Darlings: Journey Of Badru From Abused To Free Woman And How She Gains Her Freedom

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From a stage play by Parveez Sheikh, Darlings is indeed a Hindi-language black comedy-drama film that Jasmeet K. Reen co-wrote as well as directed in her directorial debut. It was also produced by Gauri Khan, Alia Bhatt as well as Gaurav Verma underneath the banners of Red Chillies Entertainment as well as Eternal Sunshine Productions.

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About web series:

The struggles of a mother-daughter team (Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah) who are striving against all odds to make their home in Mumbai are explored in this dark comedy-drama. They search for courage and love in unlikely situations. In it, a young female who is trapped in a violent marriage seeks retribution for the years of brutality her alcoholic husband inflicted upon her.

Darlings Cast:


  • Jasmeet K. Reen


  • Parveez Sheikh
  • Jasmeet K. Reen


  • Alia Bhatt as Badrunissa Shaikh
  • Shefali Shah as Shamshunissa Ansari
  • Vijay Varma as Hamza Shaikh
  • Roshan Mathew as Zulfi
  • Vijay Maurya as Inspector Rajaram Tawde
  • Kiran Karmarkar as Ticket Collector Damle
  • Rajesh Sharma as Kasim Kasai
  • Santosh Juvekar as Janardhan Jadhav
  • Kiran Karmarkar as Ticket Collector Damle

Darlings Producer:

  • Gauri Khan
  • Alia Bhatt
  • Gaurav Verma

Darlings Movie Plot:

Each night for the first three years of their love marriage, Hamza Shaikh assaulted his alcoholic wife Badrunissa Ansari after they'd been drinking. One of the various tactics Badru uses to get Hamza to stop drinking is to suggest that he has a kid. Hamza and the other members of the community are frequently at odds about remodeling the chawl they live in. Badru attends a discussion where its ultimate verdict on the building's redevelopment is to be made. Despite Hamza's request that she not go, Badru does so and is assaulted once more. Badru as well as her mother Shamshunissa Ansari are frequently visited by Zulfi, who performs odd jobs around the crawl. He is conscious of the daily torment Badru endures.

He makes a bodily assault claim against Hamza. Hamza is detained, but he assures Badru that if they ever have a child, he would give up drinking. Hamza is freed from prison by Badru, who then endures additional torment at the hands of the unchanging Hamza. Then, Hamza learns that his liver is cirrhotic and that he needs to stop drinking or he would die. Hamza finds that Badru is expecting their child the said evening when he gets home, and to honor his word, he appears to stop drinking. He stopped drinking for cirrhosis, not so much because Badru was expecting. Hamza, meantime, is determined to find out who made the accusation against him. Later on, he discovers that Zulfi was accountable and also that Badru was fully informed.

Hamza continues to bash Badru despite being aware of her pregnancy because he believes the two of them are engaging in an affair. He believes the baby Badru is carrying is not his. Badru miscarries as a consequence of Hamza's severe beatings and pushing her down a set of stairs. Hamza wasn't under the influence of alcoholic beverages on this particular day, which revealed the true devil within him. Badru swears to care for Hamza in the same manner that he handled her after being admitted to the hospital & loss of her child.

When she gets home, she abuses and torments him much as he had to her by giving him sleeping medications, tying his hands and ankles, and beating them. The manager of Hamza's place of employment pays him a visit to see how things are going. Shamshu and Badru attempt to get away with it by saying that he went to the village because his father died, but they are caught. He is informed that Hamza is ill. Kasim helped Badru give Hamza the injections that her mother had gotten with the help of Kasim. In order to get away, Hamza tells Zulfi a lie because when women go shopping. When Badru, as well as Shamshu, get home, they are shocked. Being a union government employee, the cops arrive right away to inquire about Hamza's disappearance.

