Dear Megha Movie Review: Who Will Megha Choose Her Past Or Present

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Sushanth Reddy is the director of the 2021 Indian Telugu romance drama film Dear Megha. Megha Akash, Adith Arun, as well as Arjun Somayajula star in the movie, which is presented by Arjun Dasyan under the banner of Vedaansh Creative Works. The story revolves around a triangle of love and is a remake of the 2020 Kannada film Dia. The dear Megha release date on September 3, 2021.

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About The Movie:

Megha waits three years before telling Arjun how she feels, but he perishes in a horrible accident. She learns that Arjun is indeed alive later when she starts a new life alongside Aadi.

Dear Megha Cast:


  • Sushanth Reddy


  • K. S. Ashoka


  • Megha Akash as Megha Swaroop
  • Adith Arun as Aadi
  • Arjun Somayajula as Arjun
  • Pavitra Lokesh as Aadi's mother
  • Ananda Chakrapani as Megha's father


  • Arjun Dasyan

Dear Megha Review Plot:

Megha Swaroop (Megha Akash), a student at his college, develops feelings for Arjun (Arjun Somayajulu). She is unable to reveal his affection to Arjun, though. After graduating from college, Arjun spends three years away from Megha. Being an introvert by nature, she is unable to tell the man how much she loves him, and her feelings are left unsolved. When they cross paths again in Mumbai years later, they discover friendship in a strange place. But Megha is on the verge of death after a horrific tragedy when she meets Aadi (Arun Adith), who enters her life like a ray of sunshine. But once more, fate has other ideas in mind. Then, Megha, as well as Arjun, announce their relationship at the wedding while continuing their affair. Arjun has an accident before even the wedding and runs away from Megha.

What else was Megha's state of mind following Arjun's accident? Why then is Megha attempting suicide? In what conditions would Adi (Arun Adit), who is not Arjun, join the mega life? What resulted from the interaction with Adi? When Arjun turned around and started walking toward Adi, what choice did Megha make? What kind of circumstance resulted from the event in Megha's life? The narrative of the film Dear Megha provides the answers to all of these queries.

Dear Megha Movie Review:

The love tale in dear Megha review is not one of unicorns and sunlight. When they are young, our protagonists exhibit possessiveness uncommunicative, and may even exhibit some degree of stupidity. You wouldn't want Megha as well as Arjun, who are fictional characters, to end up apart at any price as their chemistry grows. They sound like they were meant to be together based on their conversations. Megha is at her most vulnerable when Aadi encounters her. He makes her laugh and is a free spirit, enabling her to see past the suffering as in dear Megha movie review.

The movie's climax is a standout moment and was expertly planned by director Sushanth Reddy. Megha Akash, who portrays the female lead, performs admirably. She played a significant role and excelled in all dramatic situations.

For those who haven't seen the original, "Dia" focuses on moments and is accessible on Amazon Prime. It is impossible to accurately duplicate the touching moments, the simmering passion, the images, and the poetic touch. So, despite the Telugu filmmakers' best efforts, dear Megha rating becomes monotonous. This recreation requires a deft touch.

With Arun Adith's entrance, the movie gains momentum but fades quickly. Additionally, the music, except "Aamani Unte," is mostly mild and lacks the necessary colossal energy.

Overall, "Dia" is a faithful replica of the Kannada film, but it is not particularly interesting. The slow-moving drama does have its moments, but not enough to keep the viewer interested.

Adith Arun's effortless acting makes him one of the movie's highlights. He enters at a crucial time and elevates the picture. He performed admirably in each of the poignant situations. In his part, Arjun Somayajulu did just about alright.

The Megha date actress who portrayed a mother, Pavitra Lokesh, did a wonderful job. Some college-based scenarios have well-designed and appealing visuals.

The love story between Arjun and Megha doesn't have a compelling antagonist. Although the sequences between Megha as well as Adith are good, they drag on pointlessly.

The movie's plodding pace is one of its main flaws. This looms large in the movie. Even while the scenes themselves seem excellent, the narration's lag makes it boring.

The movie's music is passable, and the songs are well-shot. The movie has decent production values, as well as the camerawork and spectacular graphics, go hand in hand. The editing is mediocre, and the first portion could have had a few scenes cut.

You'll either be heartbroken or utterly irritated by how the dear Megha ott concludes. The ending feels unfinished after investing so much time in Megha's life. However, Megha Akash and Arun Adith give their best. The two are excellent at evoking emotions, and the remainder of the cast does as well.

Regarding the Megha film direction, Sushanth Reddy did a passable job. In many situations, his narration is rather wonderful, but things may have turned out differently if he had provided more drama and allowed the movie to move along quickly.


Dear Megha is an all-around enjoyable romance story with a solid premise. The performances are excellent, although the plodding pacing is a little discouraging. This movie has some fun parts and can be seen this weekend if you enjoy serious dramas and also don't mind the predictable plot.

Dear Megha Rating IMDb:

8.7 out of 10 with 591 votes on IMDb

Dear Megha Review Trailer:

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