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The Devid movie in Telugu switches between the two characters, but a weak script hangs in place. Most of the characters are well written and their acting adds to the charm of the Vikram David movie. Vikram is good at drunk pranks, but sometimes looks monotonous. Jiiva also thrives as a happy young man. The completely outrageous lip sync in the scenes of David film are taken from the Hindi version is one of the biggest flaws. The songs of the composer ensemble including Remo Fernandez and Anirudh Ravicander are truly touching. David movie release date was 1 February 2013.

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David Movie Review

David (Vikram), who is always drunk, has a difficult task ahead of him. He must choose between his best friend Peter and his fiance. He asks for advice from his father's ghost (Saurav Shukla) and Franny (Taboo), who own random people and make them drink, but they give conflicting advice for him. While In David Telugu, he drinks and contemplates his next action plan, the camera recreates a marvelous orphan by filming the backwaters of Mangalore Beach and Alappuzha. R. Rathnavelu and P. S. Vinod deserves full recognition for their outstanding camera work.

Set in Sukabumi, the haunting visuals follow again when it comes to guitarist David (Jiiva). While waiting for a break, Larry David Telugu movie teaches young and old guitar enthusiasts. His world is turned upside down when his father Ibrahim Noel (Nasser) gets involved in a controversy and is accused of converting Indians to Christianity. The goal is to find answers to their questions and doubts. Jiiva movies in Telugu includes Kee, Ko, Seeru and many more. David meaning in Telugu is Adored, Beloved One.


Director: Bejoy Nambiar

Writer: Bejoy Nambiar, G. Mani Gandan


  • Vikram as the fisherman David/Kirku Santa
  • Jiiva as the guitarist David
  • Lara Dutta as Gayathri
  • Tabu as FrennyIsha Sharvani as Roma
  • Saurabh Shukla as the fisherman David's father
  • Rubi Chakravarti

Producers:Bejoy Nambiar, Sharada Trilok, Vikram 

Positive aspects

Vikram's characters are partly funny and partly tragic. He expressed these two emotions well. Jiva also presented herself very well as a young guitarist.

Nasser and Tabu gave great performances. Isha Sharvani looks very glamorous and plays the deaf and dumb female lead well. The song 'Sibam' that continues to appear in the background is pretty good. The short running time of 2 hours is definitely a blessing. David music director has done a great work.

Negative aspects

The David movie Telugu has a strong "dubbed movie" feel, especially in parts of Goa, as the entire Goa setting, including actors, was kept in Hindi and Tamil versions. The dubbing is inappropriate and it irritates Vikram's story several times. The Tamil language spoken by characters like his older sister (played by Shetal Menon) in Jiva's story is acceptable as you can see that this is the way people speak Tamil in Mumbai. There are also plenty of Tamil dubs by Rohini Hattangadi.

This David movie story has very low ratings. If you're expecting good comedy, a grand location, and rich graphics, you'll be very disappointed. There are some glitches in the dub that make the scene really bad.

A romantic track between Vikram and Isha Sharvani could be better. There are many Tamil backgrounds in this film.

Before the David Telugu release, David's main topic of conversation was the original soundtrack. But unfortunately the way the song is woven into the narrative is not impressive. Fans expecting a good screening time with beautiful songs will be disappointed. In every song, only a few lines find their place in the narrative.

Technical aspects

Director Bejoy Nambiar of David 2013 Hindi film often switches between the two stories in a non-linear narrative, trying his best to make sure they meet convincingly on a common ground. The always-drunk handsome Goan hunk, Vikram is great. He makes it so easy. On the other hand, Chiba is full of energy like an emotional youth. His style is trendy and looks like a Mumbai boy. The actor continues to live up to his reputation as one of Tamil's greatest talents. David movie music director consists of Remo Fernandes, Anirudh Ravicander and Prashant Pillai. David 2013 Tamil film music director has done a great work and their songs are widely popular.

Verdict of David Telugu full movie

In all, this attempt by Bejoy Nambiar on paper is interesting. But David Vikram movie is nothing special and very empty. Jiva's track, on the other hand, has more purpose and momentum, and since it deals with serious themes of religion and politics, it feels like the story has the potential to turn into a full-fledged movie on its own.

David movie in Telugu is a film that falls short of expectations in many ways. The slow pace, lack of entertainment for casual movie lovers, and generally unattractive storytelling make Tamil David film hard to watch. Vikram and Jeeva did a good job in Davidmovie, but not enough to save this film.

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