They attempt to arrest Zulfi after casting doubt on any relationship involving Zulfi and Badru. Zulfi, however, asserts that Shamshu is the love of his life. They are all asked to report to the station by the perplexed cops. Shamshu acknowledges her desire by kissing Zulfi. Hamza arrived at the police station to report that Badru as well as her mother are torturing him to the officers. The police do not believe him since he seems to be drunk. Badru, Shamshu, as well as Zulfi, arrive at the police station to take him back home. Shamshu, as well as Zulfi, discuss tying Hamza to a railway line in order to kill him. Badru records a video of Hamza, in which he can be overheard declaring that he is running away.

They bind him to the railroad track, but Badru frees him just in time for a train to pass by after realizing she is becoming more and more like Hamza. As soon as he is freed, Hamza swears to exact revenge on Badru by having a train run over him. Shamshu tells Badru that her father likewise mistreated the former viciously, even after Badru was born, as they travel back to their home. Another day, Kasim helped Shamshu dispose of the corpse after he had killed Badru's father. She subsequently reported her husband lost, however, the police were never able to locate him. Badru is reassured by Shamshu that she made the right choice in leaving him behind before he passed away. Badru says yes that Hamza's actions resulted in this outcome. They perform Hamza's burial a few days later. With happiness at her existing freedom as well as faith in the future, Badru grins.

Darlings Review:

The film's theme is compelling, and its depiction of domestic abuse generally hits the appropriate notes. Jasmeet K. Reen, the director, strikes the story's focal point early on and doesn't waste any time getting there. The plot of the movie is hinted at, and it continues in the manner we would expect. Hamza has to be changed, and Badrunissa is helplessly in love with him. She is a surrendering wife who, in spite of going through hardship, firmly believes in the healing power of her love. In fact, she has come so close to ignoring the fact that she is a martyr. Shamshunissa, who has an unbiased opinion of her child's marriage, constantly advises Badrunissa on right and wrong in the hopes that she may, just this once, pay attention to her. The best parts of Darlings are when the mother and her daughter are together. Shefali as well as Alia's chemistry helps to hold the movie together when the script takes the tiresome route.

Darlings, meanwhile, become overly simple. When a shift in tone or a breakout is required, the picture falls flat because the audience becomes mired in the loop of abuse between Badrunissa and Hamza. Only after the second half do Darlings cast gather up speed, and even then only fragmentarily. The movie frequently favors tedium over innovation. One returns to the same place as one search for anything new. This approach somewhat resembles Hamza and Badrunissa's lifestyles, which frequently revolve around abusive behavior and fake apologies. But this only serves to diminish the movie.

The movie Darlings was promoted as a dark comedy. But the entire time, the genre's core is absent. The film lacks humor and generally moves at a leisurely pace with a serious tone. The drama is effective, however, the humor is mediocre at best. The characters, who lack a comic air, are the focus of the satire rather than the abuse itself. Although the film evokes feelings of despair, angst, and empathy, it was not its primary focus. Darlings release date was 5 August 2022. Although it arrives a tiny bit late, the release never quite reaches the stage of catharsis. As a result, despite your investment in the Darlings Cast and their journeys, the conclusion does not provide the high that the setup of the novel promised.

Positively, the efforts keep us interested. The nuances Alia displays in Darlings are also evident in her earlier performances. The actress the part of Darlings Cast is nothing special, yet she manages. The stars of the show are Shefali and Vijay. The former in particular has a substantial role to play and presses on appropriately all the way to the end. Shefali is equally as adept at doing her role. Her demeanor and appearance speak to us without words, and her acting maturity is apparent. Darlings' screenplay falls short. Although dubious, the topic has been approached with a forward-looking perspective. But because it focuses on the banal, like its actors and their surroundings, it is seldom hard-hitting. The Darlings Budget is between 20 and 25 crores.

Darlings Conclusion:

Darlings deftly call awareness to the persistent social disease of domestic abuse, uncovers film brutalities of destructive masculinity, the gender disparity inherent in the structure of marriage, and the tragedy that middle-class dreams endure when they collide with cultural and financial reality.

Darlings IMDb Rating:

6.6 out of 10 with 12,648 users on IMDb

Darlings Trailer:

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