good job in their assigned parts. The major flaw in the movie is how slow it moves and how long the narrative is. The degree in Telugu core theme also lacks novelty because it has been covered in other movies recently. The primary couple's private moments and romantic songs are repetitive and highly influenced by Arjun Reddy.

Everyone anticipates that the filmmaker will tackle something fresh after an intriguing opening sequence with the heroine and hero. However, the narration quickly falters as the degree movie switches to the Warangal college setting, which is a tremendous letdown. The audience is irritated with the completely absurd climax section.

Although it's a nice idea for director Narasimha Nandi to make a college love movie about social injustices, similar ideas have been used in movies like Dorasaani and Dhadak. Even putting away the plot, Narasimha Nandi's writing and narration suffer. He should have added a few twists to the college in Telugu story rather than handling it normally.

KV Nagireddy's editing work is acceptable, however, he could have concentrated on keeping the runtime inside the allotted time in college in Telugu film. Up to a point, Muralimohan Reddy's cinematography is passable. Sunil Kashyap's music is good since the background soundtrack and one romantic montage tune are both lovely. For a low-budget college love movie, the production quality is acceptable.


Overall, Degree College Is A Social Drama With A Message That Highlights Social Inequalities. The acting of the lead actress, Divya Rao, and a few of the romantic scenes between the leads are decent, but the degree in Telugu film's tedious pace, long runtime, and lack of a proper narrator made it a disappointment at the box office. Overall, Degree College Telugu is a social drama with a theme that highlights social injustices. The acting of the heroine, Divya Rao, and a couple of the romantic scenes between the leads are passable, but the college love story movie boring narration, protracted running time, and lack of proper narration make it a dud at the box office as it is a college college movie.

Degree College Movie Rating

25 users of IMDb gave a weighted average rating of 4.1/10 for degree college full movie. 

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